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Saturday, 08/25/2012, 09:35 am

Machida Wanted More Time To Prep For Jones, Blackhouse MMA Releases Statement | UFC NEWS

After the UFC 151 fallout, UFC president Dana White announced that Lyoto Machida would replace Dan Henderson against Jones and the two light-heavyweight fighters would headline the upcoming UFC 152 fight card. Once Machida had time to process the title shot offer with his advisors he turned it down.

His manager Ed Soares explains the reasoning behind such a decision:

Lyoto Machida is eager to get back to training, and have another shot at the UFC light heavyweight belt. However, with the proposed fight against Champion Jon Jones only 4 weeks away, Lyoto manifests that the deadline is unfeasible in order to have a training camp that is complete and worthy of his work.

Lyoto believes the bout could take place in Brasil at UFC 153, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro on October 13th, allowing him 6 weeks to prepare. “I want to serve the UFC and recapture the belt. I always respect my opponent. For those reasons, I must prepare myself in the manner I believe in.”


31 Responses to “Machida Wanted More Time To Prep For Jones, Blackhouse MMA Releases Statement | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Dude says:

    Is he a coward? No. He feel as though 4 weeks is not enough time to prepare for Jones. So why call Jones a coward if he feels as though 8 days is not enough time to prepare for Sonnen?

    • jesus korean says:

      the difference is that sonnen is coming up in weight to fight the biggest lhw “fighter/champion” and he poses a moderate threat to bones. im pretty confident that jones doesnt need to train to defeat chael. with that being said, jones and his team are afraid of losing to chael (if he had happened to win) and it would make him look bad if he had lost to a fighter coming up in weight, and the fact that if they would’ve fought, it would be on a few days notice. thats why i lost all respect of jones. they’re all supposed to be fighters. they either fight or they dont. jones isnt the only one with “everything” on the line. obviously all the other fighters who arent making “BANK” like JON JONES, have MORE on the table to sacrifice. they fight to eat. they fight to raise a family. they fight to pay bills and have a place to live and take shits.

      this is the fact: jones has a SIGNIFICANT advantage over chael, and i’m almost certain he can defeat chael without preparation. jones bitched out of an easy fight. he is afraid to lose. especially money. he and his team are afraid of a loss tarnishing his record. step up to the the fucking plate. you think phael has nothing to lose? if he cant be a successful fighter in the UFC, then he’s gunna be packing up his shit and headed to WWE or comedy. the difference between the two is that CHAEL (and a few others) STEPPED UP.


      • Rob says:

        Something else you’re missing is that Jones was training… He was training preparing for the Dan Henderson fight which requires alot harder training then a fight with Chael Sonnen. So even though he wasn’t training exactly Chael’s fighting style, Jones was still trained and actually Chael was not cuz he had no upcoming fight until he decided to step in. Jones has no excuse cuz every reason he could have just contradicts itself. Idk why he didn’t fight but he’s a pussy. Sure he earned his belt and he’s a good fighter but after that he doesn’t deserve it anymore.

        • JEC says:

          so by that logic, why have fight camps at all ? also why would you want to see a fight with a lesser opponent against a obviously better one ? so you’re basically saying you’ll pay for whatever the UFC puts on PPV, rt ?

          as far as all the under card fighters, I think Dana’s actions show just what he thinks of you and your fighting abilities. I also wonder what type of contract these guys are working under; where an event can be cancelled short notice, and they don’t recieve any type of pay? if a fighter did the same thing to the UFC, he’d be done.

    • jesus korean says:

      machida is not a coward because he turned down this fight on short notice. he just wants to properly prepare for jon jones. its not like machida can walk through jon jones. i know jones can walk through chael though.. and im pretty damn sure jones knows he can walk through chael too.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        I agree with your post entirely and Machida deserves a rest and time to prep. I still would have liked another LHW contender to step up and take this fight. To me it shows they are scared of Jones and although I have massive respect for Vitor I think its a mockery of a main event and Jones will just run through him.

    • Johny bones douche says:

      you know Machida just fought bader right?…. you know maybe he was resting after the fight right?… you know when you fight sometimes or most of the time you get injuries… and as for jones how long was it since his last fight? Jones is a douche… Machida is not period

  2. stevo the great says:

    Ummmm……how would Jon Jones be able to defend the belt on Oct 13th? He is fighting Vitor Belfort on Sep 22nd. I’m pretty sure he will be medically suspended for something. unfortunately for you Lyoto……looks like you passed up your opportunity and Belfort jumped on it. Belfort might be next LHW champ.

