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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 04:09 pm

When Mac Danzig Faces Efrain Escudero At UFC 145, Only One Will Prove To Be A Real "Ultimate Fighter"!

By Chase Raymond:

In what is sure to be an exciting fight, not only because you have two former winners of The Ultimate Fighter, Mac Danzig in season 6 and Efrain Escudero from season 8, but also this is a must win for them both.

When a fighter is fighting for their career you normally get their very best. Luckily for us both, these two fighters are probably fighting for their job in this epic showdown. I feel this has a chance to be one of the best fights of the night and it’s the first fight on FX for the preliminary card. A must see for true fans of MMA and this will be a treat to all that tune in if both fighters do what we know they can.

Danzig with two UFC “Fight of the Night” honors and one “Knockout of the Night” award has only been able to win two of his last seven bouts.

After smashing his way through season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter, Mac Danzig has not been able to find his groove. He found highlight reel success when he knocked out Joe Stevenson on his way to earning KO of the night, and then lost in the fight of the night against Matt Wiman. Danzig has had to many ups and downs in his UFC career. With so much possibilities and skills, lets see if this is where he really shows that he’s really an ultimate fighter.

Efrain Escudero is coming off a loss to Jacob Volkmann at UFC 141 where he took the fight on short notice as a replacement in his welcome back match after getting let go by the UFC.

When watching him on season 8 of the Ultimate Fighter, we thought we were watching the future of the lightweight division with his fearless attitude. Always giving the fans an entertaining fight, just not really achieving what he and his fans had hoped he would. After his release though, he went on to go 5 and 1 in other smaller organizations earning him another chance inside the famed Octagon.

Efrain is a young fighter and now we’ll see with time to train if he will do what everyone thought he would and prove he is an ultimate fighter.

Sadly one of these warriors will have to lose, and in doing so might be the last time we see them in the UFC, but for the victor goes another chance at proving either why he was, or is The Ultimate Fighter winner.

Will we see Efrain Escudero get the boot, again, or will Mac Danzig be the one wondering what his next move is?

We wont know until the fight is over, and until Dana White makes a decision on the topic, but what we do know is if you miss this fight you might just miss one of the best fights of the night with so much to lose for these two fighters who have put there life into something they love.


6 Responses to “When Mac Danzig Faces Efrain Escudero At UFC 145, Only One Will Prove To Be A Real "Ultimate Fighter"!”

  1. Dave says:

    Great point about this fight, you usually get the beat of a fighter when he’s on the chopping block (sans Brandon Vera) but these two should bring it Saturday night. I’ll be there and this is one of the few fights I am very excited about.

  2. Johnny Mop says:

    Cant agree more Dave, this should be a good one bro

  3. fight fan333 says:

    Theres very few exciting lightwieghts and niether two of these guys are one of them. But i would rather watch these two over frankie edgar or shawn sherk any day.

  4. Shameful says:

    This was a horribly written. Let someone proofread for you next time.

  5. Nick says:

    I can’t read an article more than a 3 paragraph’s long. At that point it seems like rambling. Get to the point and get out. That’s all I need. Any who, it’s basically winner takes all. Or if they put on a crazy good show that will save their jobs. Neither of them are that exciting though.

  6. GET RID OF TRT says:

    Nobody even remember them as tuf winners

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