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Monday, 07/16/2012, 11:56 pm

Marquardt Comments On Woodley As Well As A Potential Bout With GSP | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Nate Marquardt in an interview with MMAFighting.

Marquardt defeated Tyron Woodley to claim the Strikeforce Welterweight Title at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy. He comments on making his Welterweight debut as well as a potential bout with Georges St Pierre.

“That’s the reason why I dropped down. I felt like when I am lighter, I’m faster, I have better endurance and I didn’t lose any power or strength. I feel better, I feel like a better athlete. I feel like it I was going to fight at (1)85, I would cut down in weight, getting my body lean and I’m going to be a better athlete.”

Marquardt comments on Woodley and was surprised by his opponents ability in the stand-up.

“I was very impressed with him. I mean you know, his wrestling is so good that he has been able to kind of get away with just using his wrestling. So, I didn’t know what to expect as far as the rest of his game in the stand up game. And you know, he has a very good standup game. He is very resilient, which I was very surprised as how resilient he was. I think he is definitely one of the best in the world, there is no question in my mind. He is a tough dude and he will be back and stronger. He just need s a little more experience in the cage.”

He also comments on the possibility of facing UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St Pierre. The two are former friends and training partners however Marquardt admits he would have no problem stepping in the cage with GSP.

“I have competed everywhere in the world and I know my skills and abilities. Of course, I have to prove that I am the best, but I truly feel that I am the best. You got believe you are the best if you are the fighter. If you don’t believe you’re the best, then why are you doing it, you know? I got to believe that, and of course I believe I am better than everyone else, so. It’s not a shot at Georges, personally. You, know, we have talked about it, but we will have to cross that bridge when we get there. It’s, we know it is a possibility so. Yes, if that’s, how it has to be, then so be it.”

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20 Responses to “Marquardt Comments On Woodley As Well As A Potential Bout With GSP | UFC News”

  1. Bjj BB says:

    I pick nate over gsp any day, gsp dont fight like he used to. He used to go in there and rip guys heads off and mix it up alot till he won the belt, lost alot of respect for gsp along time ago. I also lost respect for nate after the whole trt thing but if he’s clean now then id rather see nate as a champ!!

    • CombatRusse says:

      I agree.
      Marquardt is may be a Nick Diaz with good wrestling
      He’s not a Koshchek nor a Jake Shields
      GSP will have to mix it up if he wanna beat Marquardt. That will be very interesting to watch

      • B-rad says:

        ^ did you compare Nate Marquardt to Nick Diaz???? how is that even possible those two are like complete opposites stylisticly lol.. Dont be too bummed out on GSP BJJ BB.. i think he will return to his old form against Condit, or it may just be another 5 round drubbing XD

    • kevin cormier says:

      Gsp still rips people apart and pushes the action, not his fault opponents always seem to stop trying to win and avoid the tko/sub.

  2. Gabi says:

    Hahahaha really guys. Dude just got a title in a vacant class. For a minor promating organization who’s falling apart. They don’t even have fighters for him to fight. They are looking to sign people. So if you want a instant title shot sign w SF. Lol. Dude needs to learn his place. He can’t even say he can beat the 7-8 in the class

  3. NoahPlata says:

    I feel like there are too many commas in that last quote

    but anyways I don’t think Nate Marquart should be in the same sentence as GSP, Marquart is a guy who has been exiled from the UFC for his TRT use he is fortunate enough to be fighting in Strikeforce. I like Marquart though, he just got caught doing what almost every fighter does now too many times and Dana White makes crazy decisions without even thinking and then flip flops later. Welterweight is a good weight for him so maby they’ll let him back in the UFC, then he’ll be a contender for GSP or whoever is champ, then he should be in the same sentence.

  4. NiggerDick says:

    Gsp would monkey fuck Nate and his big lip havin pale ass into submission.

  5. NiggerDick says:

    Gsp would monkey fuck Nate and his big lip havin pale ass into submission all night long.

    • Greatest ever says:

      I agree gsp would end Nate….they shouldn’t even b in the same sentence gsp has showed y he’s the best 170 pounder and when he beats condit all the gsp haters can eat a dick

    • kevin cormier says:

      I’d like to see it, most opponents pussy out against gsp and simply avoid being finished. Its really hard to finish top fighters who aren’t even trying to win. Go ahead and watch any gsp fight, he always pushes the action much more than the opponent and goes for finishes.

  6. Ctyn says:

    would love to see Nate fight GSP. Nate is a huge 170 lbs and is pretty well rounded. Not sure he would win, but I would love to see the fight.

  7. Bjj BB says:

    @ GABI, answer this question, nick diaz, dan henderson and nate as well as many other top world class fighters came from the ufc and went to sf, just cause they fight there now don’t make a difference unless they went to sf cause they sucked in the ufc, well nate aint one of’um, nate was the top guy in the 185 pound class until sonnen dry humped him for the win, now gsp is a great wrestler but i know for a fact he won’t out wrestle nate or even out strike nate not to mention I’m not sure if gsp would even be able to fight his way up the 185 pound latter to fight silva, call me cocky or a gsp hater but when u watch him fight at 170 and how he fights now, he can’t pull that shit when fighting the best at 185 and nate still is top 2 or 3 since sonnen lost!

  8. dude says:

    Nate should fight someone like rick story or thiago alvez, one of the bigger 170 guys w good skills and see how he does. Then give him a top 5er if he wins.

  9. MORON KILLER says:

    Well lets see before nate dropped to ww he was a top 5 mw. so what makes you morons believe he would not beat a top 5 ww. hmm some people need to know more about these fighters and mma b4 they type random bullshit

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