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Saturday, 08/10/2013, 12:53 pm

Mark Munoz: Michael Bisping ‘Has pillows for fists’

“Bisping has already been talking, I know. I was at my camp doing 10 days of an intensive wrestling camp with a bunch of wrestlers, over 300 of them. My phone was just blowing up. People were texting me and tweeting me all this stuff about Bisping talking a lot of smack about me. But that stuff doesn’t bother me. I show my talk inside the Octagon. He was saying he was going to beat me into depression and if I was depressed, I’d go into more depression. The fact of the matter is, he has pillows for fists. He hasn’t knocked anybody out and he says he’s gonna knock me out? He hasn’t knocked anybody out. It’s going to be like a pillow fight when I fight him. He’s going to have pillows and I’m going to have hammers.”


19 Responses to “Mark Munoz: Michael Bisping ‘Has pillows for fists’”

  1. Demon statue grappling says:

    I think that on the feet bisping has the advantage as well as the wrestling defense to keep it there but definitely not the power to finish it unless he executes another eye poke. This is a very intriguing match up and a good test for both. One could argue a title eliminator maybe but victor is still very much in the picture

    • Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (ROID CHEAT) says:

      Bisping will do his usual pitter patter backpeddling/running away for 15 minutes and try and steal decision

      too bad for Bisping Munoz knows this and also knows no matter hoe bad he beats the hell out of Bisping he will need a finish to get the win in Britain.

      We all saw the biggest rippoff BULLSHIT FIXED decision after Hamill beat the hell out of Bisping nonstop for 15 minutes and was was robbed by the 2 corrupt Judges flown in from Vegas by Dana white.

      Props to the HONEST British jusge who scored the fight 30-27 Hamill

      most corrupt fixed decision in UFC history

      • EP says:

        Agreed this is one of the worst most corrupt decisions ever in UFC history… i can name about 5 more off the top of my head BJ/Edgar 1, Shogun/Machida 1, Page/Forrest… but yes aside from the Hamill/Bisping worst decision of all time call … the number one for me is HANDS DOWN… BJ/GSP 1 … BJ completely destroyed GSP round 1, easily 10-8 round, possibly 10-7. Then for next 2 rounds, GSP, took him down, layed on top of him and did absolutelely zero damage, not even a scratch… at end of the fight, Bj is standing there without a blemish to his face, GSP has broken nose and fractured face and his bleeding, blakc and blue, puffy and swollen and GSP wins the decision LMFAOOOO then BJ goes out and parties w fam, friends, fans that night while the guy that “won the fight” was in his hospital bed for week after getting reconstructive facial surgery. Hmmmmm Interesting … Isnt it! BJ/GSP are really 1-1 and every reall mma fan knows that!

  2. doc says:

    I don’t think people give Bisping enough credit for his hands. He may not hit super hard but he does seem to be able to put together nice combos. Something usually connects each time he throws. His hands seem to improve every time he fights. He has some of the best cardio as well.

    Too many of those combos at his consistent fast pace will start to wither a fighter down.

    Just like doing a ton of take downs. Make a guy work to get up a ton of times and they get tired.

    I still take Munoz in this fight. He will go for the TD and win a decision.

    My 2 cents.

  3. 757 says:

    I hope Munoz wins. Bisping is annoying. He talks allot of crap on people. Munoz is correct, he doesn’t knock anyone out. We sure can see that he get’s knocked out with that eggshell jaw.

  4. Kenny Powers says:

    Although i like mark, i think bisping will outclass him. Mark def has the power advantage but bisping more tech, faster, more cardio and has the TDD to stop Munoz shots. I say Bisping by Unam unless Mark uncorks a bomb on him.

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Pitter patter and running around in cirlces is hardly considered “outclassing” someone. Bisping is and always will be a pillow fisted backpeddling runner. For someone who is a natural LHW he has less power than a 135 lb fighter

  5. ashley says:

    you do realise bisping has only been knocked out once don’t you?

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) THANK GOD says:

      Amazes me how after 6 years Bisping has been able to avoid Okami, Boetch, and countless other bad matchups

      Jacare and Rockhold would school Bisping. How is it Bisping is always one fight away from a title shot even though he was just KO’d by Vitor 2 fights ago. EVERYONE else in the UFC goes to back of the line after they get Ko’d except Bisping.

    • Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (ROID CHEAT for life) says:

      Whats funny is Bisping’s first 15 fights were against total “CANS” that he basically picked out of the crowd while fighting in local pubs in England. Everytime Bisping has fought a LEGIT top contender he has gotten his ass kicked. Most of Bisping wins in the UFC wre against “cans” like Charles McCarthy, Ross pointen, Mayhem Miller, Dan miller, Jason day, Elvis sinosic, josh Haynes,

      NOONE has had the UFC pick and choose their fights more carefully than they have for Bisping.

    • 757 says:

      Ok last time I’m saying it. He got hammered by Hendo. Go watch the fight with Wand. At the end of the fight when the horn sounded he didn’t even know where he was…not to mention being nearly choked out earlier. He was absolutely pounded off his feet and into next week by Vitor. I don’t care what this idiot says about beating Wand, or just getting caught by Hendo or Vitor didn’t have me in trouble. My gosh person open your eyes. In many many fights he gets wabbled every time someone touches him. He has an eggshell jaw. He is one of DW’S creations and he will never win the championship… doubt. He is great on a heavy bag and in the Gym…..In a real fight with a real puncher he is getting whipped.

  6. magoo says:

    Actually he’s had his lights turned out twice,one was as awesome as the other…. Lol Hendo/vitor

  7. maddkillah says:

    bisping’s cardio is more or less because of his boxing style..he doesn’t put too much power to it..just chipping away his opponents with little combos..and that is something that judges if monuz can’t take him down and blind him with hammer fists i think bispings going to get this fight by UD….

  8. 757 says:

    Munoz out wrestled Chael in college and was a beast at OU State. He will take Bispiping down. I agree with Munoz also in that Bisping doesn’t knock anyone out. He will have to bring his track shoes that night. That will be o.k. for DW though Bisping is one of his little bitches.

  9. 123 says:

    some of you people need to get a grip, hahaha.

  10. Three Lions! says:

    YES Munoz has power – but lets not forget the guys an absolute Bear! and Bisping has the best cardio in the sport! — GOD help him if his power is ineffective.

    If he takes Bisping down he WILL NOT keep him down PERIOD.

  11. ko'd by vitor says:

    Lol some people don’t know the difference between a ko and a tko it seems, vitor stopped bisping by tko not a ko

    • Nate 'THE CHEAT" Marquardt roid cheat says:

      What do you think would have happened if the ref hadn’t stopped Vitor? He would have caved his brains in. Bisping is the most overrated pillow fisted backpeddler/runner in the sport of MMA and always will be, If it wasn’t for Dana white Bisping would still be fighting in pub sin Britain

  12. lol says:

    And it still would be a tko stoppage lol,tko’s don’t exist do they?

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