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Monday, 08/06/2012, 03:00 pm

MacDonald Tells Penn "Keep it Professional and Go Through My Manager" | UFC News

Rory MacDonald called future UFC Hall of Famer, BJ Penn out of retirement but unfortunately the injury bug in the UFC strikes again.   There would be no way Rory MacDonald is able to fight the former UFC 2 division champ, BJ Penn on Sept 22 as scheduled.  He explained the extremity of his injury and what went down on the MMA Hour:

“You know when you have a gut feeling when something happens?

I felt it and then I kind of knew. I didn’t move and I hit him or whatever, and then I just kind of stopped and then I watched the blood just kind of like spurt out sporadically.  And then, I know when that happens that it’s deep.  It was spraying.  So I just kind of sat there, I knew, I just knew that I was screwed.”

Rory MacDonald states his injury wouldn’t make it possible for a bout opposite BJ Penn on Oct 13 in Rio de Janerio as Penn suggested:

“Does that maybe give me two weeks of training?

What I don’t get about him is how he can come off telling me what’s fair and what’s not when he doesn’t know the situation.

He wasn’t there, he didn’t talk to my doctors, he didn’t see it, so he makes this statement online to get all his followers excited.  And really he doesn’t know the situation here, he should keep it professional and go through my manager and know what I have to say behind closed doors.  Basically the earliest I can fight is November.”

Rory goes further in explaining that’s not a risk he wants to take this young into his career if he returns too soon.

“The way this cut is, it’s a deep cut like I explained.

But, you know, if I got re-injured and re-injured and re-injured if I went in too early that could be a problem later on down in my career.

So it could re-open in fights, re-open in training, It could be an issue I don’t want it to be around.”

MacDonald won’t  hold it against  Penn if he doesn’t want to wait until November or if Penn decides to take another matchup understanding there are other options out there for BJ if he wants to take them.   Rory says he’d very much like to keep the matchup intact if Penn will wait for UFC 154.

“Fight who you want to fight, it’s up to B.J. at this point.  But, I’m ready to fight.  If he wants to hold off a couple months or whatever I’ll be there, I’ll be more than willing to make this happen. I’m still going to fight someone at the end of the day.”

Fire your thoughts PENN Nation.

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82 Responses to “MacDonald Tells Penn "Keep it Professional and Go Through My Manager" | UFC News”

  1. What? says:

    Boo this man!

    • Yo says:

      LoL BooooOOOOooooOOOOooo

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:


      30yrs old and Dan Hendersen at 41 years old has fought like 5-6 times in that amount of time and will have fought again against Jones. how can anyone say gsp is one p4p best. GSP has only ever fought WW or LW (guys smaller) where as Hendo fights much bigger guys most time. P4P goes to Hendo not GSP

  2. ballsackface says:

    guy is a pussyhole 1 month no contact will still give him a 6 week training camp not 2 weeks. what maths is he on

    • Misfit says:

      Sweet lord, have mercy on these American / Hawaiin morons… May the coconut and pineapple they eat spread knowledge into their shrunken brains.

      • Yo says:

        We bring da lomi salmon you bring da steroids lol das da difference small balls

      • United States of America says:

        Bro, this is about Rory McDonald’s cut up eye. You had to of known I’d show up eventually to remind you the I could blow your country down to the mantle of the earth. Pineapples and coconuts? Really? I don’t know what is more dumb, your terribly irrelevant insult or your ridiculous stereotype that Hawaiians only eat coconuts…
        Love, The US
        P.S. I could have a satellite pinpoint your location and an unmanned aircraft put a laser designated rocket straight through your bedroom window.
        Have a nice day :)

      • derekbrady2 says:

        You are a damn idiot and should be banned from any website, Idiot!

      • Hi_aziz says:


  3. danielrchargers says:

    Keep it professional? Bj asked for a earlier date.
    We all know whats up with Roid-ry.

    • Hiiipower716 says:

      How do you know he takes roids?

      • Jiu-JitsuRules says:

        It’s obvious!

