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Friday, 03/16/2012, 01:49 pm

Marloes Coenen Talks About The First Ever All-Female Fight League

Former Strikeforce bantamweight champion, Marloes Coenen, talks about her first bout for “Invicta”, the first all female MMA league.

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22 Responses to “Marloes Coenen Talks About The First Ever All-Female Fight League”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Hhmm I dunno, It’s cool to have one or two female fights on a card, but an all women card? I don’t know if there are enough talented female MMA fighters worthy enough to fill an entire event….

    • TriforceSamurai says:

      Thats why i feel a league like this is good for the sport. It will develope a base of strong fighters. The ufc didnt have all superstar fighters when it started. They were built from the ground up and fighters learned from each other and developed off of each other. It may take a while but if given a chance the female fighters will rise to the occasion also. This could build up a stronger base of professional female fighters and once there is a deeper talent pool franchises like the ufc will start vying for stronger fighters and giving lesser fighters a goal to strive for. Do you think many of the male fighters would be as good as they are without strong fighters like silva, gsp, and jones to target and go after? Female fighters like cyborg and rousey will push the lesser female fighters to train harder to reach the next level. So far there are a few outstanding women with a bunch that just arent near their levels. A league devoted to them might change that as competition amps up.

      • Xaninho says:

        You have a good point there. It’s refreshing to read a comment posted by someone with a brain for a change!

      • k says:

        It’s a good idea, I can’t wait to see marloes fight again

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        Very sound logic. I think the market for WMMA is indeed blossoming. Two years ago we wouldn’t even be engaged in this conversation. Now, you come on this Web site and there’s constant news about WMMA. Granted, the majority has been something about Rousey or Tate lately. But it’s helping gain awareness. I enjoy MMA regardless if it is two men or two women. For example, I thought the Kaufman-Davis fight was the best fight on the last Strikeforce card, hands down. The females keep putting on fights like that, WMMA will eventually catch on and gain acceptance, maybe not as mainstream as the men, but acceptance all the same. Lorenzo recently said he backs WMMA. It can only go up from here.

      • ThaGreenBandit says:


    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Coenen should have got the hell away from Golden Glory same time half theri otehrs fighters jump ship. Bas boon is a crook of epic proportions and Zuffa has made it clear they will not do business with those crooks and put them on the banned list with M-1 russian gangsters-fincklestein and Fedor company. Marloes could have worked her way back up to a title fight now she will forever be stuck in very low level competitions where she has very little chance of ever making REAL MONEY.

  2. Ka‘ōnohi says:

    Jewels is an all-female fight league. Invicta is not the first.

  3. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Good, they can do all the work then UFC can acquire them when the supply meets the demand.

  4. Bla DeBla says:

    Who tha fuck wants to pay to see womin or children fight ?

    Men produce the top levels in every sport & deserve to be paid but even the best womin wouldnt beat an average teenage boy no matter what sport it is .

    If womin wanna fight thats their choice & if people want to pay to see them fight then thats their choice but when promotions like Strikeforce sneak second rate womins fights on to mens cards then that is basic thievery & a complete rip off .

    If 2 hags were squabbling out on the street I wouldnt even look out tha window , I’d probably close the curtains !

    I dont give a fuck how good a womin is in her sport just like I dont care how good a teenage boy is in his age group .

    I want to see the best money can by & the performances of womin & or children are very very far from the best money can buy .

    They wanna fight then let em but let em do it on their own promotions at least that way people retain the freedom to chose whether or not to spend their money on em .

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      I think an increase in popularity in WMMA is the final frontier for all of MMA and the UFC. Just because they aren’t as impressive as the men doesn’t mean they should stop doing what makes them a living. They just haven’t had the time develop the top talent like in the UFC because it’s still a burgeoning sport for women. I think they have the right to do as they please.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        I acknowledged they have every right to chose their profession & I acknowledged that the public has the right to view them too so wat tha fuck is yer problem ?

        If they are making a living from MMA by fighting on mens cards then they are preventing a higher quality fighter from profiting by taking his place on a card people have paid because of the men on it , not because of the womin on it .

        Its ripping the fans off & hindering he growth of the sport .

        Its a fuckin charity event you want to see not a top class fight promotion .

        Wat tha fuck is yer problem with me ?

        I acknowledged their fuckin rights didnt I ?

        So why tha fuck you in my fuckin face talking about their rights !???

        Huh !?

