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Tuesday, 10/11/2011, 09:16 am

Machida Knows What It Takes To Beat Jon Jones

“It’s hard to say what the perfect style is to stop Jones. I have a lot of trust in my skills against any fighter. I won’t change what people have seen, and I’d rather show them in the Octagon instead of talking about it beforehand. Jones wasn’t my problem until the UFC booked the fight. I’ll spend a lot of time studying him and find the best way to stop him. I know he’s versatile, but I have my own talents and know what it takes to win… The fight will be decided in the Octagon. Let him be the favorite. He’ll enter with the label of being a prodigy, but I’ll be stronger because of that. Since I’m the underdog, I will enter the fight even more motivated to show that I deserve to be here and to show why they offered me the chance… I can get Jones to the fifth round. I believe in myself, in what I’m doing and in my teammates.”

Machida also talks about the possibility of having Anderson Silva join his camp in preparation for the fight…

“We told Ed and Joinha that we would want to bring in Anderson to help but I can’t count on that because he has so many obligations, and I respect that. He’s the biggest name in MMA. I would love to have him beside me for this camp and he will be welcomed if he joins us, but I don’t want to count on him and not have it happen.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida tells the good guys over at that he is ready to get his title back from the crafty hands of Jon Jones.

Booked for the UFC 140 main event set for December 10 in Toronto, Canada the Brazilian based Karate master is widely considered one of few men in the UFC’s 205 pound division that has a shot at keeping Jones on his toes and dethroning his era before it catches steam.

Machida was once thought unbeatable too, the Machida Era was a short lived moment in MMA history and as we head into the “Bones” Jones era, much is on the line this December when the two fighters face off.


30 Responses to “Machida Knows What It Takes To Beat Jon Jones”

  1. Joe says:

    jones is liam nieson, and machida is the ukrainian guy on the telephone from taken, saying “good luck” then jon shows up with a spinning elbow

  2. Twayne says:

    One of my top 5 favorite fighters! Go gett’um Dragon!



  3. rich says:

    Good luck to lyoto cuz hes gon need it… i dont see jon jones losing that title any time soon but after chael sonnen beats anderson and the spider has to leave the 185 devision then maybe silva will just end up the 205 champ and is the most likly to dethrown bonez cuz silva has already beat guys in 205 weight class and will end up dominating that class as well like he has the middle weights, chael sonnen has andersons number but this time hes going to finish the fight

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      And Silva would have to leave 185 because…? Oh yeah, I forgot. Because Phael said so, and he makes the rules, right? Riiiiiight…

      • ThaBlackHammer says:

        make a counter-point if you’re able bright boy…and if you can’t, just keep throwing your insults out there…

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          What? Where’s the insult, ” bright boy”? No counter point needed when, if you read what I wrote, you could see that I was asking why in the hell Silva would have to leave (in the highly unlikely event of him losing) the weight class just because Phael said those would be the terms of the fight for the loser. Who the fuck is he to be dictating the terms of a fight, especially when his cheating ass is the challenger. Got that, “bright boy”?

        • Calvin says:

          oh you can ttly see ur insults in that message dont lie (sarcasm) but even if Silva lost to Chael “Steroid User” Sonnen there would have to be a 3rd match to settle the score why the hell would Chael get a rematch and not Silva but that is not going to happen Silva will win again

  4. Big G says:

    I don’t see the fight going all 5 rounds. I find it odd that Lyoto said that “I can get Jones to the fifth round.” Sure hope he’s not planning on trying to drag it out and get the victory by decision. I like both fighter’s and hope they get it on.

  5. Night-Wind says:

    Jones aggressive style < Machida's counter strikes

  6. Steven says:

    I kindve see Machida winning

  7. Josh T says:

    WAR Machida!

    & I quote..”Machida will be the one to dethrone Jon Jones”- Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua

    Go get you’re belt back Dragon!

  8. drew says:

    honestly, skills wise i really enjoy watching both, but instead of shogun putn down machida i dont see jones KO him lyoto, but jon’s reach advantage will forever make him dangerous at this weight class, been thinking abou tit but i dont see anyone beating him besides someone somewhat near his height/reach…and i dont see machida having the power to KO jones in anyway besides a front kick to the face i just dont see him getting in on jones and have that extra second or two to generate a good amount of power to get the KO…however the most exciting part of the fight will involve when jones goes in to strike or close the distance grapple and take down lyoto…im super excited for this fight but i find it hard seeing lyoto winning this fight…however in the end i go with jones taking down lyoto and ground and pounding him or submitting lyoto
    dragon 15-3
    jones still undisputed champ

    • Josh says:

      are you kidding me? jones submitting machida? that is a joke, machida has sick jits.

      • JAT says:

        so did shogun? jones has a great core and can dominate his oppenents into giving up a submission. that being said i do see machida having a chance, there is always a chance when there are great opponents. but im still picking jones in this one. hes to diverse to get caught by a good enough counter from machida. jones will be there for some time

  9. Refutor says:

    fuckin Dumb motherfuckers Chael Sonnen did not use steriods.

  10. Jpeech says:

    lol anyone who says chael used steroids needs to go and look up what TRT is and look up the info jesus ppl talking out of there ass on this site

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      anyone who thinks they know anything about trt or steroids but doesnt back their statements up with facts is an idiot. therefore by that theory JPEECH is an IDIOT. stop telling ppl what to look up, please present us with your reasons for your opinions. until then you’re nothing more than a loud mouth bitchh with nothing to back up the shitt you say.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Sonnen supposely has small balls or LOw T yet his testosterone test for the A. silva fight he had an INSANE level of 3400 which is off the friggen charts. Anyone with half a brain knows Sonnen was using testosterone treatment to try and get away with legal JUICING ie: steroid abuse. so peechy you need to get a clue the man is a CHEAT at everything he does in life. Also under the current system TRT users are able to train with testosterone levels as high as they want and only need to taper off as the fight gets closer which allows someone like Sonnen to still CHEAT because EVERYONE knows when you train with elavated testosterone levels you recover light years faster and gain strength far greater than what a natural athlete would be able to gain. All TRT is at the present time is a loophole for KNOWN steroid abusers like Sonnen and nate Marquardt to continue to cheat. There is a good reason no other sports allow TRT because anyway you slice it its steroids. I don’t know how anyone can have the least amount of respect for a cheater like Sonnen who is also a Criminal and a registered for life FEDERAL FELON.

  11. Jpeech says:

    @mmaislandjunkie Hahaha could you be anymore of a loser? really i mean all you do is talk shitt about other peoples comments its hilarious. Do you get beat up all day that you have to come home and try and be tough on a website hahaha so so sad

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      i see you still have not provided any facts, still proving you’re a bitchh with no proof to what you say and that you will regurgitate the bullshitt chael sonnen and any other witty loser tells you.

  12. Jpeech says:

    Look at my post on the other article where you are talking shitt amd you will see what i have said about the Chael TRT stuff besides that you are just some little 12 year old who talks shit on the computer and doesnt say anything creative or knowledgeable you loser

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      all you do is repeat what chael says and i explained to you why his suspension was really reduced. chael never submitted anything, everyone he said he turned information to said he never gave them shitt but since there was a changeover in personnel they allowed his suspension time to be reduced since it was possible the forms may have been lost in the transfer.

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