        • Analyser says:

          I suggest you look at some steriod users bodies..because if you think someone with that frame and muscularity is on steriods you are seriously mistaken.. If he is on ‘roids’ I assure you he needs to find a new supplier, if you think ‘roids’ just make you a great fighter/faster/stronger/heal better you’re once again mistaken.. there are rather obvious changes, which you would be aware of if you knew anything about the subject, which I myself do, due to my profession. As you can see I’m claiming neither he is nor isn’t on them just that if he is…well he is on of the most advanced strains known to man based on his frame :)

        • LOL says:

          Its obvious in what way? Because he have muscles? Hard work doesnt work anymore? People are fucking idiots.

        • Yo says:

          yea all this was all a coincedence….right? lmao fukn doodoo boy.

  4. jesus korean says:

    nah rory mcroids oct 13 keep it professional

  5. EP says:

    hahahahahaha stop crying Rory… this fucking idiot is the one who CALLED OUT THE LEGEND… Didnt go through managers in the first place ,, jst acted like a tuff guy and called BJ out of retirement and then furthermore he starts talking shit about how bad he is gonna beat up BJ… now this pussy wont submit his Vada test bc of the roids and he cant cycle out yet, plus he gets cut and wants to postpone fight for 2 months or in his case hope Penn takes another opponent. HE is the ULTIMATE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUde i pray this fight still happens so BJ can totally ruin this kid, like i said since day 1, there is no way this roid headed punk wins this fights, not a chance in hell. Oh and does anyone find it funny that he failed to mention ONE THING ABOUT HIS VADA TEST in this interview????? WAIt for UFC 154 BJ and show this kid how to JUST SCRAP Hawaiian style in his backyard, i will fly from NY To be there live. WAR BJ TEAM PENN ALL DAY!

  6. EP says:

    hahahahahaha this fucking idiot is the one who CALLED OUT THE LEGEND… Didnt go through managers in the first place ,, jst acted like a tuff guy and called BJ out of retirement and then furthermore he starts talking shit about how bad he is gonna beat up BJ… now this pussy wont submit his Vada test bc of the roids and he cant cycle out yet, plus he gets cut and wants to postpone fight for 2 months or in his case hope Penn takes another opponent. HE is the ULTIMATE BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUde i pray this fight still happens so BJ can totally ruin this kid, like i said since day 1, there is no way this roid headed punk wins this fights, not a chance in hell. Oh and does anyone find it funny that he failed to mention ONE THING ABOUT HIS VADA TEST in this interview????? WAIt for UFC 154 BJ and show this kid how to JUST SCRAP Hawaiian style in his backyard, i will fly from NY To be there live. WAR BJ TEAM PENN ALL DAY!

  7. ku says:

    so wut about the testing keep it going you can still test

  8. drew says:

    The Roider ROry is a certified bitch…deal with my manager…haha whatttttt u call out bj and then bj isnt professinal enough for u so u want ur manager to deal with him….uhhhhh boy your manager will not be in that cage to save ur ass when bj is coming to kill u like a king cobra
    WARRRRRRRRR BJ!!!!!!!!!

    • ASDF says:

      … this was after Bj’s reply to HIS TWITTER post, first. lol, this kid is fucking hilarious. Something, almost immature. I think we can all agree that BJ giving him 10 weeks from a fighter who has been cut, and lives with fighters who have been cut would understand how much time is reasonable. So, when Bj says 10 weeks is more than generous, I’d believe him.

  9. stephen riddle says:

    Yeah all of the above!

  10. Digla says:

    This is bj’s chance to take another more evenly matched fight
    Bj is my favorite or all time but he won’t win this fight
    I have trained with rory and he lives, breaths, eats fighting, he is a beast.
    And about the roids accusation, I don’t buy it.
    This is the leanest I have ever seen him
    bj needs to finish his career with a win and it won’t happen here, no matter what date they fight

    • Super de Duper says:

      That doesn’t mean anything. I trained with guys day in and day out, and never knew these guys were doing other things behind close doors. You can’t just look at someone and say this guy is this and that guy is that. Anyways I think Rory had a good chance, but he’s acting suspicious for sure.

    • Jim says:

      have you ever trained with BJ ?

  11. Dave says:

    Roid Macdonald makes no mention about continuing to test with VADA, I say BJ holds off to fight Roid in Montreal assuming he keeps his end of the bargain by continuing to test with VADA. Thoughts anyone?

