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Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 10:49 am

MacDonald: “Out Of Shape BJ” Better Get Serious Or I’m Gonna Hurt him Very Badly" | UFC NEWS

“No, that’s on him he is worried about TriStar. I don’t care about that, I fight for myself and that’s it. I am not worried about that. He is all upset because Georges whooped him, but, I am going to hurt him even worse, so. I am training for the best B.J. I am just preparing myself to be the best version. I am going to come out evolved, I am going to be in shape, explosive and exciting like I always do. I am going to be very technical and I am going to be on point. I don’t know where B.J. is at. You know, he didn’t even show up to this. He is dropping out of the VADA testing. Last time I saw him he looked really out of shape. I don’t know where his head is at in this, but, he better get serious or I am going to hurt him very badly.”

During yesterday’s UFC 152 pre-fight press conference Rory MacDonald talked about his upcoming bout with BJ Penn.

Can Rory deliver on his words?


62 Responses to “MacDonald: “Out Of Shape BJ” Better Get Serious Or I’m Gonna Hurt him Very Badly" | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Gooch says:

    I really hope BJ will put an ass whooping on this kid. Come on BJ! Keep training!

  2. mean170 says:

    If BJ shows up in great shape he will beat the hell out of Rory.

    • Nuitari X says:

      I’m a fan of Bj but unfortunately in this day and time he’s outmatched on this one. He should have stayed retired. I’m seeing the Diaz fight all over again or maybe worse. Roided up or not Rory is a well rounded beast who’s younger and faster and will most likely take the win in brutal fashion. Sorry Baby J, all the respect in the world to ya though. I love fighters who come to fight and you were one of them. Good luck.

  3. Alex says:

    Disrespect, ignorant, classless and cocky. Please humble this fool BJ.

    • Nuitari X says:

      By the way, if you haven’t watched the press conference, it sounds a lot worse on paper when he says these things than if you hear him actually say it. I don’t think he was being that disrespectful, he’s just being a fighter and stating what will happen if BJ doesn’t show up prepared. You can’t hate on a man for being confident, especially a fighter. If you are not confident as a fighter then you have lost before the battle begins. I’m a fan of both fighters and I just hope for an amazing fight with no funny business.

      • thebully84 says:

        nah i just hate on the man for not having the balls to call out a legit ww competitor as if there aren’t enough of them already. His most notable win comes over Diaz, who had no business fighting at 170, and he was tkoed by a top competitor. Who the hell is he to be calling out Bj, when there’s a ton of guys actually chasing that strap ? Everybody knows damn well there are 6 or more great ww’s Rory could’ve fought. Don’t get me wrong when I say this, cause bj is the man, but if I’m a fighter and I’m tryingtomake a statement. Why the hell would I call out the guy that’s underweight for the division……AND RETIRED?! It just doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like Rory is ducking or stalling. If I was blessed enough to be Joe Silva it would be ………MacDonald vs E. Silva!!!!

        • Crazycanuck says:

          It was BJ who called out Rory

        • Robby says:

          Haha dumbass. BJ called Rory out bc he has a problem with Tri-Star gym. I hope BJ is ready bc Rory is def a beast. Not saying BJ isn’t but he’s not as young as he used to be… Unless he’s taking TRT.

        • BJ_Canuck_fan says:

          Like the other guy said ..BJ called him out …in any case BJ is the man no matter what happens. Immense talent, comes to fight and is ready to fight anybody. He is at a serious disadvantage size wise and not getting any younger. He best come prepared cos Rory ain’t no GSP. Rory has ill intentions when he fights unlike GSP.

        • frankin nog says:

          yor all fuckind stupid Rory called bj out then bj reacted same for Kosh or did bj call him out to numnuts get your facts straight bj didnt call anyone out

        • NotaRoryfan says:

          I agree, feed him to Eric Silva. He’ll struggle to talk with a busted face.

    • James Toney says:

      BJ is a hoe though, if you think about it.

    • Majestyk says:

      Confident, prepared and candid is how he seems to me. How is stating that an unprepared, out of shape BJ will get smashed in any way “ignorant”?

