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Wednesday, 05/15/2013, 10:57 am

Mark Hunt Frustrated With Visa Issues: ‘I’m not a threat to America’

“I’m not like, a threat to America or anything — I’m just ready to do my job and that’s it. I don’t know what it is, I’m running out of time just to get over there and get acclimated. I fought in Vegas once before and I went out there four days out from the fight, and that was quite tiring. I was going to bed at six in the morning, American time, and everyone else was just waking up. It was a bit of a problem, so I just have to get my visa in time to get acclimatized. Hopefully soon — tomorrow or tonight. It’s just frustrating, but what can you do? I can’t do anything about it. It’s not in my hands anymore. I’ll just leave it in God’s hands, and see whatever happens, happens.”

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt is on the verge of missing out on one of the biggest opportunities in his Mixed Martial Arts Career.

Scheduled to face former champion, Junior dos Santos, Hunt is stuck in New Zealand and unable to enter the United States for his co-main event at UFC 160.


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  1. K2 says:

    Can he fly to Mexico? Bring bottled bottled water? Wait it out in the same time zone?

  2. GRT 3000 says:

    fuckin’ Americans. get yer shit together.

  3. Dave Puohotaua says:

    I am Backin James Tornado Te Huna, got too know that with all the stuff from 9-11 we have to be so careful in what we do or say SIS and the crew fletcher mite want too be judgemental on what your behaviour is like, to Mark arohamai my bro give a little too the mighty one he is the power over all he will grant you the favour just ask him my bro

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