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Monday, 04/30/2012, 01:11 pm

Mark Bocek | | "If You Need TRT Or Medical MJ You Shouldn't Be Fighting"| UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Mark Bocek comments to MMASucka.

Bocek comments on the Alistair Overeem situation and feels a year ban would have been sufficient and wants more random testing in the sport.

“There’s definitely got to be some type of punishment. You can put any twist on it want. I’m no doctor I just think if your doctor’s telling you that you need to be on TRT and you need to be on medical marijuana, you shouldn’t be fighting. He wasn’t under license at the time, he’s trying to flee the building over another series of testing, it makes you wonder about everyone else. I would think one year punishment for a guy like Overeem,” he said.

“I think it’s a problem in every division. I think it’s just kind of become part of the sport. Definitely random testing could change or fix that. As you see with Overeem, he really wasn’t expecting that but it’s a part of any sport really. Any Olympic sport as well.”

Bocek also comments on the UFC 152 card which takes place in his home country on September 22nd

“I’d like to get on that card, absolutely. My body is a little banged up actually so Calgary [for UFC 149] is just a little too early for me.”

“Right now I just really need to recover and work on my weak areas and come back strong for Toronto.”


23 Responses to “Mark Bocek | | "If You Need TRT Or Medical MJ You Shouldn't Be Fighting"| UFC News”

  1. Mr.Rusk says:

    Let’s get all slippery slope on mother fuckers. If you need any supplements or have to cut weight you shouldn’t be fighting.

    • ^^^^ This. I suppose fighters that need insulin shouldn’t be able to fight either?

      • F%$ktardsRUs says:

        SERIOUSLY +2!!! This guy is NOT making himself sound too intelligent. Sure, the steroids thing and CHEATING with TRT, is absolutel BS! BUT, if people that fight shouldn’t take things that are NOT performance enhancers, ie; the insulin, perhaps mood stabilizers for some, as well as MMJ, then I guess the fighting cards are going to be pretty slim!
        Making broad statements like this, is just not a good idea for sure. Some of the things are LEGIT medical reasons, and others are absolute BS. So, PLEASE don’t clump things like that together!

        Talk about “apples and oranges!”

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Seems like Bocek would be smart enough to know POT is not a PED. Its funny that Bocek would even speak out against PED’s when he is training with someone at TRISTAR who has long been suspected of being on HGH and EPO’s and otehr non-detectables that only the wealthiest of althletes can afford. JUst like lance it will all come out someday just wait and see

        • Roge says:

          True dat!…it’s funny he comes out and address various issues in mma but never touches the hgh/ped issue…..hmmm mm mm

  2. pc says:

    SO tired of people condemning cannabis. Those that do r just about the most ignorant people in the world. Why dont you come out against aspirin or anxiety medication b/c it is exactly the same type of medicine, except better for you and less dangerous.

    • stevo the great says:

      ^^^Amen….I love how he slipped Medical MJ in there like that is comparable to TRT. This guy looks like he needs to eat something to be talking shit like that. Good point though….Overeem gets 9 month suspension for having 14 times the testosterone of a man….that’s enormous. And Nick Diaz smokes weed AFTER the fight with Condit and they want to suspend him for a year. But he was clean in the Pre-fight screening….which is all that should matter. He lost a fight went and smoked a blunt and now he is scrutinized by douchebags like this. What a joke……

    • Gabi says:

      MMJ is amazing. A medicinal plant controlled my seizures when I had one last chance before brain surgery. So say I wanted to enter a local BJJ event, I shouldn’t be able to take part because I have a real reason to use MMJ? I know MMA and BJJ are different but sports a sport right? And MMJ is no PED in any way possible. I also get pissed when people try to put TRT and MMJ in the same sentence.

  3. LOL says:

    Who is this Ginger fighter? They shouldnt be allowed to fight either, they have no souls. Is mark bocek in the UFC or just a TUF drop out?

  4. RFK says:

    Weed is not a PED it is nothing like TRT don’t hate on the trees.

    • F%$ktardsRUs says:

      ANd people that smoke tobacco (and YES there ARE pro fighters out there that, suprisingly, DO!) OR drink alcohol, then you should NOT fight, right?!!!! Damn I hate it when SEEMINGLY intelligent individuals, make such utterly ignorant statements!

  5. Swami says:

    I agree with him as far as TRT goes, but I honestly could give a crap of a fighter smokes or not.

  6. Helio says:

    Bocek is cooked. keep trying to convince us/yourself that you’re relvenat and “getting better” in the lightweight division. gatekeeper at best

  7. GET RID OF TRT says:

    You TRT supporters faggets are retards.

    Do you really want this great sport turn in into a TRT sport?
    Ok, let’s have UTC. Ultimate Testosterone Championship! Let’s see all the TRT users smash the natural fighters.
    Let them fight each other and let’s see who is the best Pound for Pound TRT World Champion!!

  8. James says:

    Smoking weed and self injecting testosterone are exactly the same thing.

  9. Bloodhound says:

    Bocek’s gotten by purely on talent and hard work, he understands just as well as any FULLY clean fighter understands that it just isn’t fair, there is a far bigger difference between leveling the playing field, and simply finding an excuse to be bigger better badder.

    Everyone on this site was hating on Phil Baroni’s SUPER ROID FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS idea, as was I; in all honesty I believe that anyone using TRT should be limited to less than 6:1 that’s allowed for typical athlete’s because they are using something to boost their levels beyond their NATURAL level (this would also greatly reduce abuse to some degree).

    Remember when we considered needing a mostly illegal drug to become “normal” an addiction? I know Weed isn’t physically addictive but you can’t just let biases affect your decision – it’s against the rules, and for a reason whether or not justified in everyone’s eyes.

    Maybe MJ =/= PEDS but that doesn’t change the fact that it does augment your performance and it affects your behavior.

    While Weed shouldn’t have the same punishments as something as rough as say PEDs, it still shouldn’t be allowed, I say give a simple slap on the wrist of 1 month to weed “abusers” for their FIRST offense, because like it or not it IS against the rules, and a year to first time PED abusers, revocation of their license after like what? 4-5 times?

  10. Nick says:

    I’m seriously tired of this damn PED talk. Can we please stfu about it already. People abuse the system, it happens in every aspect of life. It’s not on the news everyday though. This one subject has had at least two articles every day for the past 2 years. I’m tired of it. It’s fine, just don’t abuse the system, there will be people who do though.

  11. Zack says:

    Why you got to bring weed into it?

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I wonder if he’ll hang the gloves up when he needs TRT? Easier said than done.

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