  4. James Wolfe says:

    I watched the press conference and he was right. Why did BJ not show up? Well who knows, I hope he was training hard and focused on the fight. Rory is the real deal. He made Diaz look like an amateur…and destroyed Condit for the first 2 rounds…and he is better now.

    Please BJ show up prepared, in great shape, able to go 3 rounds really hard…or you will be hurt. I am a big fan here in Canada, always will be, but Rory will be better then GSP, that’s how good this guy is becoming and I am no fan of the separatist, racist GSP…

    Beat Rory, then go after GSP and destroy him…that would make my year. If you are not in camp now, don’t even bother showing up…Please, I don’t want to see you beat up again.

    Be stronger, fitter then you were for Sanchez, Shierk, Florian…and kick his ass, finish him BJ. Your fans are waiting. All the best.

  5. R says:

    He’s talking smack like most juice heads, hope he doesn’t show up riddled with bachne. Every fight this kid has from now on, I’ll be supporting his opponent.

  6. Evil Senator says:

    He didn’t say anything that wasn’t 100% true. BJ better be prepared for this kid. Rory is on a express train to the top.

    • Ly-er says:

      Conditioning/Cardio, Takedown Defense, & Lighting fast striking are the main facets I hope BJ is dynamically fine tuning to his craft. Mr. GSP Jr. will definitely try to recreate George’s game plan!! Hopefully his speed & superior striking can negate whatever Rory’s got!!! Best of Luck BJ!!!

  7. Jb says:

    Rory by decision or tko. Bj is doing this for a pay check. Let’s all be serious. And I am a Bj fan. If you don’t see this coming; your nuts.

  8. B-rad says:

    yeah hes gonna hurt him real bad, if he rubs that bacne across his face!! If he says he doesnt fight for Tristair and just for himself, then why is he scared to face GSP????? you know ol DW will fill up his pockets big time if he does..

  9. Steve says:

    I hope BJ gets in shape and kicks this kids ass.

  10. halfway says:

    He makes a great point. In his last two fights, he clearly was more skilled and would have won had he not gassed. He was hurting Fitch bad and was taking him down at will until he got tired. With Nick, he was just a better boxer and it showed until he gassed.

    Rory is no slouch cardio wise. He keeps up a frantic pace and wears people out. BJ will be able to handle that for about 1.5 rounds if that.

    Really hoping BJ puts in the time and work and comes in ready for that, because if his cardio isn’t an issue, he beats Rory easily.

  11. dustin says:

    rory will end the career of bj, best shape of his life or worst, he will get mangled, rory has been capable of finishing all the ww`s in the ufc for years. condit fluked, and doesnt want a rematch either.

  12. jbeamazing says:

    Can’t say too much negative about bj on his own site but he better take this serous this guy would chew Frankie in half in the first but bj’s a warrior hope he isn’t just doing the ufc a fav by fighting Rory because that would not be a fav to himself

  13. Taylor says:

    I gotta admit to being a bit nervous about this fight. BJ has always been, and will always be my favorite fighter. But he better get in serious shape. Rory is going to want to take him down and finish him on the ground. I hope to God BJ is training like a warrior.

  14. T.DADDY says:

    Bj shut this roid abuser the F up.. War Bj!!

  15. Drew says:

    Maybe riey doesn’t know but the last couple of guys to piss bj off got thrown the beating of a lifetime… Diego Sanchez who is horrible now and Kenny florian is retired .. Watch ur mouth McDonald

  16. Mike Diaz says:

    Does this kid want to be the first ever Octagon related death? You just lit a fire under BJ’s a** lil boy! You might come out guns ablazing but your going to get bit by the snake! I can see BJ handling this kid like Franciso Rivera did Roland Delorme and then licking his gloves towards Tristar Gym! DIAZ BROS and TEAM PENN!!!!!

  17. koolg says:

    if he fights for himself then he wont have a problem fighting gsp right… right…..

  18. soccerchago209 says:

    I seen Baby J in Las vegas about 3 weeks ago and he did not look in shape or even close to it. I love BJ and hope that he is in full training mode so we can see the prodigy perform and leave whatever he has left out in the octagon. Lets go BJ win or lose you will still have you’re fans support and love.

  19. gsp's mother says:

    knock him out bj!

