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Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 10:49 am

MacDonald: “Out Of Shape BJ” Better Get Serious Or I’m Gonna Hurt him Very Badly" | UFC NEWS

“No, that’s on him he is worried about TriStar. I don’t care about that, I fight for myself and that’s it. I am not worried about that. He is all upset because Georges whooped him, but, I am going to hurt him even worse, so. I am training for the best B.J. I am just preparing myself to be the best version. I am going to come out evolved, I am going to be in shape, explosive and exciting like I always do. I am going to be very technical and I am going to be on point. I don’t know where B.J. is at. You know, he didn’t even show up to this. He is dropping out of the VADA testing. Last time I saw him he looked really out of shape. I don’t know where his head is at in this, but, he better get serious or I am going to hurt him very badly.”

During yesterday’s UFC 152 pre-fight press conference Rory MacDonald talked about his upcoming bout with BJ Penn.

Can Rory deliver on his words?


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