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Thursday, 03/29/2012, 11:44 am

Manager Confirms Seagal Did Add To Silva And Machida’s Game

“People can say what they want about Steven Segal. He understands fighting man. He does understand fighting… People always ask ‘is that all really true?’ Let me tell you something, I’m not going to tell you that Steven Segal taught Anderson Silva or taught Lyoto how to do that kick. But I can definitely tell you that Steven Segal – I saw with my own two eyes – I walked back into the Blackhouse and saw Steven Segal telling Anderson to make adjustments … I remember him saying ‘make your knee go up high, because if you make your knee go up high the guy is not going to see your foot come’ – and that’s exactly what he did. So did he teach him that? No. Did he perfect it? Maybe he just reminded him that it could work. I don’t know what he did, but he did something. Because I personally saw him doing that kick, and I personally saw him work Lyoto with that kick.”

Many people poke fun at Master Steven Seagal for his conitnueing campaign stating he helped Anderson Silva knock out Vitor Belfort and helped Lyoto Machida take out Randy Couture.

Blackhouse manager Ed Soares went on record recently while a guest on Beauty and Da Beast podcast with Joey Karate and set the record state for all the doubters!

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40 Responses to “Manager Confirms Seagal Did Add To Silva And Machida’s Game”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    steven steagal turned down a fight with jean claude van-demme at a party hosted by Sylvester stallone… true story

    • lionstrangler says:

      yeah, I was there…and then Dolph Lungren got all sauced up and said fuck it, i’ll fight him but jcvd was like no, you too big, son and then Jackie chan said, hey, you wuss I do it all the time, then all of a sudden, a “shhhh” came from the corner of the room and everyone fell silent automatically. It was actually Chuck Norris from his house 20 kms away. All the ruckus was picked up by his super ears and he had to remind all and sunder who the real boss was….True story
      p.s It Takes many years of dedication and nuance to be a master at any martial art. Steven Seagal actually learned from true masters in Japan,became a true master himself and is seen as one of the major proliferators of the art of Aikido worldwide. To disparage the fact that he could add something to Silva’s and Machida’s game is beyond silly just because he faffs around on tv and is a hollywood celebrity albeit D list.In his prime, he would have broken JCVD like a twig. I sparred with Van Damme in ’92 in Holland( me and Pele Reid…google him..I was his training partner for many year)nothing special.

      • Artemis Entreri says:

        Yeah, I was there too, I was doing shots with Lungren and got him to call out JCVD while we were making fun of Jackie Chan (we got him all fucked up on coke). I was actually the guy who called Norris to come to the party (we ended up doing titty shots with Kelly LeBrock who was Segal’s wife at the time, I tapped that ass later in the bathroom.) I sparred with JCVD too and caught him with a double axel, flip, reverse, crane kick and he dedicated his movie Kickboxer to my greatness. I kind of remember you Lionslayer, weren’t you the guy who delivered the pizzas?

      • Nuitari X says:

        LMAO!!!!! +1 to the master thing though.

  2. MAtt says:

    Steven Segal is a BOSS!

  3. Devilock says:

    Maybe that’s why Jones was able to choke Machida out. Steven Seagal was choked out by Gene LeBell. Shows that their camp lacks training in choke defense.

  4. Ruben says:

    People have been hating ever since that joker Bas “bum fights” Rutten talked shit about him. What is so difficult to understand about him making adjustments to that kick?

    • koolG says:

      wtf are u talking about bas is legit as hell wow you are a scrub.

      • Angelock says:

        Bas fought crappy fighters and couldn’t even beat Ken Shamrock given two chances. Having a MMA show doesn’t give him the right to bash a true martial artist like Steven Seagal… People forget that MMA is not wrestling. It’s mixed martial arts. And Seagal just happens to have black belts in Judo, Karate, Kendo, and Aikido (7th dan).

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      ive been chatting shit about seagal for over a decade, bas and rogan just stating the fkin obvious. guy is a compulsive lyer and lives his own lies.

  5. MJ says:

    Bas would break Segal in half like an old breakstick.
    But everyone has been talking shit ever since this clown appeared. It’s my opinion that Steve must be the coke/party guy and they all just patronize him cause he has the good drugs/hookers and is fucking hilarious. I think Anderson and Lyoto are just star-struck and like to have this “movie” star hanging around…. They don’t know he’s a super douche/hollywood turd ball, and are too nice to tell this fat-headed fool to take a hike.

  6. the original steve says:

    i hate ed soares more than i hate seagal

  7. Jorge Rocha says:

    Machida learned this kick in Karate!

