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Wednesday, 06/06/2012, 05:59 am

Machida Talks About His Fight With Bader And Training In Los Angeles | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Lyoto Machida in an interview with TATAME.

Machida is currently in Los Angeles, California training for the Ryan Bader fight.

“Well, I came to stay here for a couple of months, but I’m really liking the training here. It’s pretty intense, many guys helping me out here, like Rafael, Johnson, Werdum, Babalu Sobral, so it’s been great for me. I might stay here until my fight so I can be great when the day comes.”

Machida comments on his preparation for Bader and says he is working on his overall game for now and has not yet started to gear the training specifically for his next opponent.

“Yeah. We’re on basic training, like if I would fight anyone. I’m correcting my Wrestling, improving ground game and also my stand-up. It’s a basic camp for anyone I would fight. I’m waiting for the right moment to intensify my focus training.”

When asked where a win over Bader would put him in the division Machida feels it could put him straight back into title contention following the loss to Jones at UFC 140.

“He’s coming from a win over Quinton Jackson, so I believe a good win and maybe one or two fights would put me on the line for the title. But that’s not my plan. I’m focused on doing a good fight. I’m training here in the United States, which is a new thing for me. I believe that, in case I win, I’ll be closer to the title.”

Machida had previously been criticised for conducting his training camps predominantly in Belem and only calling sparring partners in to mimic his opponents 25 days before the fight. He comments on the benefits of training in Los Angeles.

“Well, I think so. I used to train and on the last 25 days I would call the sparring guys who would mimic that fight for me and help me. But not this time. This time I’m having them beside me from the beginning and they put me in a bad situation every time and they’re the best in their divisions, like Rafael dos Anjos, Werdum. It’s not that I’m undermining people I’ve always trained with because it’s always worked for me, but I guess going for new things is very important too, especially when you’re on a position like I am in my career and you’re going through what I’ve been going through. I guess it’s a good thing for me.”

Machida has been out of action since December and sees both the pros and cons of being out for so long.

“It’s both a good and a bad thing. It’s good because we can rethink and we can fix our mistakes better, try to improve, but we lack fighting rhythm. When you fight every three months you’re better conditioned. We try to compensate with training and my recovery for this new bout. I guess it’s all important. It’s not by chance it’s happening to me, that’s how I try to see this. It’s best trying to understand it and see it for what it is.”

Machida also gives his take on the Jones vs. Henderson fight.

“I guess from the moment you get in there, you have a chance. But, if you stop to analyse their games, I guess Jon Jones is not a good fight for Henderson because of his bigger height and reach and Henderson’s style. I guess Jon Jones has more tools, but it doesn’t make impossible for Henderson to win this fight. He proved that because he’s beaten up many tough opponents, many Brazilian fighters, has many titles, like Pride, Strikeforce and is now fighting for UFC’s. he’s a tough fighter and deserves to be respected, but I guess Jon Jones is better than him technically.”

Talk of Machida coaching the next season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil opposite Shogun has been flying around and Machida would love the chance.

“Of course. It’s a great opportunity both for me and Shogun in case it really happens. But now I’m not really thinking about it because it’s not official. No one has approached me to talk about it. It will bring the sport closer to people because it’s broadcasted every Sunday and people watch it and we’ll have a new rematch, a fight everyone wants to see again. Who may win? We want to bring a great show to the fans. It’s very professional. I have nothing personal against him, we’re professional colleges but we’re here to fight each other and see who’s better on that day.”

Machida also gives his prediction on the Silva vs. Sonnen rematch.

“It’s hard to say because Sonnen dominated the first fight, despite Anderson having been more technical and having defeated him with his technique, but it’s hard to fight him. I have no doubts that Anderson has the technical advantage, but it’s a matter of how you are on that day, a matter of preparation, momentum. Maybe Anderson wasn’t on his best day and I believe Anderson will win. We all know it’s a tough fight, he can’t play him out, but in case Anderson imposes his game on the beginning, Sonnen won’t stand a chance.”


22 Responses to “Machida Talks About His Fight With Bader And Training In Los Angeles | UFC News”

  1. E716 says:

    Dont really see bader victorious.

  2. Wrestler66 says:

    Lyoto was quite honest in his fight predictions for Sonnen & Silva ! “Chael destroyed him in the first fight” haha

    Think he will benefit from moving his camp to LA !

