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Thursday, 06/27/2013, 03:28 pm

Machida Wants Title Shot With Win Over Phil Davis

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“I think with this next victory that I’ll have, I will be the next contender, for sure. I have some keys on how to win Jon Jones. I was very close [to] the victory against Jones. Maybe if somebody gives me a rematch, I can get that.”

In a recent interview with, former UFC light-heavyweight champion revealed that he believes a win over Phil Davis at UFC 163 will get him a rematch with Jon Jones for the UFC strap.


45 Responses to “Machida Wants Title Shot With Win Over Phil Davis”

  1. Gil says:

    Is machida crazy or something? Did He fell asleep in the middle of the fight?

  2. Noble Herc says:

    I’m seriously wondering exactly what fight was Machida watching??? A standing guillotine must have a hallucinating effect on the portion of the brain that stores short term memory…

  3. Swifty says:

    Apparently winning round 1 is close to a victory

  4. B0$$ says:

    Machida did good in the first round because Jones was fighting Machida’s type of fight. WHen the second round hit and Jones did his thing it was game over

  5. Drewl says:

    There were definitely some moments of brilliance in Machida’s strategy. You gotta admit. If you go in for the kill with Jones, you’re vulnerable, Lyoto admits that much. Jones is the man to beat, if you don’t see Lyoto has a chance to do it I’m not sure what kind of mind altering PED’s you’re on XD

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