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Thursday, 12/05/2013, 08:13 am

Mark Hunt: ‘I’ve Got The Hunger Back’

“I’ve got the hunger back for fighting and to be doing it at my age is pretty cool. It’s a real mental challenge and a roller coaster. I love it. You put yourself through so much pain, and mentally straining, everything. It’s hard to break the wall every day, and when you got little ones, they got no mercy and don’t care. I was trying to do the things I trained to do. There was just some little roadblock there. I don’t know what the roadblock was, but I just couldn’t get to that spot. I walked into (dos Santos’) left hook, that’s what got me. I learn mostly from my losses instead of my wins. In my mind Bigfoot is just another fighter, just another hurdle that I have to overcome. He’s like number four in the world, so he’s a great fighter.”


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  1. GRT 3000 says:

    love this dude! Amazing fighter and to transition from Kickboxing to MMA so late in his career and to be having the success he’s had is a true testament to his wil…and punching power.

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