  20. Sean says:

    I thought of a really good way Bj could try to finish Rory early(which involves bj’s best assets of course…not some random bunch of moves we’ve never seen bj do) but i don’t want to say it on here cuz then anyone can see and i really think it would work.

  21. A.James says:

    I’d rather fight an in shape Penn than out of shape because if he’s out of shape and you win everyone will just say he’s out of shape. I’m hoping BJ comes back for real and makes a statement.

  22. Eklugg says:

    Outtah shape bj could punish John Jones.

  23. ctyn says:

    I missed the condit macdonald fight and just finished the first round. Everyone kept saying rory dominated the first two rounds, but from what I just saw, Rory took some good punishment from Carlos in the first. I don’t count takedowns very highly in how I judge a round, but Rory didn’t do shit from the top and got hit with a few good shots from the bottom and standing. Am I the only one that thinks MacDonald did not “own” condit in the first round? I assume yes

  24. Dee says:

    Rory has a point. I don’t think he’s trash talking, I think he’s being honest. If BJ don’t take this serious, he’s going to be in serious danger.

  25. Lil Joe says:

    BJ is in a world of hurt. I wish he would get his ass back down to 155. He is too small to fight at 170 and looks so out of shape. He will have a great 1st round and gas the rest of the fight.

  26. Terry says:

    Rory is way too much for BJ. It will be evident when BJ is smashed. Don’t get me wrong, I think BJ was one of the best. Was. Rory is the future in this division. He’s going to obliterate anyone he fights.

  27. drew says:

    i think bj is going to law low for this fight and then come as a straight assassin and destroy rory by the second round and those who are doubting are going to be sat back by the performance bj puts on

  28. phil says:

    i see taken down, up against fence and ground and pound. These are all places were BJ’s had trouble with, and this is rory’s game. What does GSP do? he’s nothing more then advanced ground and pound. same as rory there’s nothing behind their game besides advanced take downs and ground and pound, covered up by striking. And their bigger then BJ. This is why BJ needs a game plan. BJ should go to RAndy Courture. I don’t know why he doesn’t change/improve his training camp. he doesn’t evolve he just fine tunes his existing skills, just focusing on striking, but he hasn’t figured out size and ground and pound, especially against the fence. Rory’s game is to take you down and ground and pound. same game plan as GSP.

  29. Alex says:

    Bj is a smart man. He won’t want to go home to his family with a busted up face after being locked in a cage with a beast like Rory, Bj will be prepared. May the best man win

  30. Chael beat Bisping says:

    I think a fat slow BJ Penn is showing up for this fight. Rory is going to beat him silly. Penn is failing miserably.

  31. Dev_NY says:

    I dunno what’s up with BJ these days. His past few fights he’s looked out of shape and gassed. He also look out of shape a few weeks ago in an interview. He’s my favorite fighter but it’s very disappointing to see him come into fights looking out of shape and gassing. I don’t know of any other LW or WW fighters that gas like that. Hurts to see him lose these days, I think he should have stayed retired if his hearts not into it.

  32. John M says:

    I’m sure this will put a fire under BJ to start training

  33. beag says:

    love bj penn, but he doesnt try hard enough these days and Rory’s a beast. Rory takes this one.

  34. thebully84 says:

    Hopefully you stupid fucks can learn to read before you insult ppl …. Sometimes all it takes is the right opportunity and a fighter will jump on it, sometimes even drawing them out of retirement.

    It appears that’s the case for future UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn who seems to have found the right fight to lure him back into the Octagon.

    UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald recently stated that he would like the chance to face Penn in Toronto as part of the upcoming UFC 152 card landing there in September.

    The reason behind the request was simply because MacDonald knew that it may be one of his only chances to face a legend in the Octagon before he faces the end of his career.

    Well, now it appears that Penn has listened and has a response.

    “Rory, I accept your challenge,” Penn said today through his personal website

  35. Jay Unidos says:

    I really hope that BJ missed that press conference because he’s already training and getting ready for his fight with Rory. I don’t think I could watch another post fight interview with Dana where he’s gloating about how bad BJ got beatdown in a fight, or was dominated, or didn’t fight his fight. More importantly, I don’t want to spend $50 to watch my favorite fighter gas after looking great in the first round.

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