  12. james says:

    nice to see bj’s fans keeping the legend alive. war , going to kill, to the death, same old same old…unless bj trains hard like real fighters do, rory will beat him..and maybe bj should try a drug or two himself,, ones that give him energy to complete two rounds without gassing…Glad to be allowed back on this web site. i think they will kick me again for bashing their boy, but what the hell eh.,, i can take the shit bj cant… viva gsp

    • bunkylomax says:

      James you’re a fkn’re like the asshole who gets invited to dinner and then criticizes the food..if you’re not a bj fan get off his page..don’t be a loser troll man..go bash somewhere else like on GSP site..I hate Comdit but now I want him more than ever to beat Gorgie so people like you can get a reality check..

  13. Xaninho says:

    Roidy SmackDonald personally calls out BJ through twitter and now BJ ‘should keep it professional’ and can’t call him out through the same medium?

    Does this rainman motherfucker understand what he’s saying? Dude’s face is screaming Asperger’s so I doubt he has a wide range of human emotions or understanding.

    • Um... says:

      You can tell from a person’s face that they are on the Autism spectrum? Amazing.

      On subject though: This guy is a dumb cunthole. He is calling BJ out of retirement and it really seems like he is backing out. And now he is trying to tell him to go through his manager and keep it professional? Such a queer. Fuck Rory. I hope he gets his leg chewed off by a rabid animal.

      • MDguy says:

        People with Autism have a hard time expressing their feelings and interacting with society. They basically show no interest in almost anything and their faces can emotionless as well.

        Asperger’s on the other hand have no problems expressing emotion but are distant and choose not to interact.

        To answer your question you cannot tell by bone structure if someone has Asperger’s but by their emotional expression.

        Yes Roidy is a pussy.

  14. Bob'O says:

    Sure, My thoughts are Rory should man up and offer to take the fight in Brazil. BJ already agreed to fight him in Canada, and for whatever reason it’s Rory’s actions that caused the fight to be called off. He should have been wearing head gear 8 weeks before the fight.

    There is plenty of time for that cut to heal before the UFC in Brazil. Why should BJ jump on a long flight up to that cold region, and Rory’s territory? Nah man, he already agreed. Now he want’s him to wait and fight in Montreal? Rory, you bumped your head brah, it’s not happening.

    Tell me something, why is it that BJ Penn is always expected to be the stand up guy? He already was, so now it’s Rory’s turn to step up and meet BJ half way. It’s not like it’s a short flight from Hilo to Brazil. It would be a more fair match up.

    I respect Rory as a fighter, but he needs to take responsibility for not wearing any head gear. This is on his shoulders, and it’s time to show us all that he has honor.

    Show some respect for a Legend who came out of retirement to fight you. ~Bob’O

  15. EP says:

    i just dont understand how this roid headed punk can think its fine to call out an mma legend (who was retired) on twitter and elsewhere … and now that BJ is speaking to him directly as an opponent and fighter… the kid is being a bitch and saying bj needs to go thru his manager. Its honestly just UNREAL to me. This kid is such a pussy. Dude, ROID HEAD, shut up and stop crying, you called out PENN first, you made your bed now lay in it punk. BJ is gonna beat the roids out of you. I cannot wait for this fight, this kid better not pull out all together. Oh yeah, and where the Fuck is VADA test… and why doesnt BJ , Dana or someone call him out on it.

  16. Yo says:

    This is what a cheater would sa.They all got the same schemes,just like OBAMA lol

  17. maurice says:

    i luv how he acts as if he doesnt even care about the penn fight anymore and just wants to move on. lol. i bet he’s prayin for penn to accept another fight. run but u cant hide roidy macdonald.

  18. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Come people if ROIDY wasn’t dirty he would do the VADA testing. This kid is a ROIDER from the word go as we always knew GSP was dirty. No athletic commisiosn tests for HGH or if any fighter has been using sythetic testosterone and just tapering down as they get cloer to fight (JUST LIKE NATE “THE CHEAT” Marquardt is doing)

    VADA testing would expose this and any otehr PED except the NON-DETECTABLES that is being sold by Victor CONTE.

