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Saturday, 08/18/2012, 10:25 am

MacDonald Slammed Training Partner That Caused Cut "Like Diaz", Says He Will Kill Penn | UFC NEWS

In an interview with Canadian media outlet Rory MacDonald discussed his injury that forced him out of the scheduled UFC 152 bout with BJ Penn and responded to Penn’s claim of knowing he would lose.

On the training partner that caused the cut:

“Once I knew what it was, I grabbed him and I suplexed him like he was Nate Diaz!”

MacDonald then went on to respond to the claims from BJ Penn, claiming that Rory pulled out of the fight “because he knew he wasn’t going to win”.
Macdonald responded

“(laughs) that’s just a bunch of bullshit, not only do I know I’m going to win but I’ll probably end up killing him in the process.”


96 Responses to “MacDonald Slammed Training Partner That Caused Cut "Like Diaz", Says He Will Kill Penn | UFC NEWS”

  1. Kong says:

    This sounds made up but if it’s real then rory your a coward and a bully for slamming your training partner and if you just think your gonna run over bj then you got another thing coming because bj is gonna f your world up

    • Bob says:

      I want pizza back to keep talking shit, its what bj needs to bring back that fire and motivate him even more to be in top shape.. Keep it up Roidy you are only adding to your funeral.

      • Rory Nut Rubbers says:

        Rory has no boxing. Nick Diaz does. Nick has great cardio. Roids doesn’t. How is Rory planning on making BJ look worse than what Diaz did to him? BJ has boxing. BJ will outbox Rory and Rory will have to take BJ down. That is how the fight will go. You Roid Rubbers better start saying how Roids is gonna win because know one is exactly saying how jus yet. And I’m saying BJ will box the shit outta Roids’ ass!

        Rory will lose. Again, and say it with me this time, Rory will lose, period.

    • Koshchek Always Fights Fair says:

      Just cause BJ is your favorite expression with your boyfriends, doesn’t mean Rory won’t back it up. This will be BJ’s last hurrah.

    • I believe the (kill) remarks are a bit far. He will try to win and if he doesn’t then will have a little bit more to celebrate. I do not appreciate the kill remarks. Those are a bit to far cause if he were to get hurt, I truly believe he’ll regret everything he has said.

  2. DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

    Roidy MacDonald needs to shut up already. Getting tired of his wannabe Sonnen attitude.

  3. IP MAN says:

    10000000000% agree and I will put good money in it fuck crying baby bjpen

  4. Unimpressed says:

    Rory MacDonald sounds like a total piece of shit to be honest.
    Slamming around training partners is especially not on, and I’ve never been a fan of people claiming they’ll kill each other in the ring/octagon.
    Hope Penn smacks him back down to undercard status.

  5. OakcliffTopdog says:

    Comments like these are just more motivation for Penn. When somebody says they are going to kill you, you have only one choice. Penn by 1st rd. MURDER! Get down on this punk kid and don’t stop until they force you off of him!

  6. EP says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa dude its no surprise i fkn hate this tool bag and cant stand him and his punk ass roid headed bitch ass …. but this is just getting too comical now. After that statement to be honest, i can GUARANTEE ANYBODY, anybody at all. There is no way in hell , not even a .0000000000000000001% that this kid is beating Penn. I honestly feel bad for him now, mark my words, you will see one of the worst beatings in UFC history on Dec 8th… and i will be there live to witness it wherever the event takes place. Counting down to the days to see this punk eat his words. BJ make him pay. BJ PENN = LEGEND Roid Head MacDonald = Hype … BJ via RNC (lights out), KO/TKO Round 1 or 2 (if BJ doesnt murder him in the process) … this fight ends with Penn licking rorys blood off his gloves. FACT!

    • The Human Piranha says:

      I fucking hope your right, would be the highlight of the year! Hate this fool macD, if your gonna talk shit at least be funny and only half serious! He seems like unadulterated Cunt

  7. danielrchargers says:

    This fight is going to be Sick!
    i got Bj by whatever.

  8. David says:

    I wish bj would win, i miss seeing him whup ass but hes Been disappointing lately

  9. Pancho says:

    Damn Rory is a fucking asshole!

  10. Sasquatch says:

    Looking forward to this scrap!!

