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Monday, 09/17/2012, 08:25 am

Marloes Coenen Uses Rousey's Weight Loss As Reason To Call Her Out As Having No Balls | MMA NEWS

“She is a great grappler. The way she took out Sarah Kaufman was amazing and so unexpected to me. But she does lack balls, she judoed at 154lbs, entered Strikeforce at 145lbs and when she had to fight Cris Cyborg she dropped to 135lbs. Using me as an example. Let me tell you this, I fought Cyborg (and will do so in the future again) and then was asked by Strikeforce to drop to 135lbs. Having said all this, career wise it was really smart of her and she deserves a master in PR. She doesn’t care how she gets there, as long as she gets there. And she’s successful at it, looking at the magazine covers like ESPN and changing Dana White’s mind.”

“I can be quite naive, but I knew what she was doing when I had to fight her. It was my decision to step into the cage with her. So I have to suck it up as well. It’s not me who can decide what should happen. The authorities (whoever that might be) or fans can do that, not me.”

Former Strikeforce bantamweight champion, Marloes Coenen, recently told PunchDrunkGamer that MMA’s leading lady, Ronda Rousey, has shown that she has no balls after dropping weight classes and avoiding a match up with Chris Cyborg.


18 Responses to “Marloes Coenen Uses Rousey's Weight Loss As Reason To Call Her Out As Having No Balls | MMA NEWS”

  1. Brend0magic says:

    Marloes mmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I was not aware she had balls. But I see what you’re implying. And yes Brend0, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Robert says:

    wow… i’m not suprised a woman had something like this to say about Rousey… if there’s one thing i’ve learned from growing up with women… as nice and as beautiful as they can be they are always jealous of other women and they will do whatever it takes to drag them down. Not all women but a good few women are like this and Marloes Coenen is starting to sound like one of them. I mean seriously who is there at 45 for Ronda to fight. Most of the women are at 135. And Ronda comfortably made the move to 135 so why not. And why act like dodging cyborg is a bad thing. I would dodge an obvious roid user too. Ronda has been around elite female athletes her whole life she knows what roids looks like. The reason cyborg isn’t 135 is because of her usage of steroids. Just like a bucket of crabs… when one tries to climb out the rest drag it back down.

    • bigfan says:

      agree. It’s stupid to go in there against an opponent you KNOW is jacked up and risk serious injury or death (as if you’re not taking enough of a chance just DOING MMA).

      EVERY girl should make cyborg come down to 135 to fight.

      • bahaha says:

        lol scrubs.. Rousey was the one talkin shit that she didnt care if cyborg was on shit, back when she was still makin her way to the title shot, NOW that shes champ, suddenly her outlook has changed on cyborg actin like now she wants cyborg to come to 135 and better be clean or she wont fight her blah blah. the rousey train is coming to an end, shes an overrated one dimensional fighter.. turnin into a female jon jones

        • catrachito says:

          ronda could not prove that cyborg was on roids back then…. since then so many things have changed… and she is the champion at 135… that is her division…. it is as if someone in heavyweight wants to fight a middle weight champion but wants the middle weight to come to heavy weight to fight for the belt. do you see a problem? i do think that it would be an amazing fight and I do think that cyborg could beat cyborg but cyborg needs to put in the time and work in order to get the belt. she is the one that whose reputation is in shambles right now. Ronda is at the top of the world, she is going down in history…. ronda does not need to fight cyborg, she just wants to fight cyborg…..

        • catrachito says:

          i meant cyborg could beat ronda
          Not cyborg could beat cyborg… hahahha my bad, f**ked up trying to make a point

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Cyborg should be banned from MMA forever. Cyborg has completely transformed what use to be a womans body 6-8 years ago into a mans body. flat disgusting and NO woman should get back cage with that beast

    • What? says:

      Crabs do that? Fucking crabs….lol

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Marlous is butthurt that she made the mistake of getting in the cage with Cyborg when she knew Cyborg was all ROIDED UP. EVERYONE always knew Cyborg was all ROIDED up

  4. This chick was talking about cyroid when she said:

    “I can be quite naive, but I knew what she was doing when I had to fight her. It was my decision to step into the cage with her. So I have to suck it up as well. It’s not me who can decide what should happen. The authorities (whoever that might be) or fans can do that, not me.”

    That’s not naivete that’s stupid. She got in the ring with a cheater, that she knew was cheating, she got the crap kicked out of her, and Rousey doesn’t have balls because she won’t do the same thing? Ugh I can taste the jealousy reeking from this chick

  5. grand master flash says:

    Aldo vs Cyborg……….also, I can’t imagine any women want to get in the ring with the big dude…..Rousey played it smart, hate it or love it…..

  6. JUST A FAN says:

    Marloes , you are an idiot . Rhonda is the champ @ 135 lbs. Any and all Challengers need to be prepared to go @ 135 lbs. Doesnt matter what she used to fight at or what she used to weigh. She hold the title @ 135lbs. If you got “Balls” then you got issues!

  7. Marloes is a hater says:

    Rousey didn’t drop to 135 until after Santos got busted for Roids, and the 1st fight they offered was a title shot, so why wouldn’t she have taken it. No one at 145 to fight, that’s why Cyborg has to fight at Invicta to get a match. Rousey ain’t scared of Cyborg, she would easily break her arm.

  8. Ddddddd says:

    I’m sure everyone will be watching the
    Dos Santos and Alistair fight. Why
    shouldn’t Alistair drop to 205? It seems
    like double standards to me. Junior
    does have a sack and he ain’t scared to
    use it homie.

    • B-rad says:

      Do you even realize what you just said? im not sure i do but damn, it sounded dumb. Alistair had to move to HW in the first place because he had to cut drastic amounts of weight to make 205 and his conditiong suffered because of it, look at both fights against Shogun Rua, Alistair was toying Shogun on the feet, but gassed out and got pounded out. the man made Brock Lesnar look like a normal HW, he moved Lesnar 3 feet with the first knee he landed! Cutting weight isnt something you just do, it takes weeks of suffering to cut a little bit of weight. My guess is you havent had to go through it before so its so easy to say “Oh he should just drop a weight class”

  9. B-rad says:

    So is Coenen saying she has balls? Shes implying that Rousey is inferior for not having balls, so i guess she got a hairy ol sack then XD

  10. Ddddddd says:

    Id explain B-rad if weren’t gonna

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