  19. maurice says:

    the pic of this cut is probably old as fuck. everyone knew rory was goin to pull out the fight, but now that he actually did im even shocked. wow rory.

  20. stephen riddle says:

    Regardless if its roids or not its becoming a male soapopera anyways go BJ!

  21. Yo says:

    translation :im guilty fuck ummmm talk to my lawyer cuz im fucked.

  22. Alonzo Ramos says:

    I believe this guy is hiding somthing… and who does this guy think he is tallking to bj llike that lets keep it profe3ssional talk to my manager…..y doesnt this guy still do the vada testing to prove he is not doping fuck this guy…….

  23. A. Chung says:

    Rory called out BJ and now he wants BJ to go through his manger? Rory is not only a lying, cheating roid head; he is also a self serving hypocrite! Why didn’t you go through BJ’s manager when you wanted to fight him? Rory should man up and prove us wrong by accepting BJ’s offer. If Rory has nothing to hide there is no reason not to continue with VDA and their is no reason not to fight at UFC 153. We the fans are not idiots, conditioning does not require contact and like many posters have said you could work your conditioning while you healed up. According to your own statement, a month is need to heal, that gives you six weeks of sparing, which should be more than enough time for a professional like you.

  24. Chris says:

    It’s called negotiation Rory. Penn wants to fight as close the the original date as possible so he gives the closet date he can, then you counter offer. Don’t take stuff so personally guy.

  25. EP says:

    he should keep it professional and go through my manager and know what i have to say behind closed doors HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LMFAO this kid is the biggest joke . WOW i cannot believe he actually said that after he is the one who called out PENN on twitter and started this whole thing. And he wants to talk about whats fair and not fair… whats fair is Rory stop being a punk and handle his VADA test like he AND his manager said he would do over 2 weeks ago. Kid is just trying to post pone this Vada test as long as possible.. i hope someone calls him soon…. Aside from that he acts like the penn fight isnt a big deal to him anymore hahah shit is too much, the kid is honestly so shook to fight BJ, its unreal. What a Bitch. Dont let hm out of this fight BJ, just wait and make him pay royally for all this Bullshit… show him why he should never call out legends, esp one of the GOAT!

  26. Bjj BB says:

    Thats just str8 up bullshit coming out of rorys mouth, remember when penn asked rory on twitter about the vada testing? Rorys responce was about, bj penn being scared or somthing and bj penn responded saying that vada went to him not bj going to them, rory called him out on twitter and had his share of talking shit to bj on twitter so why now does bj have to go threw your manager rory? Cuz your a scared fucking punk!! History shows us that when your covering up anything you start to act like this pizza monster bitch!! Fuck the whole tri star gym and any1 who responds to my post backing up rorys bitch ass!!

    • EP says:

      Hell yeah bro im with u all day. FUCK GreaSP… FUCK RORYs bitch ass… and FUCK the whole Tri Star gym and team …. and fuck any punk ass who comes here either talking shit on BJ or backing up Rory/Tri Star/ Grease St Pierre

  27. jesus korean says:

    each star of the tri star gym represents these three criteria:

    1) grease
    2) roids
    3) pizza

  28. UCB808 says:

    It’s funny how ALL “Blow Job”Penns followers already making excuses for him, Rory does steroids???Rory would’ve got caught by now if any of that was true.Rory is gonna put a beating on BJ, Nick Diaz’s beat down of BJ will seam mild to what Rory is gonna do to him,keep making excuses whiners, you guys sound pathetic

    • A. Chung says:

      Get your facts straight, BJ fans are not making excuses, the person who is making excuses is Rory. You just have your head too deep into Rory’s ass that you didn’t notice.