  11. Xaninho says:

    Roidy CrackDonald is delusional. Taking 3 months to recover from a few stitches and then talk like he’s such a badass hahaha!

    BJ will teach this pizzaback a lesson.

  12. Drew says:

    Ip man your a bitch

  13. mike says:

    I hope all You Penn nut buffers don’t bet with your heart because you will go broke if you bet on him against Rory. You all try to accuse him of using roids but have absolutely no evidence. Rory will beat Penn worse than Diaz did and that was embarrassing. I have always been a fan of the way Penn fights but I am also realistic.

    • Yo says:

      Lmao….yea right.This shit talking is gonna so bite you rory luvas in da ass I cant wait.

      • allmightysandman says:

        it’s gonna be a good fight…why you have to be such a ?

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          not saying your in violation but just wanted to get this out there.

          PASS IT ON!!

          Moving forward

          1. Extreme Profanity will not be tolerated
          2. Vulgar, Sexual and Racist remarks will not be tolerated
          3. Fighter Bashing will not be tolerated

          3 simple rules to clean up this forum.

          Anyone in violation of these 3 simple rules will result in their post being removed and/or their IP being flagged/placed on a list for moderation (could take up to 2 hrs before your post is shown)

          Please do your part to help keep this forum/site clean and a place for positive,constructive,insightful,knowledgeable MMA discussion.

          Thank you

          BJPENN.COM Moderator

        • allmightysandman says:

          MOD: i see that the vast majority of posts following mine that you commented on, contain loads of profanity and fighter bashing. Have those guys been warned or just me? I’m just trying to understand the protocol not be difficult.

        • Yo says:

          Sorry I hurt your feelings

        • allmightysandman says:

          me too….real sorry indeed.

  14. maurice says:

    ….funny rory. real fucking funny. dont know when this guy became such a damn beast. beat a bunch of nobodies and talkin like bj isnt the hardest test of his young career. nate vs rory was an extremely close fight. about a min b4 the 3 slams i remember thinking, “damn idk who the fuck is winning this fight.” ppl say nate diaz got ragdolled by rory as if rory dominated diaz the entire fight. ppl r so far up rory’s ass its sick.

    • ctyn says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this stuff. I felt the same way about the Condit fight. Everyone said Rory owned Condit but when I actually got a chance to see the fight, all I saw was that Rory did much better than expected and still got his ass whooped. Same with Nate. Other than the throws, it was a damn close fight. I would bet on Nate in a rematch all day.

  15. Spider + Bones= Lovers that won't fight says:

    lets hope BJ can show up to a fight IN SHAPE. his last fights have been less than stellar and I want the old BJ back in shape and dominating people but if he doesn’t come back in shape it might not end with a W for him

  16. Drew says:

    More And more this is coming off as a methodical cut oppose an accidental cuz thru practice

  17. ku says:

    Roidy dropping out that’s BS. Stalling VADA process that’s BS. Wanting another fight in your hometown with you’re bff gsp is BS. So stop the BS roidy cause your full of it. So clean yourself out shut yo trap and make it to the fight this time

  18. rondo says:

    Hate to say it but it BJ was concerned about what he looked like after the Diaz fight….. It was nothing compared to what he’ll look like after Rory’s done with him!! And believe me when I say this it doesn’t give me any pleasure to see BJ get smashed.



  20. TrigenicKin says:

    Wow, you’re cool Rory. Accidents happen in training, how much of a faggot do you have to be to slam a training partner because he accidentally gave you a cut.

  21. mj says:

    BJ never claimed to be the best athlete or even the best fighter… He has always wanted hard, dangerous match ups, never tune up. This tool thinks he is calling out an over the hill BJ that has nothing left to fight for. Well, maybe that was the case.. until you say your going to kill someone, then it does get personal. i dont expect BJ to have Frank Shamrock cardio, but I do think he will be able to bring hard for 2 rounds and that will be enough time to find a shot to put this asshole on his own.

