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Monday, 01/20/2014, 01:03 pm

Manager Confirms Overeem No Longer With Blackzilians

Glenn Robinson, manager of UFC heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem, explained Monday that ‘The Reem’ is training away from his new-found home at the Blackzilian camp in Florida leading up to his UFC 169 fight against former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir.


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

Former K-1 World Grand Prix champion Alistair Overeem has left the Blackzilian training camp that he has called home for the past two years.

Glenn Robinson, Overeem’s manager and president of Florida-based Authentic Sports Management, reported on ‘The MMA Hour’ that the former Strikeforce and Dream heavyweight champion is currently training in Thailand.

Robinson clarified that Overeem has not severed relations with the Blackzilian camp.  The ‘Reem’ has an open invitation to train with the Florida camp.

Overeem’s time with the Blackzilians has seen him lose both his fights in the UFC, first against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and later to Travis Browne.  Overeem is set to face Frank Mir at UFC 169 on Super Bowl weekend in Newark, New Jersey.

We will have to wait and see if the ‘Reem’s’ change in training can help him bounce back into the win column next month.


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  1. BigGameJames says:

    I like both of these fighters, but we all know its all or nothing for both. I agree with Gerard Morel both fighters have no chin. if you take a look at Mir he has a problem with getting put up against the cage and taking big knee shots and big punches (IE Dirty Boxing) Example Lesnar, Carwin and his last fight Barnett. I think the reem is going to Thailand to perfect his clinch work and get in better cardio shape. Thailand is no joke, you train in Thailand you get in sick cardio shape.
    If Mir can withstand the onslought he should come out a winner. Mir did the right thing by going to a new camp but he still gun shy. He needs to throw, if your now throwing your just a punching bag for a big dude like Reem. On the other hand you can never count Frank Mir out, because when you do, you either get knocked out or one of your limbs will get broke.

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