    • EP says:

      UCB808 – shut the fuck up and go cry on rorys or grease st pierres webpage … you sound like a little bitch just like rory… have u even been following whats going on, you idiot… Rory is the one with a million and one excuses … RORY , NOT BJ, has still not done his Vada testing and has failed to mention it in his last interview, RORY, NOT BJ, is one who got “cut” during “training camp”, RORY, NO BJ, is the one who wants to either drop from bout or post pone fight for over 2 months… So you tell me who is making excuses …. Yeah pretty crystal clear isnt it, Dumbass??? Rorys bitch ass got a dose of what we call “REALITY” and realized he called out a legend and couldnt finish what he started. Him Grease St Pierre and that shit hole gym Tri Star knew that not only was rory going to get for using roids, but also get fkn ass beat in devastating fashion by the Prodigy in their backyard. TRI STAR / GreaSP / Rory = BITCHES! You made your bed, now lay in it or you roid headed pussy…. #DONTCALLOUTLEGENDS

  29. Nakano says:

    Bj should agree to the fight in November if rory agrees to keep with the vada from now til tgen

    • CombatRusse says:

      Very good point
      If Rory passes a VADA drug test right now, (he won’t of course), then maybe BJ should take the fight
      This situation remids me of the Pacquiao Mayweather situation

  30. canadian homo says:

    the only needle in roidys ass is my dick gsp sucks my dick too and greg jackson cups my little balls

  31. super canadian says:

    in canada all we do is ride greg jacksons kawck and everyone is ghey

  32. Bjj BB says:

    @ USB808- Fuck you, you fucking pussy!! Id fucking break you!! And how are we making any excuses? Were stating facts u fucking bum!! Rory called out bj penn, penn excepted, rory talked shit on twitter and now penn has to go threw rorys manager? Y did rory start this shit on twitter if he cant finish it there? Yea were making all the excuses in the world right? Rory started this and now is backing out of haveing a 10 week heal time as if thats not enough? GTFOOH with that bullshit, rorys making all the excuses and its all there in his own words so eat a dick and have a good day pussy!!

  33. kevin says:

    Fight in Montreal or find someone else,thats what I get out of it.

  34. Nakano says:

    I’m willing to stop all the silly redirect (and I hope everyone else is too) if Rory Macdonald agrees to finish the VADA testing from now til the fight happens….agreed or not?

  35. DARTHVADER says:


    • EP says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA youre a fkn idiot. What a dumb comment. BJ on roids lmfao. Lay off the Crack Pipe asshole oh and GSP/Rorys dick , as well. Thanks.

    • Unarmed Spectator says:

      Darth (I’m a star wars geek) Vader,
      First off thank you for taking the time off of WOW to make a comment. Second Backne is a very very obvious sign of steroid use. I’m not saying he’s on steroids, but one would question it. Does he need it? Who knows, people are strange when it comes to
      Competition, especially when people keep saying “Rory your the best ever!!!” Lastly Rory is being a overall BITCH the way he’s acting, dodging drug testing, going out and getting a cut, then saying “Let’s keep things professional!”… Oh go swing off of Luke Skywalkers Nut Sack you fucken Dork!

    • wild card says:

      this guy has a clue some of these guys heads are so far up bjs ass if he farted they could tell us what he ate for breakfast i like bj but i dont think he wins this fight

  36. A. says:

    The brain cells bleeding out of a lot of these posts is epic.
    1. Rio is a STACKED card that is already FULL. There’s nowhere to put this fight. And what Brazilian fight are you thinking of pushing off this card to accommodate an american vs a canadian. If you’re Dana White – does this make sense? No.
    2. You people talk like Rory looks like some juiced up Brock Lesnar type. You’re basing an entire onslaught of accusations based on acne. That’s your entire case against him? I guess every guy under 25 who gets spots must be juicing. Wow – that’s a pretty lame argument even for dumbass keyboard warriors.
    3. BJ was already going to fight in Canada – who cares if it’s in Toronto or Montreal?
    4. Rory was totally professional in this interview. I mean seriously – what could he have possibly said anyway that would get you cheetohs-popping, living in my mama’s basement BJ fans to see his point of view anyway, right? All I’m hearing is “how dare he get cut and then act professional!” Yeah, it must all be a conspiracy to postpone – I know if I wanted to fake an injury I would for sure go for the spurting gash two inches from my eyeball that’s cut down to the bone. Makes sense, yeah?
    5. The guy *respectfully* called out BJ after UFC suggested it. Don’t go playing that he’s been on some Sonnen or Diaz style tirade on Twitter against BJ. BJ wanted the fight before he was ever called out. Damn, it’s a good thing BJ has so many whiny fans so he doesn’t have to constantly bitch about it himself. Just wind up the puppets, flick the hateraid switch on and watch them dance. You guys are f#ckin’ hilarious. lol

