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Thursday, 02/07/2013, 12:51 pm

Manager Prefers Other Fights To Cain Velasquez For “Bigfoot” | UFC NEWS

“Personally, I’d rather have him get some other fights before he fights Cain. But it’s up to the UFC, if they want him to go for the title, we cannot say no, either. But all is up in the air at the moment. Antonio does not pick opponents. That has been his attitude forever. Personally, I like [Josh] Barnett, I like [Stefan] Struve. I think that Antonio can beat any heavyweight in the world on a good day. If it’s a rematch with Cain that’s on the horizon, we are game also. The first fight with Cain, Antonio made a small mistake in the beginning with that kick, I think [if it] was not for that, would have been a different fight altogether, so we are open to whatever the UFC wants for him.”

– Alex Davis via


11 Responses to “Manager Prefers Other Fights To Cain Velasquez For “Bigfoot” | UFC NEWS”

  1. Nick says:

    Didn’t he get tooled by Cormie

  2. nick says:

    Yea Cain destroyed bigfuck Silva, I don’t see Silva wanting to fight anyone ever agian cus then everyone who doesn’t already know will see how much of a flute the Overeem fight was, Silva didn’t even deserve to fight overeem and now wee have to wait for alistar to beat more under match opponenets so we can see him actually fight a real top 5 HW, Silva will lose his next fight guarentee unless its agianst a small HW that he can lay on top of and have intercourse with which Silva calls fighting, Silva been over rated some the resorting fight and he was using N illegal move by holding fedor throat , u cant grab or choke like that , is called the rap choke no lie look it up, that’s the only sub Silva knows too , I could go on for days about big fuk Silva but I digress…

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I don’t want to rag on Bigfoot as much as you, but on the heels of that it’s a sad day when Antonio is considered to be at the top of the HW division.

    • RhendO says:

      So if Bigfoot is overrated, what does that make Overroid? He KO’s overeem and u call that laying on top of some one? If reem got destroyed by Bigfoot you could imagine what the top 5 would do to him. And you can hold some one by the neck that isn’t illegal. Wanderlei silva did it to Jardine as long as you dont squeeze the trachea it’s not illegal. Seams like you are a Reem lover talking all that smack about Bigfoo after he destroyed that Over ratted Overroid.

      • nick says:

        Speaking of destroying people you see what the top 5 would do to Bigfoot JDS would KO him first round Cain already has and so has Cormie so Bigfoot will be a gate keeper for the rest of his time in the UFC

  3. wee says:

    i don’t know why but i just don’t see silva winning over cain. even if he doesn’t throw a kick i don’t see it going any other way than their first fight….

  4. Veljko says:

    The fact is that Overeem dominated Bigfoot for two rounds, it was like watching pro against amateur. Alister underestimated Bigfoot in the beginning of last round, got a direct on the chin and that decided the fight. Bigfoot stand up is silly, he shouldn’t be title contender.

  5. Joel says:

    Cain destroyed big dummy, only fight for Cain is Cormier or Barnett

    • Nick says:

      Cormier and Cain are in the same camp and already stated they wouldn’t fight plus Cormier wants to make the move to 205

  6. JD says:

    I’d like to see cain vs JDS 3 if JDS wins his next fight. JDS maybe fighting overeem next? Good turn of events for a major event.

  7. bash says:

    Bigfoot vs JDS make sense to me

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