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Tuesday, 07/10/2012, 11:52 pm

Mark Munoz Reveals Sonnen Offered To Help Pay For His Elbow Surgery | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Middleweight contender Mark Munoz in an interview with MMAFighting.

Mark Munoz is ready to call out Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva with a win over Chris Weidman at UFC on Fuel TV 4. However back in January Munoz was set to face Chael Sonnen at UFC on Fox: Evans vs. Davis but had to withdraw due to injury and was replaced by Michael Bisping. He admits it was hard to watch the bout between Sonnen and Bisping.

“I was actually really down, I was down. After watching that fight it was crazy. After seeing Chael’s performance and Bisping’s performance, I was like, ‘That could have been me.’ I could have put a really good performance inside the Octagon, so I was down. I’m just going to be real, I’m real right now. I cried man. That was my opportunity and this and that and I could have been number one contender and it was really hard for me. I had people just encouraging me. I’m a religious guy, and in my mind of faith, people were just pouring over me saying, ‘Hey, this is your story. This is what you’re going to go through. Adversity is the dust that polishes a diamond. You’re a diamond brother, you’re going to go through this and you’re going to shine at the end of this. Life is 10-percent of what happens to you and 90-percent of how you react to it. This is your story, have a great attitude, get your head out of your butt and start training.’ I was down for about three months after the injury. I couldn’t snap out of it and I was training and people were like, ‘Munoz, what’s wrong with you?’ And I was like, ‘I’m, good.’ But it was affecting me. After those three months, I had twelve weeks to get back in shape and I truly believe adversity makes a fighter who he his and a person who they are. I’m so in shape right now. I’m better in shape than I was with Chris Leben and I broke him in the second round. I’ve been working on my striking and it is great and my MMA wrestling and my transitions are good and I’m feeling good for this fight. I’m going in there confident and on fire so you’re going to see a ferocious ‘Filipino Wrecking Machine,’ for sure.”

Munoz also reveals that Chael Sonnen offered to assist him in paying for the surgery to repair his elbow.

“Yes, that is very true. And for everyone that hates Chael Sonnen, Chael Sonnen is actually a guy that is a very compassionate person. He actually extended his hand to me and he goes, ‘If you need any financial help, I will help you out. I know how much this fight meant to you and I will help you out.’ That speaks volumes about him man, it really does. I was like, ‘Man thank you Chael, I really appreciate that and if I really do need it, I will ask for it, but I am good.’ Despite what people may think about him, he is actually a really good person.”

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12 Responses to “Mark Munoz Reveals Sonnen Offered To Help Pay For His Elbow Surgery | UFC News”

  1. Hylyfe808 says:

    If Munoz does win against Weidman… does anyone think he is ready for Anderson? I think Anderson Silva will remain champion till he retires. The list of competitors for the Middle Weight Title is very thin and none has shown what it takes to beat Anderson. Anderson already beat the only one that stood a chance at taking his title. I guess the only one that I can really see now that might have a slight chance is Bisping. Bisping has way more of a chance than Munoz.

    • Thom says:

      How’s Bisping gonna beat Anderson? Outstrike him? Yeah right lol.

    • Tapitout21 says:

      He’s not ready for him but he will get his shot at him.

    • You must be "high" says:

      if you think Bisping has a better chance at beating Silva than Munoz. What is Bisping going to do? Take Silva down? Outstrike Silva?

      And this is exactly what the UFC wants: for people to think that Bisping is a top contender. He has to prove it first, which he hasn’t. Big wins for Bisping? Hamil? Kang? Rivera? Mayhem? All out of the UFC. But Bisping is kept in conversations, and that’s good for the fans of Great Britian, which makes the UFC happy.

  2. BJ Penn is the MAN says:

    3 opponents left in his division-2 OUT
    MW- Munoz, Hector Lombard, and Bisping
    OUT- GSP or Bones Jones
    People will always discuss in the future about who was the best, SILVA or JONES. I dont see why they cant fight now while Silva is still in AMAZING Shape. He beat your buddy Machida, and left him face down on canvas, how much more motivation you need??? EVERY FAN wants this fight, Dana talks about Boxing not making Pacquiao vs Mayweather, when he wont make GSP vs Silva or JONES vs SILVA

    • scotty says:

      Manny vs. Mayweather is a totally different scenario.. They both are in the same weight classes and its boxing, size doesnt always play apart! GSP has already stated if the fight with Silva were to happen he would make a permanent move to MW.. Cause he said he would add abit more muscle which then he couldnt make the cut to 170.. So he would have vacate the title and move up to middleweight.. He could lose alot more if he decided to make the move.. Now for silva vs. Jones, Jones is ALOT bigger than Silva but also Jones has alot to lose if he loses to MW at LHW.. If Silva loses then he only has a loss to a LHW but still has his MW title.. I think we all would love to see but there is more factors to look from fighters point of view than a fans point of view.. Maybe it will happen!

  3. M says:

    When anderson retires the MW division will be very interesting. Until then silva should be able to defeat every challenger along the way to retirement

  4. ganjaneerUSMC says:

    I think munoz has the right style to beat silva honestly. Don’t know if he would win, but chael proved if you just rush him and take him down, you can control him and beat him. Silvas guard looked horrible but chaels submission defence is shit. If your a solid wrestler who’s not afraid to go after silva, and you haven’t been submitted over 10 times in your career, you can beat silva. Silva had that same mystique that fedor had, people beat themselves before, even stepping into the cage w those two. Well chael showed the blueprint and he’s not even a good fighter, just a good wrestler/controler. I don’t think silva could take over 300 punches from munoz like he could w chael. I think anyone w decent power and good wrestling should be able to beat silva but I bet the ufc will try hard to give silva fights he can win, against strikers, they will try hard to not have silva fight anymore wrestlers. They will have bisping fight stann, stann will knock him out, they will say that’s the #1 contender fight, they will give silva stann so he can dance around him, and they will have lumbard fight munoz to tie up the wrestlers. Boom there you have it..

  5. Srangeclouds says:

    Doesn’t the UFC have some million dollar insurance plan for its fighters that covers the costs. Cause that’s what I’ve been led to beleive

  6. top says:

    Ufc pays for surgery, pays the doctors but fighters still have to eat n bills to pay, that’s Wat sonnen was offering

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