    • EP says:

      dude shut up man. when you get done swinging on rorys shriveled up roided out nutsack, you can take your stupid rants elsewhere, like his or grease st pierres webpage, maybe someone on there will actually care what you say. you are obvioulsy turning a blind eye to everything that going on and all you have to do is talk shit about BJ’s fans backing him up on his own fkn webpage, and just speaking the truth about the Bitch that rory is… what do you get … here ill break it down for you in A B C form since you like that:

      a) RORY called BJ on twitter and started this whole thing.

      b) BJ accepted the fight on twitter

      … so far NO MANAGERS are involved, its 2 fighters speaking directly to each other (follow me so far .. good)

      c) BJ finishes his VADA test and asks Rory to do so, as well

      d) Rory and his manager claim Rory will do it Asap … fast forward to 2 weeks until now … Still NO vada test … or no comment from rorys camp about it … Seem suspicious???

      e) Rory gets a cut while “training” and wants to either drop the fight or post pone it for 2 months

      f) Penn calls him out to fight in OCT 13th since its just a cut and it will heal and they were both already in training camp

      g) RORY IS A FUCKING LITTLE ROID HEADED BITCH who has not only not submitted his VADA test, but now asks Penn (after first calling him out and also stating he would beat BJs ass) to go through his manager and keep it professional. LMAO this is kid is the biggest fucking joke and bitch.

      I hope that wasnt too hard for you to understand. Kid is so shook to fight BJ, he knows he will get destroyed. and he also doesnt want to get busted for roiding. Hopefully BJ still waits for this kid to finish his crying and BS so he can beat his fucking ass and give him more stitches wherever they fight.

      And if you dont like BJ or his fans… simple… get the fuck off his webpage. WAR PRODIGY!

  37. Dick Diaz says:

    it is lame that this cut happened but BJ is asking for too early of a date.

    • A. Chung says:

      According to Dr. Johnny Benjamin of; the Rio schedule is quite do able for a dedicated professional. Unless you think Rory and TriStar are a bunch of amatures. The Rio date is quite due able. Rory’s excuse that is not enough time to prepare is bull shit. He has another reason why he isn’t will to fight at that date that he is not willing to make public. Which leave us to speculate on what it is.

  38. 123 says:

    Rory Mcdonald Should Fight Jake Ellenburger & Bj Penn Should Just Retire.

  39. jonc says:

    Can’t back up his words to fight BJ because he broke a nail and scraped his eye…typical..

  40. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Whether there’s something up with this or not, I don’t know. Whether he’s on roids or not, I don’t know. I just know this kid called BJ out and if I were in his shoes I’d wait so I could knock his smug ass out. Then again, I’m not BJ, I can only hope he’d do the same. No one else called you out, I know it sucks doing your camp and then having to postpone the fight, but more time to train, right? He should wait for the fight and shut this kid up.

  41. dante080 says:

    So the earliest he can fight just happens to he in his home country.

  42. Dblock says:

    I’m so sick of these comments. BJ is gonna kill him brah. War hawaii show him how we scrap in hawaii brah.

    Yes, everyone pictures brutal streetbrawls on the tourist islands with the rich kid, BJ Penn. There is no doubt he is a legend, but please stop acting like Hawaii is hard.

    It’s not the bronx, it’s not long beach, it’s not south boston or east Chicago. It’s a fuckin vacation spot.

    I like BJ, but I’m not an idiot…..Rory is the real deal and this is the most lopsided fight since Aldo fought Urijah in Sacramento. BJ won’t make it out of the 2nd.

  43. Mike Cannon jr. says:

    I just hate Gsp… So this twerp gets the same.. Cuz he Luvs him soOO much.. Fuq u .. U Canadian happy meal!!! .. Anybody else here.. Notice.. I’m on BJ Penn . Com?.. Not Ronald McDonald .com… Fuq u rory fans.!!!!! Get fuqd and die.. Lmao ahahaha

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