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Tuesday, 07/09/2013, 10:59 am

Mark Hunt Says He Was ‘Cheated Again’ by Fighter Pay

Mark Hunt may not seem like the most outspoken man to ever step in to the Octagon, but after a recent look at a Career Earnings Manifesto for UFC fighters, Hunt found something to say.

Hunt let his opinion known via his official Facebook page:

“well i don’t now bout where they got there figures from but it must be true lol”

Hunt went on to question the choice to become a UFC fighter for anyone interested:

this is really crap man i need a pay rise (sic) how can some of these other gooons (sic) get more than me hahahahai been cheated again,why anyone would want to be a ufc fighter if this is how much we get paid.

Hunt had been marked down for $537,000 which is the total for his base salary and does not include Fight Night bonuses or discretionary bonuses. Either way, Hunt says that this isn’t even close to resembling what he has actually made.

Hunt previously fought former heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos at UFC 160, losing via 3rd round knockout after catching a wheel kick to the head. He now sits out with a well-documented staph infection.


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0 Responses to “Mark Hunt Says He Was ‘Cheated Again’ by Fighter Pay”

  1. squid says:

    damn another one speaks out… makes you wonder…

  2. Big J says:

    These guys put it on the line, their bodies are bruised and battered, they have other expenses they have to pay off, and are 1099 (I think), I think they’re being taken advantage of.

    The problem with these fighters are a lot of them are uneducated and have nothing else to fall back on. Don’t get me wrong, I like to watch these dudes fight, but I hate to see them being taken advantage of.

  3. HIMBOB says:

    Can you correct this misleading article.

    Your article said,

    “Hunt had been marked down for $537,000 which is the total for his base salary and does NOT include Fight Night bonuses or discretionary bonuses”
    The source you quote clearly states they are included.

    This is before we even address the issue that you misread his (I thought fairly clear) intent.

    He was simply stating the figures are laughbly wrong, phrases like LOL and ahahahhahaha are clear indications of this.

    Pretty dis-appointing this article got published.

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