  22. Cesar Saenz says:

    why does he keep talking about the nate diaz fight he didnt even whoop all that bad not saying the 3 slams werent dope but he didnt dominate the fight on all levels he did win though but him talking trash like this makes me hope bj lays it on him

  23. Troy says:

    I have a feeling bj is gunna knock out rory in the forst round n pull off the a big upset like he did to matt hughes

    • Majestyk says:

      You are dreaming. Rory is not Hughes, Sherk, or Stevenson…and this is not 5 years ago. I would love to see BJ destroy this tool, but unfortunately, BJ has a recent track record of showing up less than fully prepared. If BJ’s prep was directly proportional to Rory’s douchbaggery, then he’d have a good chance. Unfortunately, the last few fights have shown that BJ lacks the discipline to do what it takes diet-wise and cardio-wise. I know that everyone is hoping that BJ gets “fired up” over Rory’s comments, and shows up in ultimate condition. BJ is a professional fighter. He’s supposed to be training his ass off and pushing his body to the highest level possible….regardless of how much of a tool his opponent is. He just never seems to make that happen. His natural talent alone won’t be enough to get past this a-hole.

  24. Gabe418 says:

    Unless he was hit with an elbow while behind his training partner (cause he said he suplexed him right after) this is bs…another story from rory…besides there are no elbow strikes in sparring without pads…gsp wears them when he spars…sounds like rory is trying to intimidate someone

  25. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I don’t even wanna see this kid get knocked the fuck out. I wanna see someone methodically dismantle and punish him for three rounds. And it makes no difference whether Penn or someone else does it.

  26. Okay, but… who the fuck IS Rory MacDonald? Seriously, I doubt I’d ever heard of him before.

  27. Jimmy says:

    People who talk about killing each other in the ring are fools. The chances of you actually dying are so small I wouldn’t even suggest your life is in danger by stepping in.

    If you want to talk about killing people, join the military; otherwise shut up and get on with your SPORT.

  28. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    You think he has darts with BJ’s picture? THE PRODIGY ALL DAY!!! One love from the “NO” central California…WAR PENN WAR

  29. 123 says:

    rory mcdonald is only effective on the ground, che mills would have knocked him out on the feet. why doesn’t rory mcdonald fight a wrestler like.. jake ellenburger ? because he would be the 1 getting thrown on his head thats why.

    • allmightysandman says:

      you’ve obviously not watched him ragdoll Diaz or smash Che Mills….”he would have knocked him out on the feet” moronic statement. That fight started on the feet and Rory did what he wanted to for the win.

      any opponent of BJ’s has to be hated…I get it.

  30. Rory u fuckin ugly ass serial killer.. Bj is gonna rip ur asshole apart and lick the blood off..

  31. ctyn says:

    The last time I put a bet down on BJ was against Hughes and it paid off nicely. I’ll take the winnings and bet on Penn again against Rory. Call me crazy, but I see a talented fighter and by no means the future of the division, at all.

  32. 123 says:

    WTF, people’s emails coming up on my form? Sort your shit out

  33. JayKay says:

    BJ rip this roidhead weirdo mofo a new asshole pls!

  34. DEE says:

    This dude sounds so fake. “I got cut and got so mad I suplexed him like I did Nate Diaz (remember guys remember me remember what I did). This guy is lame.

  35. YouMaggots says:

    You foolish clowns will all cry like babies if Rory Mac VS Penn ever happens. Rory will make Penn look worse than GSP and Diaz did. Rory dominates the fight and takes it where he wants to. A few elbows to the face will destroy Penn. He could just as easily throw Penn around as he did to Nate. He won’t gas either.

    You guys already know that though.

  36. stephen riddle says:

    So out with the vada testing now? Wtf? Rory i hope BJ smashes u!

  37. Drew says:

    Lol after rory loose to bj be funny if he drops the next two ad then applies for trt and he would be my age of 24 lol… Kid is a fucking bum pretty talented kid overall but to start juicing before ur 25 like Dam dude ur gonna have raisins for balls by the time ur 28

  38. Bjj BB says:

    Slamming around nate diaz at 170 is nothing to brag about! I mean u see how skinny he is.. Lol, jon fitch had a hard time with a out of shape, unmotivated bj penn so trust me roidy wont get to thow around bj penn, i cant wait for bj penn to fuck u up roidy!!

  39. Yo says:

    *yawning* what was that roid rage rory? lol….show us how mad you can really get cause that was cute haha

  40. MadBUFFBAM says:


  41. BJ is KING says:

    i hope koshcheck fights this cunt, i hate him more than any fighter out there. I’d personally like to see him fight nick diaz as well see if he can man handle him like he did his brother. BJ i have faith, but i get the feeling hes coming in the fight half hearted. What a little shit, who says stuff like this, I hope this is fake because that makes me hate pizza back even more.

