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Monday, 07/16/2012, 11:15 am

March Of 2013 Likely For UFC’s Return To Japan | UFC NEWS

Plans for the UFC to return to Japan is in the making.  This past February UFC 144 Edgar vs. Henderson was the first event in Japan in over a decade pulling an estimated attendance of around 20,000 fans at the Satima Super Arena.

UFC is considering March 3, 2013 according to returning at the Saitama Super Arena according to   Asian MMA promotions like Dream and Sengoku try to take over the scene in the wake of Pride’s demise failing to gain long term traction. Singapore-based ONE Fighting Championship is poised to take over. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is slowly capturing moments to try and do some business there, as this planned return demonstrates.

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6 Responses to “March Of 2013 Likely For UFC’s Return To Japan | UFC NEWS”

  1. Zulwali says:

    Assuming the world isnt coming to an end :p

  2. allmightysandman says:

    I have always wonderred why the Japanese stars don’t do as well in UFC cards on this side of the pond…i wonder if it’s the travel? Brendan Shcaub said the travel to Brazil was brutal on him…maybe the same for them.

    …I suppose the arguement could be made that the competition is that much tougher, but even their brightest and best don’t really seem able to get a toe hold in the ufc.


  3. stephen riddle says:

    Why dont fighters get to their out of country destinations two weeks early? That would give them time to adjust!?

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Ya i believe jet lag could effect them.I think the biggest thing is the transition from fighting in rings to a cage…Gomi was a bad ass,now he’s just gotten older.I’m sure would’ve done better in the UFC had he been younger.Sakuraba in his prime would’ve been successful in the UFC in my opinion…Hopefully this card will be better than the last japan card.because the last one sucked ass

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