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Friday, 10/14/2011, 05:40 am

Machida Confident He Can Crack The Jon Jones Code

“I’ve been studying Jon Jones thoroughly. I’ve been watching his game. It’s not something impossible to do, to come up with a game plan. I think I’ll be able to crack that code.”

During yesterday’s UFC 140 media event, former UFC champion, Lyoto Machida fielded questions from the Vancouver Sun about his upcoming title match with Jon Jones.

At one point in UFC history, it was the rest of the division trying to figure out how to crack the code of Machida, and now, as fortune would have it, it’s Machida in need of a code decipher for his upcoming bout to regain his title.

So far all of Jon’s opponents have fell victim to his size and skill… Will Lyoto be any different?

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20 Responses to “Machida Confident He Can Crack The Jon Jones Code”

  1. CdnMMA says:

    This is hilarious. Good luck pal! You’re going to need it! Dana White calls this a superfight, Jones is going to steamroll this guy worse than he’s going to beat Evans. Machida is boring, predictable. All Jones needs to do is just come at him and smother the hell out of him. Look at what Rua did. BORING. This fight will be over in the first round.

  2. Take a look at Jones’s legs.If Jones has a weakness its his legs, they are skinny as hell.Don’t think it will take to many leg kicks to damage Jones’s legs.But being able to execute those leg kicks without taking damage from Jones will be easier said than done.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      You make a great point Techno. It’s going to be difficult for Machida to even get close enough to do damage with legs kicks because of the reach advantage. That’s got to be frustrating for an opponent to overcome.

  3. steven horgan says:

    dont agree at all, machida predictable ok how long have you been watching mma, if he was that predictable how come he has so many wins and a legend like randy couture got ko,d can you tell me, it aint that easy either to catch machida his elusiveness is a great skill like a comparison to the elusiveness of a young muhamad ali..would you call him boring, jones style isent either to just full on attack which has been the code breaker to beat machida, jones gages his opponent doesent stay in the pocket but dictates the fight with his height and reach, now to gage machida who is a constant mover, faster, unpredictable striking is a different ball game compared to a shogun or rampage just coming forward, his height and his reach wont be as effective either when he has to be moving constantly to keep up with lyoto, his attacks wont be as variable as jones wont get to sit in to his kicks and punches more heavily, so what do you got, this is jones first fight where new school meets new school, going to be a very good fight, lyoto also destroyed rashad so dont think it will be easier to defeat machida than evans

  4. If Machida comes focus to this fight and with a good gameplan, it’s gonna be very interesting… It’s all about takedown defense and going in and out quickly, working on his footwork to be faster that Jones is gonna help him a lot… I hope he does that in preparation to this fight so we could see a great main event, and maybe with a new champ…

  5. Carlos says:

    I agree with you Steve on the striking aspect but the one thing you’re forgetting is Jones can out wrestle Machida and he has an impressive ground and pound game. We all know what happened to Lyoto when he was g&p’ed by Shogun… Don’t get me wrong. I would love to someone to crack the Jones code so I am rooting for Machida for this one but it’s going to take more than skill and game plan. He’s going to have to be lucky.

    • Alex says:

      Machida got caught which is why he got mountet and ground and pounded by Shogun. Machida has some of the best statistics when talking takedown defense

  6. Bulgemaster says:

    Yeah I agree steven. Plus it’s not like Machida is a scrub on the ground. He’s a BJJ blackbelt so I’m very confident in Machida. If anyone can beat him it’s the Dragon.

  7. Mike Hunt says:

    Someones gonna get a hurt real bad…….and it won’t be bones

  8. Joe says:

    lol wrestling pedegree?

    i think you jones haters underestimate his abilities way too much,

    jon just dominated ryan bader, div 1 NCAA wrestler…. remember when he tricked bader and pulled his leg around him and took his back? thats a UE HS wrestling move dubbed the magic stick

    jon’s wrestling is outstanding.

  9. Shan says:

    Jones isn’t going to run through Machida just because Shogun beat Machida. MMA doesn’t work that way. Does that mean Forrest can beat Machida because he beat Shogun. But then Rashad beat Forrest and Machida murdered Rashad.

    Everone thought the same about Machida and every other LHW’ champ as they do about Jones. There will always be a fighter who has a good night or has someone’s number.

    It could very well be Machida. Rampage hasn’t been on point for a long time. Shogun is inconsistent because Forrest is not that good and beat him. Machida and Jones are the top two guys and Jones has a hard time
    ahead of him. Win or lose Jones’ next fight will e very tough. He couldn’t finish Bonner and he is going to have to squeeze these fights out on points like GSP for these next two.

  10. Cheecho says:

    I’m a fan of Machida, but I would have to say that he’s going down. I’m not a fan of Rashad, but (whatever) he’s going down too. It’s not that Jones is just beating top guys right now, it’s more the way he’s beating them. He’s fighting world class fighters in their prime and absolutely dominating them. Say what you want to say abt the guy (& I’m not even sure why people hate on him – whatever) but were going to be staring at Bones Jones as the UFC Champ for quite awhile.

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