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Friday, 07/20/2012, 10:33 am

Magalhaes Believes He Can Submit Jon Jones

“The reason why I wanted to return to the UFC was to prove that I can fight with the best, so I’ll never refuse a fight. I believe that Igor would become a Top 10 with one more win because it would be his fourth in a row – but that’s not gonna happen. I guess that, with a win over him, I would be able to fight a Top 10 next. Actually, I don’t care. I’m just thinking on my next fight… On the ground, I believe I can submit everyone on my division in the UFC, including Jon Jones, but it’s too soon to speculate about that. I didn’t even debut yet. And more, having only a good Jiu-Jitsu won’t make anyone a UFC champion. To beat the champion, I’d need to get better in other areas too, unless he starts the fight on my guard (laughs).”

In a recent interview with newly signed UFC 205 pounder Vinny Magalhaes discusses his motivation for returning to the promotion after a disappointing debut on The Ultimate Fighter reality series.


25 Responses to “Magalhaes Believes He Can Submit Jon Jones”

  1. yea get in your guard and still reach you with his elbows…

  2. andy says:

    Funny… I remember him saying something like this before Bader knocked him out cold…

    • danielrchargers says:

      Every Bjj Black belt will think they can submit anyone. its just a fact.
      especially someone as cocky as Vinny.

      • B-rad says:

        This is very true for most.. Its the same thing as strikers are confident they can and will impose their will on the feet, or a wrestler being confident they will secure top position.. Gotta have faith in your own skills or you got nothing to offer, might as well go play faggy soccer 😀 😀

  3. chuck says:

    Haha you probably could get elbowed to death!!

  4. B-rad says:

    Bones would know better than to go in his guard….BECAUSE HE WOULD SUBMIT HIM!! Magalhaes, Maia, and Andre Galvao have the best jitz in MMA.. Too bad Vinny and Andre’s striking is just awful :/

    • Pancho says:

      Werdum has some underrated Jitz also. He’s straight up scary

      • B-rad says:

        Ahhh damn how could i forget about Werdum! Yeah man, when people hit the mat with ol Fabricio that get tied up in a fuckin pretzel! Happend to the Reemmonster, Fedor, anda lot of others.. Id probably put him at 5 and Mir at 4.. Nog at 6 or 7 😀

      • Not You says:

        Werdum’s jitz is far from overrated. But he is definitely a beast on the ground. Doom and Vinny had a great battle in the ADCC too.

        • B-rad says:

          He said he was underrated.. and thats true a lot of guys sleep on how good Werdums submission game really is.. His striking also looked pretty good in his last fight.. Man on the rise perhaps??? lol i say give him the rubber match with the Reemmonster

        • Not You says:

          Lol. Derrrr. Got a knock to the head today. His striking is way beyond where he used to be. It’d be great if he develops some big power too.

  5. karl says:

    Only problem is he’s too worried about getting hit and messing up his pretty boy face

  6. DMAC says:

    Glass jaw really mentioned JBJ lol. Vinny got Brock syndrome when his chin gets touched.

  7. ry tay says:

    vinny could definitely sub anyone in the world but getting jon to the ground … no way. rashad had a hard time and he’s got great takedowns

  8. JON JONES says:

    Yes he can submit JONES no doubt the question is how can he go near to jones without an elbow or spinning backfist comming from jones.

  9. jones says:

    same loser trying get attention fromm nick diaz bjj match //khahaha

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