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Tuesday, 10/23/2012, 03:43 pm

Machida Still Believes In HIs Heart He Can Beat Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

“Let’s go back to how he got this title shot. Before the August 4th fight, he wasn’t mentioned to get a title shot. The reason he was mentioned to get a title shot was because Dana White mentioned that the winner of Brandon Vera and ‘Shogun’ would get the title shot. The fans started saying, ‘Well what about Bader and Lyoto?’ So, they said, ‘The one with the most impressive win.’ A week before that fight, he wasn’t even in talks of getting a title shot. But, at the end of the day, this is gonna be the second time he faces Jon Jones. In the UFC, any guy who’s lost to the same champion, what ends up happening is they have to kind of re-invent themselves. B.J. Penn had to do it. Rich Franklin had to do it. Chael Sonnen had to do it. In his heart, he believes he can beat Jon Jones. So, if he’s gonna go and fight Jon Jones, he’s not gonna leave any regrets. If he went in there and lost a second time and had to re-invent himself, and, in his heart, he believed he could beat him, I think that’s gonna be a thorn in his side for the rest of his life. Those were the decisions. It may just another event for the UFC, but for Lyoto, it wasn’t just another fight…it was the fight of his life.”

During last night’s live “Inside MMA” show on AXS TV, Anderson Silva’s manager, Ed Soares told the panel that Silva would still like to put together a super fight against UFC welterweight champion Georges St.-Pierre.


18 Responses to “Machida Still Believes In HIs Heart He Can Beat Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. the original steve says:

    didn’t believe it enough when he turned the fight down

  2. MooreUSMC says:

    Different situations. Machida wanted to be more prepared. Jon Jones is a douche. See different.

  3. 123 says:

    Jon Jones is too big & his wrestling will always win him the fight against Lyoto Machida, Jon Jones wins this fight 9 times out of 10 in MY opinion.

  4. Clay says:

    Realistically and stylistically lyoto has the best shot at beating jones. Jones can obviously dominate him (and a lot of other people) and his size is irrelevant. He’s in the LHW class fairly and not cheating or breaking any rules. Lyoto is the second best in the devision next to jones and this fight should happen soon

  5. Xaninho says:

    Jones’size is far from irrelevant. It’s true he’s allowed to cut the weight and he’s not breaking any rules, but his size and weight is the key to his dominance in the 205 division.

    So we can’t blame him for using these advantages, but we can establish he wouldn’t be as dominant in the HW division.

  6. Know your shit. says:

    Machida did alot better against jones then any other fight jones has had! And arguably won the first round in there fight! Other then that jones hasnt lost a round, so yea that fight does make sense!

  7. 757 says:

    ^^^UM no the closest person to beating him was Vitor and yes Machida did do well the first round of their fight. If people go back and listen to the interviews and read up on it Jones stated that fighting Machida was financially not worth the risk. He knows that he could get beat and also he wouldn’t make much on the fight. Hats off to Machida he did well but that fight won’t ever happen. Vitor made him crap his pants, and is the only person to legitimately hurt Jones.

  8. Know your shit. says:

    I didnt say anything about, being the closest to beating jones. I said he did alot better then anyone else! Vitor did good for about what, that 30-45 seconds he had that armbar? Other then that he got dominated!!

  9. Know your shit. says:

    And i guarantee that fight will happen again!! If machido has 2 dominating performances in his next 2 fights, why would he not get that fight?

  10. Judge_Dreadz says:

    machida is a lhw contender there was no reason for him to take that fight on short notice he’s a smart fighter he knows he has one shot left sonnen has had and still does have nothing to lose he not a lhw contender never was.

  11. fuckoff says:

    what fight were you fucking fanboys watching Lyoto, at very best potentially won the first round and then got wasted

    dont see debates like this when other fighters get convincingly beat like that

  12. fags says:

    lolol listen to you guys, Machida and Vitor lost decisivley by submission.

    Thats all there is to it

  13. 123 says:

    within 20 seconds of Jon Jones taking Lyoto Machida to the ground the referee almost stopped the fight.. 1 elbow & Lyoto Machida was fucked, Jon Jones is a monster & wins this fight 9 times out of 10 in MY opinion.

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