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Saturday, 02/22/2014, 09:31 am

Mark Hunt Wants To Rematch Alistair Overeem

The last time that Mark Hunt took on Alistair Overeem, Alistair was able to best the “Super Samoan” via first round key lock submission back during their days with the “Dream” fighting organization. Now, as Hunt is coming off an immediate classic in his bout against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, it appears that Hunt is looking to set up a rematch against Overeem in hopes to avenge the loss.

Hunt took some time with his own New Zealand’s MMA Kanvas to discuss his desire for a rematch with Overeem among many other things including his appearance and style in the new UFC video game, “Bigfoot”‘s failed drug screening, and using TRT himself.

When asked about a possible rematch with Overeem Hunt showed no hesitation in saying “of course” to a rematch.

“Rematches are always good. I’ve never lost a rematch with any fighter. I always like to avenge my losses, too. I saw Alistair in Japan (and) we were talking, He’s a nice guy but as a fighter, he’s got it over me, I’ve got to get it over this guy. It’s a match I’d like to have.”

He was then asked what he predicted the outcome of that bout would be. Hunt was immediate in his response by saying that “the outcome won’t be the same.”

This would no doubt be a fantastic matchup and a crowd pleaser for sure.

So, let’s hear it Penn Nation. If the rematch were to happen who do you think would come out victorious? Would the “Super Samoan” have what it takes to take down “The Demolition Man”? Or would he fall victim to another loss by the hands of Overeem? Give us your thoughts!

By: Daneul Summers | Twitter: @daneulsummers


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