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Monday, 09/10/2012, 11:16 am

Manager Says Frankie Edgar Has Been Training For Possible Aldo Fight For A Long Time | UFC NEWS

“Frankie fought B.J. Penn two times, Gray Maynard. He fought Ben Henderson, Sean Sherk. These are all big fights. These guys are all great champions or most of those guys were champions. We definitely think Jose Aldo’s a great champion also, but this is something Frankie’s been training for all his life. Frankie had Jose Aldo on the radar for a while. Frankie had been training for Aldo for a while. Honestly, Frankie always looks for a big fight. At this point in Frankie’s career, Frankie wants to fight the best. He was probably going to fight 145 one time and fight Aldo. … He said you know what? The UFC likes it, I like it. The fans want a superfight. Many superfights have been talked about, but nobody’s stepping up to the plate. Frankie said, ‘I’ll step to the plate and I’m going to give the fans what they want… Frankie’s also keeping his eyes on the 155 division. Frankie will go back one day. Hopefully he’ll get the title back and this title too. Hopefully he’ll have two titles.”

Ali Abdel-Aziz, the manager of former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar, tells that his star athlete has been keeping his eye on UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, for awhile. Will this give Edgar a better chance at dethroning another division king pin and become the third man in UFC history to earn titles in two separate weight classes?

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10 Responses to “Manager Says Frankie Edgar Has Been Training For Possible Aldo Fight For A Long Time | UFC NEWS”

  1. The natural says:

    This is a Super Fight I can’t wait poss best fight of the decade. U can’t beat two of the bedt pound for pound fighters at the same size goin at it bout time thank you Frankie for taking on short notice

  2. danielrchargers says:

    Frankie owning two divisions is highly possible.
    some of Bj’s moxie rubbed on him in there two fights, so he has the ability to do it :]

  3. Adonis says:

    Hell yes, Edgar all the way.

  4. A.James says:

    Frankie could own 135 too and be one of the greatest.

  5. bolgna jones says:

    This isn’t bolgna jones, but the Webmasters gave me his email here, apparently, OMFG! BJ F’N FIRE YOUR WEBMASTER! THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR MONTHS! HE/SHE SUCKS BALLS!

    Anyways, back to my post, does anyone recall the previous fights? And how he fights? Why do people, ops, have the retention of the last fight. Bj kicked his ass in the first fight. A champion by bribed judged imo.

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