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Saturday, 08/18/2012, 10:25 am

MacDonald Slammed Training Partner That Caused Cut "Like Diaz", Says He Will Kill Penn | UFC NEWS

In an interview with Canadian media outlet Rory MacDonald discussed his injury that forced him out of the scheduled UFC 152 bout with BJ Penn and responded to Penn’s claim of knowing he would lose.

On the training partner that caused the cut:

“Once I knew what it was, I grabbed him and I suplexed him like he was Nate Diaz!”

MacDonald then went on to respond to the claims from BJ Penn, claiming that Rory pulled out of the fight “because he knew he wasn’t going to win”.
Macdonald responded

“(laughs) that’s just a bunch of bullshit, not only do I know I’m going to win but I’ll probably end up killing him in the process.”


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