    • Scotty says:

      He wasnt saying he wants to fight Jones on Oct. 13th after he fights Vitor.. He suggested that the fight with Jones be postponed to Oct. 13th, so he could have time to prepare for the fight but the UFC wants the fight earlier and Vitor got the call to do it!

  3. Galfano says:

    Because JBJ has been trainning for 3 months and Sonnen hasnt been trainning in over a month. Besides, all the smack that was said and the chance to back it up. I think it was a mistake from JBJ not to take the fight, bad press all over and he would have had an easy time with Sonnen, a fighter that lacks talent but makes it up with preparation (which woulnt have happened for this fight).

    On Machida side, I understand his decision. He already had a title shot and you can say, that being given a 2nd one so soon, is as lucky as he can get. He dont want to piss this opportunity away because its his last. The only way he has a chance against JBJ is being 100% and he knows that. On the other side, JBJ clearly has all the odds in his favor.

  4. Scotty says:

    This is the 2nd time Machida turned down a fight on short notice though.. He turned down the Evans fight when asked and he said “He wanted Anderson Silva money”.. I guess it all works out for him though cause he is now one of the contenders for the title!

  5. Vale Tudo 101 says:

    Jon Jones is a disgrace to the octagon.


    TITTLE FIGHT WITH JONES IN SEPT, TITTLE FIGHT WITH JONES IN OCTOBER… now if this happens THEN no one can trashtalk against him anymore especially if he defends his belt both times! that would be sick

    • JEC says:

      .If you’re a champion and you’re fighting off of the opinions of the fans, you’re silly. they, we buy the fights we are presented but we don’t train like a champion or hold any titles, for the most part. so how can I tell a champion how to prepare or what it takes to be where he is. the fans love a winner, period; if it wasn’t so, we wouldn’t even be talking about JBJ

  7. Nuthugger says:

    Dana and his cronies are to blame for the card collapsing. Jones couldn’t help it that Hendo got injured. Jones didn’t build the crap card underneath his fight. The organisation did. They are the let down here. And Machida is my favourite fighter…..he is class. I don’t particularly like Jones, but don’t see how Dana has managed to turn all the fuss onto Jones. No fighter is the UFC, so no fighter can build or collapse a card.

    • Brend0magic says:

      Well, one fighter did ruin the entire card…. Jones is champion, which means he should face all comers, or forfeit the belt. I’ve never seen a “champion” refuse to fight a contender in MMA. Lets not let this sport get ruined, like boxing. Honestly, I see the same shit happening.

  8. maurice says:

    lol @brend0magic “ive never seen a champion refuse to fight a contender in mma.” hope ur not calling chael a “contender.” ur out of ur fucking mind.

    • Sasquatch says:

      If some mouthy sh!t talking SOB was disrespecting you in public and you got the green light to fk him up AND you were going to make millions doing it would you??… doesn’t matter if he’s a contender or not, a Champion should face whoever is put in front of him period!

  9. Shad Vanderstappen says:

    Hey galfano. To say chael has no talent is about one of the most ignorant things I have read on this website. All fighters in the UFC are talented. So who are u to pass judgement?

    • Majestyk says:

      Exactly. Galfano is clueless. SB Nation and Fight Matrix currently have Sonnen ranked as the #2 Middleweight in the world. Official rankings aside, anyone who watches MMA knows that Chael can beat any middleweight not named Anderson Silva.

  10. Bjj BB says:

    Yall killing me with this jon jones being scared crap!! Every1 was saying the same thing about silva for the 2nd fight when silva felt that chael dont deserve it, reguardless of the matter bones felt that chael needs to fight up the ladder like every1 else to earn it. Bones also stated that he never wanted to fight machida for his reasons but does that mean bones was scared? Nope! Cause he was gonna fight machida again but machida thought it was not enough time. And here’s a really good point! What if some1 had steped up to fight bones that won at least acouple fights at lhw, do u think bones would fight him? Let alone dana saying yes to that? Nope! Dana knows chael dont deserve the shot but what ever keeps his pocket fat at the end of the day, and any1 that says chael deserves the shot is just str8 stupid!! As a champ u fight the best not the loudest!!

    • Tossers says:

      Hes a fucking bitch, its not his job to deny opponents when it is a scarce number of fighters willing to fight JBJ. He has 8 days to fight a guy who probably at max has 2 weeks of training under his belt since his silva fight, and a guy who he could probably beat with half effort. Sonnen was brave enough to fight the GOAT LHW champion in JBJ with 8 days until the fight. He had the opportunity to fight, shut this guy up for good and get paid to kick his ass all over the octagon in front of millions of people but he denies the fight like he is God. Fuck him, hes a human just like everyone else and he should fight anyone that challenges him in the LHW.

