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Sunday, 03/25/2012, 11:21 am

Mackens Semerzier Released From UFC Contract

Former WEC featherweight turned UFC featherweight Mackens Semerzier has been released from his UFC contract following his most recent UFC defeat.

One of many WEC imports Mackens found early success inside the UFC’s Octagon when he dominated “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 12 cast member Alex Caceres and choked him out in the first round.

He then went on to face Robert Peralta on the UFC on FOX 1 preliminary card, but suffered defeat via TKO. Once replayed it was clear Peralta’s victory was the result of an illegal headbutt and the California State Athletic Commission overturned the defeat and ruled it a no-contest.

Mackens then had a scheduled rematch with Peralta but Peralta withdrew from the bout with injury and Semerzier was forced to step in against Daniel Pineda at UFC on FX 2. He lost via first round submission and the UFC has cancelled his contract as a result.

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19 Responses to “Mackens Semerzier Released From UFC Contract”

  1. noway! says:

    Dam….! That’s fucken lame of the ufc.

  2. ma mama said mma says:

    bit harsh

  3. jove says:

    Too harsh on cutting

  4. D.R. says:

    1-1-1 and they let him go? What standards are they using here?

  5. not sure, HIV positive says:

    So hardy can lose four straight and still call people out and this dude gets headbutted and hes gone? Classy.

  6. kyle iampen says:

    This is fuckin bullshit! Cut the Guy because of two bad fights pffft. Only reason they did this was the ufc has too many fighters on contract, and this is there way of solving the problem. Just my opinion.

  7. josh says:

    That’s fucked up. This guy gets cut, but they allow people like Mayhem Miller fight? Looks like it’s true. UFC only cares about money, not fights.

    • omgaghost says:

      Dana pretty much hates Mayhem, and it’s almost guaranteed that the one fight left on his contract will be some untelevised undercard and then Mayhem is gone. But I agree this was a lame cut by the UFC, there are a ton of other fighters who should get cut before Mackens.

  8. Nick says:

    Man that sucks. Dude is 1-1-1 like if he was 1-2 I could kinda understand. But the dude is fine.

  9. Dick Diaz says:

    this is the reality of the UFC being just that good… because the competition and standards are just that harsh. why is anyone here so surprised? Jon Madsen as 4-1 and then got released as well…

  10. Eric El Beast says:

    No, check this out, how about Steve Cantwell, he has 5 losses straight

  11. MManimal says:

    guys lets wake up,every form of entertainment is about,and always will be about MONEY! :)

  12. mikeo says:

    I think its funny when people say.. the UFC is messed up.. all they care about is money and not fighting… and they dont care about fighters……. Its a buisness.. Where would the money come from to pay any one if they didnt make good financial decisions… Talking about the purity of the sport and caring for people is stupid… Every fighter wants to get paid and get paid big… They are getting paid ten times more then any other fighters that are world champion kick boxers or judo champs or bjj champs… and thats because of the decisons that DANA and his partners have made.. to build the ufc into a hudge brand.. and a money making machine.. They should be kissing his butt… He has giving these guys an oppurtunity to be famous and make a lot of money…

  13. joegun says:

    Certain people they can cut regardless even if they are winning..if the fighter has a weak fanbase they will cut him..guys like mackens can get released without monetary big country for instance..if he lost on sat. He would have been 1-4..and guaranteed would not get could lose two or three more and they would keep him same with bj also..and mayhem too.

  14. joegun says:

    Dana just doesn’t like mayhem so I think he would get released regardless (like he just did) big country 1-4 in his last five (if he would’ve lost) I guess if mr. White likes u, u live to fight for a long time in the ufc.

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