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Wednesday, 02/05/2014, 06:48 pm

Magalhaes Tired Of Fighter Salaries Being Mis-Reported

Former UFC light-heavyweight, Vinny Magalhaes, is at odds with a certain website who puts out theoretical salary reports when a UFC event takes place in a non-disclosure state.

They use the most recent reported data to come up with a logical ‘guesstimate’ of what each fighter may have been paid.

It’s a cool idea, and they’ve gotten some notoriety for it. But Vinny isn’t having it:

He took to twitter with the following:

MMAManifesto sucks, they keep on reporting wrong #’s on fighters pay, and other websites report the same #’s out of laziness.

This might not seem to be a big deal, but as a fighter I can tell that this is a big deal.
To give an example, when I fought Phil Davis, MMA Manifesto reported that I had made $8k to show in that fight, when in fact I’ve made $22k (which was my second fight in a 6-figure contract)
Here is the issue, when I had to negotiate with other promotions after getting cut from the UFC these promotions wanted to pay me based on what I was making in the UFC, and the only thing that they could find online were the $8k reported by MMA Manifesto, so they ended up low balling me thinking that they were making me a nice offer, since they were offering me something close to what I was making in the UFC (according to MMA Manifesto, but nowhere close to the real numbers).

I’m writing this because I just saw that they have reported Barão’s pay for UFC 169, and they reported that he made 22k, same numbers that he made in February of 2012 before he became a champion, also the last time that he has fought in a state where the payouts are released to the public.

Anyways, fans, bloggers, promoters and real journalists, don’t believe anything that comes from that website, MMA Manifesto is a shitty website run by lazy people.


3 Responses to “Magalhaes Tired Of Fighter Salaries Being Mis-Reported”

  1. seminalcacti says:

    Who is this guy? LOL miss-directed hostility. This dude is mad he got “low balled” then blames it on an incorrectly reported salary he made in a previous fight. .. If i go apply for a job and they “low ball” me, I would make my case then negotiate. I don’t get mad at my previous employers for sharing and incorrectly stating my previous salary.

    • Max Power says:

      Your comparison is off. He isnt mad at his last employer. He is mad at a website that is posting incorrect information.

      • seminalcacti says:

        No, I don’t think that my comparison is off. I realize that it was a website that posted incorrect salary information and I was comparing that with the possibility of my past employer supplying the wrong salary information. How is the comparison off? In normal circumstances, websites don’t report on every employer’s salary so in comparison in with a public athlete vs a private employee, the source that would be supplying the salary info would be different.

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