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Thursday, 10/27/2011, 02:23 am

Manny Pacquaio vs. Floyd Mayweather Possible in November 2012

by Leo Reyes


Boxing fans who may have given up hope for the world’s most-desired boxing fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather could now look forward to a possible match between these two great fighters.All indications point to a possible Pacquiao vs. Mayweather showdown by November 2012 provided they both get past their “qualifying” opponents.

We refer here to the “qualifying” matches as the next possible fights between Floyd Mayweather vs. Amir Khan and between Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley.

From all indications, these matches are likely to happen early or middle of next year.

The Mayweather vs Khan fight has been in the drawing board for months. There is no denying it is one of the lucrative fights Golden Boy Promotions (GBP) can cash in — if the timing is right. And it is one of the easiest fights to make as both of them are under the umbrella of GBP.




12 Responses to “Manny Pacquaio vs. Floyd Mayweather Possible in November 2012”

  1. El Charlie says:

    I’ve followed Floyd for most of his career and I’ve gotta say that he is one of a kind. A prodigy indeed, he sets himself apart from any opponent with that phenomenal counter game not to mention he’s extremely fast. He likes to pick his fights and some of them may be easy fights, some of them not so easy. But for the most part any opponent he’s faced in his career he’s had some advantage over.

    However, aside from all of his skills and attributes, I’ll be the first to say on here that I do think he’s the biggest bitch for not taking this fight sooner. Personally I think Manny Pacquiao possesses the perfect formula to defeat Floyd. Lighning fast speed along with his aggression, not to mention that incredible pace Manny brings to the table. It’s something that’ll keep Floyd on his heels. He’s never fought anyone nearly as fast as he is, and whenever asked about a potential matchup he’s always changing the subject.

    Furthermore are all the demands he throws at the guy. At first Manny wasn’t such a fan of the ideas but nevertheless he agreed to his terms twice already. All resulting in another demand that he pulls out of his ass to avoid the matchup. As many experts have said before Floyd Mayweather knows boxing and he knows he doesn’t stand a chance against Manny. That fight would end early. Mayweather doesn’t have the chin to keep up with Manny’s pace. We’ve all seen what happens when he gets hit. If Mosley were about 5 years younger when he faced him he would’ve knocked him out as he almost did in round 2 of their bout. IMO this fight will never happen due to Floyd’s pride and inability to defeat the best p4p boxer in the world. Pity, pity, pity.

    • yo mamas go to guy says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better. Mayweather vs Pacquaio will NEVER happen, because Floyd won’t let it.

    • chris quj dupuis says:


      • El Charlie says:

        Keep telling yourself that buddy. The chances of Floyd winning against Pacquiao are about as slim as the chances of you landing a punch on either of them. Manny is Floyd’s doomsday. He can’t keep up with him which is why he’ll never sign the contract.

        • Michael says:

          Did either of you ever consider that Floyd truly does know boxing, as you said, but also the history of boxing? He is going to do exactly what Suger Ray Lenard did with Hagler. He is going to wait until physically he has slowed down in hand speed and lost a bit of power before he comes out and challenges him. At that point, the physical playing field will be closer to even Floyd will be able to use is superior instincts and boxing technologies to counter punch a decision. Floyd is just waiting for father time to give him the edge.

        • El Charlie says:

          Yes I have considered that, although i did not mention it. Still even then he proves nothing. He’s been ducking him for years now and all it’ll bring up is another argument about how he fought manny out of his prime. Regardless the debate will never end.

  2. chris says:

    Yeah but father time is not picky just as pacquiao skills will deminish with time so will mayweathers. So in the end again we get back to that old debate. They need to fight now so we can still have time top set up a rematch or a rubber match if it ever gets to that point…

    • Michael says:

      I agree, but instincts will be there much longer then hand speed and power. The reason I mentioned the Sugar Ray vs Hagler fight is because all anyone will remember is who won, not how Ray ducked Hagler for a solid decade and waited until he noticed his physical abilities diminishing before making the fight.

  3. james says:

    once this fight happens boxing will have no other fights to promote; i think this is why its taken so long to put it together, that and floyd being kinda stupid, but overall this is the last great fight for boxing. once this fight goes down so will boxing.

  4. Ainokea says:


  5. andyboy says:

    this fight is irrelevent past 2010. if and when they do fight it will be Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva…..too little too late! i’ll still watch it, hell maybe even pay, but it won’t determine the best P4P of our generation…they both missed that opportunity, they just have to suck it up and enjoy being tied as the best boxers of our lifetime…shame, a year ago this fight would have skyrocketed boxing for maybe another year since i’m sure a rematch would’ve been in order if Floyd lost a decision. ANYWAYS, this new combat sport called MMA, or old combat sport of fighting, however you like look at it, has cast a dark dark shadow over the once spectacular boxing…

    RIP Boxing, you gave us some entertaining years for a long time, but now it’s time to step aside and let your promoters and sponsors start shellin out some of that good pay to MMA fighters now.

  6. artonmedz says:

    either way it goes, i think that it would be a good fight. manny has the power to put mayweather on his ass. mayweather has the feet to RUN AWAY from the power that manny has. IF, big if, they fight, mayweather may get the fight only by decision. but i see manny knockin him on his ass. mosely showed it and i think roach will have manny show the world that he has the power and accuracy to do that. STILL A FAN OF BOXING!!

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