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Marquardt Back in the Top 10 According to ESPN | MMA News

Nate Marquardt is the new Strikeforce Welterweight Champion. His knockout of Tyrone Woodley at Strikeforce 41 was brutal to say the least. Maybe it was the decisive finish, or maybe it’s being crowned the champion. Either way ESPN has put “The Great” back in its coveted top 10. Below is the complete list.

1 Georges St-Pierre 22-2-0

2 Carlos Condit 28-5-0

3 Nick Diaz 26-8-0

3 Johny Hendricks 13-1-0

5 Rory MacDonald 13-1-0

6 Martin Kampmann 20-5-0

7 Jake Ellenberger 27-6-0

7 Josh Koscheck 17-6-0

7 Nate Marquardt 32-10-2

10 Jon Fitch 23-4-1

Do you agree?


35 Responses to “Marquardt Back in the Top 10 According to ESPN | MMA News”

  1. Jake21 says:

    Diaz 2 Condit 3

    • Big Show says:

      Agree… the natural born runner in 3erd

    • Ace says:

      So you didn’t just see him lose huh…this statement is rediculous

    • diaz???? says:

      how can you put one guy ahead of the other when you have diaz(looser) ahead of condit(winner)? thats whats wrong with rating fighters< they rate on wins and losses not the quality of oponents the've beat…….right nick? who the hell has he beat in the top 10? i know NOBODY!!!!! he's one of the most overrated fighters ever! he's never had a even decent record in UFC and is still in top for beating 2nd rated fighters, and now wants to fight silva????? give your head a shake dick i mean nick there's not a guy in top 10 you will ever beat!

  2. CanILive says:

    nope just for hell of it put fitch ahead of marquardt lol

  3. CanILive says:

    nope for hell of it put fitch ahead of marquardt lol

  4. Brend0magic says:

    I just want Condit to beat GreaSP so I can see a Diaz/GreaSP superfight. Although I have a feeling that if GreaSP loses, he’ll be asking for an immediate rematch like EVERYONE else.

  5. ctyn says:

    Nate could beat anyone on this list on any given night. He already beat the shit out of Kampmann to send him down to 170. Wouldn’t mind seeing Nate against anyone on this list. Bring him back!

  6. B-rad says:

    Kampmann at 6?? FFS these ESPN ranks are retarded.. Kampmann should be 3 then Macdonald then Hendricks then Diaz….

  7. Nick says:

    Nope, I’ve never taken these rankings seriously. You have 2 guys tied at third and 3 guys tied at seventh? Really?

  8. stephen riddle says:

    If u want ufc stuff turn on fuel, football/ nfl network. Espn stay away from mma.

  9. Jesse says:

    Why is Diaz even on the list if he is “retired”/suspended they need to really redo this list.

  10. stephen riddle says:

    Anyone know what gracie said about the future of nick diaz yet, maybe its at 4 pm pt?

  11. A.James says:

    Who has Rory beaten on this list?

  12. drew says:

    1 Georges St-Pierre 22-2-0….BUT CHEATED AGAINST BJ! and lost in first fight

    3 Carlos Condit 28-5-0

    2 Nick Diaz 26-8-0

    4 Johny Hendricks 13-1-0

    10 Rory MacDonald 13-1-0

    5 Martin Kampmann 20-5-0

    6 Jake Ellenberger 27-6-0

    7 Josh Koscheck 17-6-0

    8 Nate Marquardt 32-10-2

    9 Jon Fitch 23-4-1

  13. James Jimmy says:

    No Way Fitch is that low, Hendricks gets a lucky punch in and somehow Fitch goes from 2nd to 10th???
    Fitch would beat down Condit.
    Nate would beat Koscheck too.

  14. Bjj BB says:

    If diaz is on this bullshit list, y is bj penn not?

  15. Rich says:

    When is the last time Fitch won a fight??
    When was the last time GSP won a fight?
    What was BJ’s last win?

  16. JAC says:

    I don’t see how they have Rory so high on the list. I still don’t think Diaz should be that high. Diaz hasn’t had to fight any wrestlers since he got back to the UFC. Last time he was in the UFC he had problems with wrestlers. I think Hendricks, Ellenberger, Koscheck, and even Fitch could beat him.

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