  42. Damnu says:

    Kids a bitch an I hope bj fucks him up

  43. Zack says:

    Bj is gunna beat the fuck outta this kid. I hope he makes look like joe Stevenson wehrmacht they fought lol

  44. jesus korean says:

    rory mcroidrage gunna slam gsp from behind next time BJ says something bout him.

  45. stoney says:

    please if your gonna talk shit about bj, please get off this site.

    • Majestyk says:

      @stoney…I’m a big BJ fan, but not to the point that I view him through rose-colored glasses. I try to look at things objectively, as opposed to letting my like/dislike of certain fighters skew my assessments. This is a forum for differing opinions. If you can’t handle opposing viewpoints, then why don’t YOU get off the site?

      • King Prodigy Levreau says:

        My friend, my friend…I come to BJPENN.COM to find info out about Mr. Penn and his Ohana. After reading what was posted…I do agree this is a forum and some “Prodigy” fans can be out of touch with what you and others fail to see. It’s all in ones perception. WAR PENN WAR…some fans are ride or die. For Gods sake I’m a Detroit Lions fan…WHY? I wouldn’t go on the mighty Metallica’s website and hate. So stoney, I’m with you if you don’t like “The Prodigy” than pushcart this is BJPENN.COM and we don’t want to hear your “professional” hogwash or mumbo jumbo…Let the haters hate stoney. If you don’t have haters than your not doing something right. One love from the “NO” in central cali.

        • Majestyk says:

          Your thoughts are so disjointed that it’s hard to know where to begin. It’ a telling indication of your intelligence that you can’t seem to make the distinction between honest critical commentary and “hating”. You say “let the haters hate”….I say let the close-minded people like yourself (who consider people who don’t ride the same bandwagon to be “haters”) stay that way.

        • King Prodigy Levreau says:

          No my friend…your views are valid, just as anyone else. Just because you said it doesn’t make it true. I see with clear eyes and view someone posting a comment regarding others who “hate” to leave this site or pushcart and say the same thing is a hypocrite. You posted that he should leave because of his right to post a judgement or what some might be as his ignorance for him to express his freedom of speech. Don’t be a hypocrite…I would NOT want to be in the trenches with you. This is BJPENN.COM…ALL DAY! So “NO” you are wrong in many ways…its not about if I’m open minded enough to realistically evaluate a fight. I just don’t like hypocrites. When you point one finger, four will point on you. Hope u have a great rest of the Sunday. From the “NO”.

  46. NoNeedTrain says:

    The animal in Bj is still there. Its up to him if he wants to bring it out. Win or Lose, Im still a fan!

  47. steven seagull says:

    If he beats BJ id like to see him fight Nick Diaz

  48. Pancho says:

    That’s the same thing I was thinking, Nate is skinny as hell especially at 170. Rory needs to give it up with these ridiculous stories, everyone knows hes just getting out of the Vada testing cause he’s a cheating sack of shit

  49. Capo says:

    I was just wondering does anybody know how bad of a cut we talking about here ? Because Bisping was cut during training and required lots of stiches but he’s still fighting at 152 regardless.

  50. Phantom weight says:

    It was pretty bad,30 stitches

  51. Brend0magic says:

    This story just screams “ROID RAGE”

  52. MOMO says:


  53. James Wolfe says:

    “(laughs) that’s just a bunch of bullshit, not only do I know I’m going to win but I’ll probably end up killing him in the process.”

    Train like you have never trained before BJ. He is now better then the separatist GSP who I can’t stand.

    Be ready to go all 3 rounds hard because Rory will be. Cardio, conditioning, strengthening on top of your great skills and you will be fine but Rory is a beast, be ready BJ, let these comment motivate you to train like you did for Sanchez, Florian, Sherk…destroy him.

  54. GoFinishPlease says:

    And now we know why Jackson camp has brought Jean Claud Van Dam into their camp, Rory learning how to hollywood act. Prepare to bleed Rory, prepare to bleed.

  55. Frankie says:

    If I got clipped in practice and busted open yea I would get mad and deck the guy who did it.

  56. stoney says:

    @king prodigy , thats the smartest thing i;ve ever read on this site. big ups to you brother!

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