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Tuesday, 04/16/2013, 11:56 am

Lyoto Machida’s Manager Says Fight with Gutsafsson Doesn’t Make Sense

Lyoto Machida announced through his manager that he is not considering a match-up with fellow 205-lbs contender, Alexander Gustafsson.  Jorge Guimaraes, Machida’s manager, stated through Fighters Only that Machida’s next fight will be for the UFC light heavyweight belt, and nothing less.


“Lyoto is on stand-by list,” stated Guimaraes, “waiting for the winner of Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen… The fight between Jones and Sonnen is going to happen now, it doesn’t make sense to fight Alexander.  We’re almost there.  If it were a little before, this fight could have already happened, but he just fought… and Dana White has made it clear that Lyoto is the number one [contender].  We’ll be waiting.”


Dana White’s statement comes after Machida’s split decision victory over Dan Henderson, who prior to the bout was ranked the number one contender.  Following the fight, White stated, “He just beat the number one contender, which would make him the number one contender… Lyoto won the fight.  He beat the number one contender.  He beat Dan Henderson.”


Gustafsson has recently stated that he believes he deserves a fight with Lyoto Machida, if and only if, he does not receive the next shot at the light heavyweight belt.  This is most likely the result of Dana White’s statements leading up to UFC on Fuel TV 7, where the UFC president said of Gustafsson, “if he beats Mousasi in that fight, he’s in line for a title shot.”


Of course, that statement in itself merely suggests Gustafsson had the opportunity to become the number two contender, following Machida.  Given the fact that Gustafsson was forced to drop from his bout with Mousasi due to a cut, he didn’t win the fight that would have granted him a title shot.


For Lyoto Machida, he is only looking upward, and specifically only at Jon Jones.  His manager stated, “I think it is almost impossible for Chael to win this bout, but anything may happen… Lyoto is the number one contender and he is only waiting to see who is going to be the winner of this fight.  He is not convinced about Jones… he is not convinced from that loss.”


That last loss- a second-round standing guillotine choke that left Machida unconscious left many convinced that Jon Jones, who was tested for the first time against Machida in the first round, was the real deal.


With both Machida and Gustafsson talking in this manner, it seems both fighters’ self-confidence is running a little high.  Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen are set to fight at UFC 159 on April 27, a fight that Machida and Gustafsson will be watching with all their attention.


19 Responses to “Lyoto Machida’s Manager Says Fight with Gutsafsson Doesn’t Make Sense”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not the #1 fan of either Gustafsson or Machida, but it makes sense. Machida beat Hendo, and Gustafsson missed a key match against a strong opponent due to injury, this shouldn’t even have been brought up.

    Machida gets his next loss against whoever (Jones) wins at 159. Done and done.

  2. Scotty says:

    Thats what they might think.. Daniel Cormier beats Mir he might get that get with Jones and machida on the back burner.. Hendricks thought he was next in line after the GSP beat Condit, well those plans changed quick! So might want to think about a fight with Gus!

  3. Nando says:

    Lyoto is a prima donna. I enjoy watching him lose

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Machida is the #1 contender. It doesn’t make sense for him to fight a lower ranked fighter. I don’t think he’s afraid he’ll lose, other risks like winning the fight but still getting sidelined for an extended time by an injury are also a possibility.

    Gustafsson should fight Mousasi first anyway.

  5. kruza says:

    machida turned down a fight with jones i think he should fight gustafsson

  6. Jon Lang says:

    There goes Dana again, telling a fighter that he is next in line to fight for the belt, then a few months later, changes his mind and says you’re gonna fight someone else and that will determine whos #1. Dana flip flops on fighters all the time and then justifies himself.

  7. ... says:

    Everyone wants the easy way up. If Gustafson fight anyone other than lyoto and loses he’s gonna go down a few spots. If he fights lyoto and loses he might stay at the same spot or have to fight for # 1 contender. I wouldn’t care so much if lyoto wasn’t waiting for this fight for a while. He was offered the title shot and then got told he had to fight Henderson first. Which kinda made sense since hendo was gonna fight for the title before the injury. But now that that’s settled. Lets keep him there and have Gustafson wait also or fight hendo or something.

  8. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Mzn I can’t tell you how much of a pussy Machida is. He already turned down a fight with Jones! Guess what, back of the line bitch. I hope the UFC makes the “running away boring man” fight Glover. Somebody just KO or choke this goof ball out of the UFC.

  9. Ddddddd says:

    When Lyoto still has brains when he’s fifty will people still say his style sucked?When Franky Edgar is drooling all over sucking his thumb and shitting his pants because he has a ton of movement but gets hit frequently so people think thats what makes it exciting?
    I understand Machida and appreciate the intelligence he brings its just ahead of his time. There’s a ton of risk in blitzing he’s just so good the risk is invisible to some.
    Gustofson is sweet for sure but when Lyoto didn’t do the rite thing for the company he was punished not rewarded.

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