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Tuesday, 02/14/2012, 03:46 pm

Matt Hughes Isn't Ready To Retire | Wants To Go Out On A Win!

“Everything’s good on my end. Still kinda laid back. I have started to work out, so we’re sort of seeing how my body feels and this and that. But, as far as answering any questions about what I’m doing next or who I would be competing against next — I don’t know. Taking it back to Pat Miletich, who’s basically a brother of mine, he had a loss on his last fight for a long time, and I was on him, ‘Hey, get back in there!’ I know. I’ve sparred with the guy. I’ve wrestled with the guy. He’s a talent. So I was very happy for Pat to get back in there and get his hand raised and walk out. I’m under that mentality, so I definitely want to get in there and get my hand raised and then maybe call it quits. But I’m not the only deciding factor here. There’s my wife on the other end, there’s the UFC … so, we just gotta come together and figure out what’s going on.”

Former UFC welterweight champion, Matt Hughes on InsideMMA talks retirement.

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