  3. pepito de la O says:

    I’m not a huge machida fan, but I have respect for em cz he’s the only one who has faith in his karate in mma and the way he adapts to ppls gameplans, he’s really elusive n hard to catch bit he is very honest n his fight predictions and very Ho.est wit his emotions against “handgun” rua, much respect to every mma fighter who puts their heart n will on the line

  4. danielrchargers says:

    OK NO JOKE WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. just posted that Brian Stann is now injured and out of the fight with Hector Lombard.
    Everyone is getting injured. April-May-June HAVE BEEN FUCKING HORRIBLE. ( for fighters )

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      GSP set the trend of wanting out of bad matchups now everyone is using old MINOR injuries they normally would have fought with to get out of fights.

      • danielrchargers says:

        sounds extremely logical… but i dunno if GSP set the trend… he tore his ACL so i am sure he has been ITCHING TO FIGHT.
        but i totally see how some ppl will use that as a crutch.

      • Rondo says:

        Shut the fuck up you annoying piece of horse dung! Your infatuated with GSP get the fuck over it and move on your so godamn depressing shhheesh!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Brah – this guy is delusional, but sorta funny if you can see how delusional he is and he can actually take a punch.

  5. DMAC says:

    Glad to see the Dragon taking his preparation more seriously or should i say to the next level, sounds more respectful. He’s going to be a bad mofo come time for the Bader fight. I do think the dragon is out of Baders league but I guess this fight makes sense. Whatever he has to do to get another title shot i’m down with.

  6. jones says:

    bader is goiing down…i woould liketo see more of machida bjj i have not seen much…i wonder why machida is not training at blackhouse..normally they bring guys in ther..maybe beef in the camp

  7. WrestlingRules says:

    OK here we go…Bader takes this because Jones showed the whole world how to beat the karate kid. He likes the back’em up counter-striking game before he goes forward. If Bader can get by the first round, he will be able to get close and ragdoll him to the ground like Jones did and either gnp him or choke him to near death like Jones did. Bader is a stronger wrestler than Jones is and will rely on that to keep Machida close. So far Machida has shown he has no ground game in the big fights. But Bader does need to get him down to win…..I have Bader…..btw: Machida is in LA for that’s right WRESTLING training!!!!

  8. Bsnow says:

    Wrestling rules ur a fucken idot like everything u said there makes no sense machida got caught my jones they never touched the ground game once like fuck ur dumb

    • WrestlingRules says:

      ..Didn’t quite type what I meant but my point was once Machida is on the ground he can be controlled and Bader needs to do that to win either by dragging or punching him down. From there he’ll need to keep him from getting up. Machida on his feet will probably win. Let’s see if Machida’s wrestling in LA will help him.

    • machidafan says:

      Bsnow i agree wrestlingrules is stupid. machida had tht fight won. jones was a bitch and got rocked and dazed 5 times almost. then ill admit machidas ground game def. is rusty there for jones dominated. but had it remained stand up jones would be K.O by 3rd round!

  9. Joe says:

    The Dragon will demolish Bader, Bader isn’t in the higher caliber of the LHW division, in my opinion. Machida’s takedown’s and takedown defense are solid, he’s too unpredictable and fast for Bader, Bader’s only chance is the ground game or a lucky shot, chances of capitalising them on Machida are ridiculously slim, once he gets him down if he does Machida is a solid black belt in BJJ. Machida needs to get past Bader, he’s the only person who can beat Jones. Machida, round 2 TKO, War The Dragon!

  10. Kjtrlt says:

    Baser will get demolished in this. Be good to see a resurgent Machida. He still has good things to do in the UFC.

  11. Clay says:

    I got machida by decision. Nader will try to wrestle and grapple with him alot but since machida faced jones he will have learned from his loss and improve his grappling skills. I predict he’ll rock bader early in the fight and then use his point striking to win. (similar to shogun vs machida only lyoto will win)

  12. Mike McMack says:

    Bader’s getting KO’d, Machida has amazing tdd so Bader’s wrestling won’t be something he’ll be able to use in this fight which means Machida is going to tee off on him.

  13. Weird1 says:

    Anderson fought sonnen and roids at the same time, anderson has the fight in the bag if sonnen aint juiced again.

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