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Problems?.. I have no problems? Why you getting so heated? Did you not post in this thread to get a response?

          Want to buy some wolf tickets? LOL, jk you don’t want those.

          I disagree with you that they are taking profit from a higher quality fighter. If they were of higher quality then they would fighting. If not on that card they would be booked on the following card or another card. What you are disregarding is the demand for MMA entertainment. As long as the fights are entertaining then people will continue to watch, therefore there is no threat to a “Higher Quality” fighter job. It’s not like there is a lack of money or demand for MMA fights.

          But what you mean is Higher Quality= Male MMA Fighter, right?

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I already stated that men produce the highest levels of quality & performance in every sport so why you asking ?

          You are talking about Entertainment events while I am talking about sporting events .

          Not all parts of a genuine sporting event are sellable as “Entertaining” to the mass’s however all aspects of the highest levels of sport are excellent & are respectable … that is not true of some freak value low standard pantomime fight between two hags .

          As for the vast amounts of money , perhaps that is true in the utopia you live in but here on planet earth the common man struggles to make ends meet & when he pays for something he wants & deserves to receive the very best standard of the product he is being sold .

          If he pays to see a card & pays because of the men on it then its a rip off & basic dishonesty to put low standard female fights on the card .

          Even if its not PPV the man still has to pay his electric bill & pay the price of having adverts inflicted upon him in his own home & if he does not want to see low standard womins fights then he shouldnt be forced to endure them .

          Perhaps I value my home & my money & my liberty higher than you do who appears to think he is owned by whichever Promotions company he is following ?

          So why were you talking about their rights to me after I acknowledged their rights in the 1’st place ?

          Seems to me you have a problem with me for asserting my rights .

    • K2 says:

      Bla DeBla… Don’t know if you are a troll, but you’re definitely a douche. And it’s women, with a fucking ‘e’. And perhaps it’s just your latent homosexuality that makes you only want to see guys fights. Just a thought. And a true fan or practitioner would enjoy seeing the competition, as long as it’s skillful, between anyone brave enough to test their merits against another human being. Not just “min” are about to perform great things. Douche.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        So yer saying everyone who watches combat sports are fags ?

        Fuck off you stupid prick .

        If it was an amateur event we were talking you might have a point about applauding the contestants but its not its PPV & Televised events with sponsorship .

        In which case I dont really care for skill I want to see a contest between the best of the best who have worked their way to the top .

        If that breaks down into a skillful encounter or a brutal slug fest I dont give a fuck so long as it a fair contest .

        Obviously hand holding , caring sharing faggots like you with yer Sesame Street ideology thinks it should be some kinda ideal world were every token gets an equal share at the expense of genuine talent , ability & hard work .

        Well you & yer like can fuck off coz yer not gonna force feed me sub standard shit & pretend it isnt thinly disguised governmental policy & just another tool of oppression .

        I didnt say anything about womin not being allowed to compete .

        I didnt say anything about people not being allowed to view them competing .

        So take yer politics or perversion along with yer Tokens , roll em into a nice round ball & cram em up yer hole coz yer not gonna sell that fuckin Yank bullshit to me .

        • K2 says:

          Alright you British twat, I thought your country had advanced enough to realize women have as much right to fight in a cage on center stage as anyone else. And if they’ve earned their right to do that then who the fuck are you to say otherwise. Are you a racists bigot as well or just a male chauvinist one? Guess what, there’s plenty of women out there holding “men’s” jobs. You’re just scared that some girl’s gonna come in and still your chance for glory. And lord forbid she’s a colored girl. DOUCHE.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          STFU you driveling drug addict .

          I have acknowledged their rights to work & compete in sports , now you are trying to comfort yerself by creating a false context because I have slapped the shit outa you & rubbed yer nose into it on the Nick Diaz thread .

          Wat the fuck do I care about a “Colored Girl” ?

          Like I owe them or you something ?

          I’m not your father & I have no motherly bosom to suckle & comfort you with .

          If 2’nd division black & or white or yellow or brown hags wanna fight for a living thats their business but I wont be paying to see it .

          Sorry bout that if it doesnt sit well with yer third world begging mentality but thats how it is , Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s , I give credit where its due & I pay everyone their worth .

          If black girls or anyone else doesnt know their place or their worth then guess what ?

          I’m gonna put em in it .

          Fuckin beggars & charity cases !

  5. UFC VIDEOS says:

    would love to see an all female league, great fighters.

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