    • Angelock says:

      People forget that Steven Seagal also have black belts in Karate, Judo, and Kendo. He’s known for Aikido because he has a 7th dan on it. He can kick, but of course we know he’s old now. But he can still teach…Back then there were no UFC, Pride,or Strikeforce where Seagal could join and compete, and martial artist then focused on real fighting – which includes biting, eyegauging, and groinkicks.

      Asking Seagal to compete now would be like asking Bas to go fight Anderson Silva. Of course we know what will happen since Bas couldn’t even beat Ken Shamrock given two chances already. Bas has two black belts and has reached 2nd dan as well. Seagal knows more, and Blackhouse respects him.

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I’m a little surprised they learned that kick from him because I thought Aikido was about redirecting your attackers energy against them. I’ve never taken a class but I’ve watched people who practice Aikido.

    • Noypi_kamikaze says:

      Ninja oreo is right,Aikido does’nt use kicks..

      • Kenshiro says:

        You’re wrong!! aikido does use kicks! There are several styles of Aikido… some use kicks. Steven is a 7th DAN Master he’s familiar with all styles. Other than that, Aikido is not the only martial art Seagal specializes in. Karate, Kendo, Judo and some other disciplines i can’t think of right now are part of his arsenal too. Seagal is LEGIT as can be…

  9. jpeters says:

    Seems odd to me………………………….. On April 12, 2010, 23-year-old Kayden Nguyen filed a lawsuit against Seagal in Los Angeles Country Superior Court claiming sexual harassment, illegal trafficking of females for sex, failure to prevent sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and false representation about employment,[33][34] that specified damages exceeding one million dollars.On July 14, 2010, three months after Nguyen made her claims against Seagal, the case was voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff without any public explanation.

  10. Nick says:

    Still think it’s all bullshit. Don’t trust anything that comes out of Ed Soares mouth anyways.

  11. Seagal probably has a virtual encyclopedia of martial arts in hiss head. Im sure his chunky ass cant do any of it but as far as a source of knowledge im sure he has alot to offer

  12. asdf says:

    I don’t know why so many people piss on Seagal. Or they just like to hate on celebrities for fun. Or, I see that they really believe the hate. One they’re the type of practicioner/fighter, who spends hours in the gym, lifting weights thinking the extra muscle strength makes their punch much better, or a better fighter. Those of you, who actually “know” how to fight understand. Perfect example- BJ Penn. He ain’t huge, but he’s technically sound in delivering EXPLOSIVE, speed and power. So, this group of fans, the ones who don’t know how to fight, don’t understand? I think what Segal meant, which I believe he’s clarified himself, was that he taught them his variation of his kick. True, a kick is a kick. But there are different ways to make the kick more effective. Maybe his variation, includes a variety of tactics, feints, and different leveraging. I’m sure a newbie’s kick isn’t as sophisticated as Anderson’s kick. Maybe, Seagal’s variation is more sophisticated than Anderson’s. I ain’t saying he’s a better mma fighter. But, the dude does know something. C’mon, he’s the first American to open a Dojo in Japan. An 8th degree. AGAIN, maybe he isn’t a better MMA fighter, but he most likely is a better striker. Kinda like why a lot of K-1 fighters have their background from martial arts. The transition is easer. I know personally, the transition was easy for me. I already knew how to relax and strike. I’m not saying I’m good (So stfu to all those who just want to hate). But all this hate, and no credit for so long. Personally, I think he does have value to offer. Does he probably want to use this media exposure to make films. Probably. But what’s the big deal, he’s smart about it. Fun is fun, but at least give the 8th degree, a practicioner since the age of 17. Cocky, or full of himself, or sex slave collector, he’s still a good martial artist. Note, i did not say mma fighter.

  13. A.James says:

    People look at Segal like he’s been old and fat his entire life. The man is pretty reputable and knows his stuff. If the best fighter on the world is working with him I think that’s credit enough. What does Silva gain if Segal is a bum?

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      segal has more hair now then he did when he was younger,
      he has been a fat cunt for 15-16 years?
      he pretends to be a cop and has been made honorary dept sherrif cos hes famous and can do a show where he pretends to talk “hood”
      he has not been in one professional or amateur fight in his life.
      he claimed to be a navy seal untill it was proven he cannot sail lol.
      guy is a fucking joke, hes used his “famous” stature to get in with silva who he knows has a high chance of winning all his fights, talked to him about a kick that is pretty standard in silva’s repetoir and since he landed it hes boasting everywhere.
      watch the interview when he talks about it, he puts his hand out to the audience to cheer him when he mentions their names.
      yes he knows aikido but the amount he tought them has nothing to do with his art and not enough time spent with them to establish whether he is a bullshitter or not.
      everyone and anyone that has worked, married, fucked, been forced upon by segal states he is a grade A bullshitter.
      best thing is its obvious he is a compulsive lyer and people still buy into it……

  14. gotta give it to segal for inventing the front kick…..