  11. Dee says:

    Jones is not afraid of Chael, but he should have never turned down Chael. He was well trained probably peaking, while Chael hadn’t trained and was probably out of shape. Greg Jackson is an idiot, but I applaud Jones for being a man and taking the blame.

    Lyoto has a reason for not taking the fight early. If he loses then it’s over for him.

    Finally, I want to end this by saying the entire UFC card being scrapped is not Jones fought, it’s Dana’s. In this business you should always have a plan, and it’s obvious he didn’t. Dana is forever scrapping and changing cards at the last minute, but it didn’t work for him. Perhaps next time he will have a better back up like work something out with the venue to see if he can reschedule an event. There’s a lot of things he could do. Finally Chael Sonnen is not a hero, he’s an opportunist. He has a new book coming out that he’s trying to sell. He’s also getting a lot of publicity, which is helping with landing big broadcasting deals. He has no intention of getting in there and fighting Jones. He just want the publicity and recognition. Similar to the guys that use to step in the ring with Tyson. They would step in there to get a paycheck and go down at the 1st swing. I wish people would be smart about these things and not allow themselves to be won over by Chael’s or Dana’s rhetoric.

    • Tossers says:

      Dana has been riding on the thought that nobody would dare deny a main event fight 8 days out. Now he will probably be a bit smarter the next time something like this happens. I understand what you are saying about Chael, but if he does flop the fight (I highly doubt he will) then we all go and bag out Chael (the people who never liked chael to begin with but hate JBJ). Simple as that, JBJ is not fighting Chael because he doesn’t like him and thinks that he is the be all and end all of MMA. He is a narcissistic piece of shit and his ego is what stopped him from fighting, and maybe the lack of faith shown by Greg Jackson with his ability to fight Chael in 8 days. Now hes fighting Vitor Belfort? WTF is that nobody wants to see this except Vitor fans and JBJ nuthuggers. Hes slowly showing his true colours and soon enough he wont be able to hide behind that facade he calls confidence.

      • Dee says:

        Actually Dana said Greg Jackson was urging Jones to not take the fight. He was telling him that it would be the biggest mistake in his career. He was yelling at Jones from the other end. That’s why I posted the comments that I made. Also Chael isn’t going to flop, but lets me honest here, he knows deep down inside that he has no legitimate shot at Jones, but it would be a fight that’ll give him a lot of publicity and make him money.

  12. Jim says:

    All this hate towards Jones is crazy. Dan knew he was hurt for awhile but tried to work through it. At the same time that asshat who can only talk shit is amazingly talking all kinds of crap. Come on if you don’t see this as a setup that bit Dana in the ass when it didn’t work I think you are all blind. Only person to blame for the cancelling of the card is Dane. Only one to blame for the main event being cancelled is Dan. Like or hate Jon, but it isn’t his fault and Chael shouldn’t have been an option anyways. We don’t need a cheating POS ever having the chance to be the champion anyways.

  13. Dana is Greedy says:

    Anyone saying JBJ is a coward must be a fanboy of crappy fights..Just becasue Chael can talk a good one doesn’t mean he should get a title shot…Really would you have paid for that fight?Most knowledgable fans would have passed the mainstream WWE type fans might of enjoyed the media driven fight..

  14. drew says:

    if chael got this fight best bet he would of got a rematch…because i really doubt jones would of beat him in dramatic fashion at all…chael would of got to 5th no doubt in my mind…chael doesnt really risk much in my opinion for him to get caught or whatever and probably of campaigned night and day saying if i got to round 5 with the champion on 8 days id definitley beat him a second time…may not win either match with jones but chael could do it

  15. Bjj BB says:

    Drew that is the dumbest shit i have read on this whole post!! Even with all the ppl hating on jbj, this by far is fucking stupid!! Chael would go 5 rounds? Chael dont take risk? GTFOOH with that bullshit!! Jbj would pick him apart from the outside with an easy knock out, or after beating up chael for a bit, he’d take’um down and slam some fast elbows to chael’s fucking big stupid disrespecting modern day matt huges without ever getting a belt dry humping faggot ass bitch mouth, then easly! EASSSSSS A FUCKING LY tap his bitch ass out for talking shit and taking the fight in 8 days. But hey! At least he’d get paid for it right? STUPID!!

  16. 707 says:

    Whys bones & silva fight 2 or 3 times a year when GSP fights once every two years? I know dudes injured but seems like no one likes seening black champs kicking everybodys asses, get GSP in the cage 3 times a year n give these dudes a break when hes healthy.

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