  15. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Segal can teach martial arts or help someone else improve upon their current skills. For Christ sake, the guy saved a navy ship from a psychopathic Tommy Lee Jones, exploded a speeding train full of terrorists, blew up an oil rig run by Michael Caine (shoving John C. McGinley’s face in a helicopter propeller and killing R. Lee Ermey in the process), fist fought DMX, and drove a police tank through a man’s home to bust a cock-fighting ring. The guy is a fucking legend.

  16. Iron says:

    the dude is a nut job… he shows up on Kimmel’s show in a COAT (the cheapest garbage outfit you will ever see)… the show is (obviously) indoors but why would u take your coat off ? 😉 his coat, that he has fully buttoned up… Kimmel opens with a little joke and he reacts (almost offended), “Oh, are we funny ?! But then again we are with the funny man !”… the guy’s been in showbiz for almost 30 years and doesn’t know how to behave (and more importantly portray himself) on a late night show… what a small minded idiot… nobody has seen the guy in a late night show in years – BECAUSE HE HAS NOTHING TO PROMOTE THAT IS BETTER THAN D LEVEL GARBAGE – and that’s how he chooses to use that opportunity… u can see it in his eyes that he has a complex and wants to prove himself as just so many people make fun of him… what he doesn’t understand is, it’s not because of his martial arts skill set but because he is just so full of himself… if u asked him, those weren’t (D LEVEL) movies, that is real life footage… ;-))) now regarding him “teaching” (better: talking to) Silva and Machida, I believe that. He has vast knowledge of martial arts (and prob some very effective techniques) and he can definitely give some (small) input on additional techniques to use regarding punches and kicks, and that’s what he said on Kimmel with a little promotional factor (“they knocked champions out”) but that’s okay… everybody does that… he’s not gonna tell or “teach” Silva or Machida how to win an MMA fight (as Seagal wouldn’t survive 8 sec in the cage) but since MMA is the cumulation of many martial arts and transitioning from one to another, he might have some interesting tips for certain things… nothing more… and yeah, Silva and Machida behave like Hollywood groupies… of a D LEVEL actor… ;-)))

    the dude is just such a nut job… so Kimmel runs out of time – unfortunately as Seagal had some interesting stories about his time in Japan – so Kimmel thanks him, and he (nobody knows why) stands up, bows to the fans, TURNS HIS BACK to the camera and just stands there with his back to the camera… IN HIS COAT… blocking Kimmel… hahahahahahahaha they had to switch to another camera to close off the show in a different angle… AFTER 30 YEARS IN SHOWBIZ… wow…

    a friend of mine edited one if his movies and he told me the story why so many (D LEVEL) production companies don’t wanna work with him because he demands that – in post production – they edit his DOUBLE CHIN out – NO JOKE… which obviously doubles and triples budgets (for his D LEVEL movies) as that has to be done frame by frame…

    I would like to see him in some sort of contest against Rutten, obviously it can’t be in the cage as Seagal never trained for that… something that would be a fair contest just to see the two go at each other… ;-))) and Rutten only hating on Seagal (and I’m for sure not defending Steven “jabba the hut” Seagal) b/c he’s jealous he’s not getting any movie offers, not even D level… at least Seagal has shot 500 D level movies… Rutten another candidate that is so full of himself… yeah, he would still fight (even in his age) but his knees, his knees (making sure to mention it every second he can)… when the truth is, quote Rutten:”I stopped cage fighting after the Randleman fight because I said to myself this is way too dangerous for me”… his face looked like Pizza-Face from Spaceballs and he wasn’t used to that coming from that Pancrase Peekaboo…

  17. The natural says:

    Wow what’s wrong with all u there’s facts and fiction

    Fact lyota and silvia both went to Steven segal for guidance and help and seagal gave it to them not just once but many times

    Seagul was the real deal maybe not anymore but he was real martial artist and made a living with it

    If he wants to tell people thathe helped train and helped both loyota and Anderson knock out both guys in there last fight he’s completely in his wright Wen u seek someone out for help and they wrk certain things with u and that certain thing knocks ur opponent out this man in show biz better let everyone no and seagull would break ever bone in bas ruttons body

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