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Wednesday, 10/05/2011, 08:15 am

Lyoto Machida Ponders On Possible Punishment Handed Down By The UFC

“It’s hard to say that it exists (a punishment by the UFC). Maybe so, maybe not, perhaps they’re keeping me on the sidelines, but I don’t believe that. I met with Lorenzo Fertitta in Rio and he talked to me, he said what happened was in the past, for me not to worry. But I find myself in a difficult situation, a complicated one, I don’t know if he said that but would act in a different way, or if they’re waiting to make a fight. I am waiting, I want to concentrate in my work and accomplish it with proper time.”

In a later Tweet he stated…

“Hey guys, I think the Octagon only next year”

I pulled these quotes from in which the writer translates a statement from former light-heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida.

Lyoto, with only two losses to his credit (Shogun and Rampage) has not seen the inside of a cage since he viciously knocked out Randy Couture in their UFC 129 featured attraction this past April. He walked away from the fight injury free and ready to take on all comers in hopes to earn another shot at his lost title.

Fast forward a few months and the UFC reached out to Machida to fight Rashad Evans as a late replacement for an injured Phil Davis. With less than two weeks to prepare, it was Machida and his management that asked for additional compensation from their employer as an incentive for taking such a well respected opponent on such short notice. I believe the quote was, “They asked for Anderson Silva money”.

The UFC declined and Machida has been on the sidelines ever since.

Who knows if it is really a punishment or not? The UFC has been known to be very unforgiving when things do not go their way, but if this is a sign of punishment is keeping one of their biggest talents on the shelf for more than 8-months a reasonable punishment? Is it fair to the fans?

What say you BJPENN.COM?


31 Responses to “Lyoto Machida Ponders On Possible Punishment Handed Down By The UFC”

  1. Devilock says:

    I think he should have taken the fight with Rashad, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say that he is being punished. Tito taking that fight certainly elevated Tito’s value to the organization, which Lyoto and team could have benefited from. Fighters constantly have to prove themselves in areas of technique, conditioning, heart, etc. Asking for more money is legitimate, but that is the art of negotiation. You should know that others in the organization are willing step up. Pay is definitely part of the compensation for taking a fight, but you also build your reputation which is almost priceless.

    • grandmaster says:

      Yeah half of machidas team didn’t have passports or anything. And Dana wanted him to move his fight camp to Vegas. Shit cost money and I wouldn’t have done it for 40k.. and if you look at Tito’s salary. That dude gets paid twice as much as anybody so money ain’t an issue for him. Machida will have his time again.

    • Jeff says:

      Wasn’t it two weeks notice for the fight! It was something real short. Anyways, what if he was just out of shape, a couple of weeks is not enough time to prep. If that’s the case though, he should not have said anything about money.

      • Devilock says:

        He might not have been in top shape, but I think fighters are probably working out and practicing all the time. Machida is not a huge light heavyweight and I don’t think he drops much to make weight. I guess my point is he shouldn’t be waiting for the UFC to give him a fight. If anything, he should be thinking about the fights that would be big strategically, which the Rashad fight could have been. Now they have a line for the title and he is probably toward the back of it.

  2. Stoneballs says:

    Tito had absolutely nothing to lose by taking his fight on short notice and everything to gain. Machida has everything to lose. Taking on the number 1 contender in two weeks is a tough request for anyone although if it cemented a title shot he should have considered it.

    • Lambo says:

      Agreed, He beat him once. he has the formula. he should have just done it. BJ would have if he was in the same scenario. But yes he did have and still does have a lot to lose, if he lost that fight.

  3. Rani says:

    Sucky decision… Machida is one of the best…!!!
    Would love to see him take on Jon Jones, and I feel he´s got the best shot at taking him down with his elussive skills, and good counterpunching…

  4. Nick says:

    He should of just taken the fight against Rashad. I mean he really wouldn’t go up or down the ranks if he lost. Plus he’d walk out of the fight with 6 figures easily. The problem now is that there’s no one to fight him. The timing is just bad.

  5. Thechris says:

    There should be NO punishment at all, its stupid to even suggest that Machida deserves to be punished no matter how much money he asked for in the Evans fight as it was his right to accept or decline that fight with only 2 weeks notice as was it the UFC’s right to decline paying him that big money.

    On the other hand Machida should have taken that fight as i say he beats Evans 9 out of 10 times and it would have gotten him a title shot which would have lead to big money although there is no way he or anyone else in the LHW division beats Jones

  6. Chris says:

    If he is being punished it’s certainly not deserved. But i think it’s probably more a problem of finding an opponent who makes sense considering the title picture.

  7. ali says:

    taking on some of rashads calibre on two weeks notice is insane, good on him for asking for more money going out there to get your ass beat for peanuts aint worth it, but then again if your asking for anderson silva type of money then lets hope you not only whip rashad into pieces but pull a rabbit out of his ass at the sametime

  8. Leez says:

    I’m not missing watching the guy fight. 75% of his fights are snoozers.

    • lmking says:

      how r they snoozers? hes a REAL mixed martial artist, he has the best style to beat Jones, apart from the Shogun fights he’s had the guy hes faced knocked down or unleashed beatings on them. think u need to watch the thiago silva fight, and david heath he gave him 9 knees and u call THAT boring

  9. Told ya u fkd up not taking the rashad fight..

  10. TRUTH says:

    I think we’re being rewarded not punished.I don’t think knocking out an aging star like Randy puts you in the title hunt. Let’s be honest he lost that first fight to Shogun, got knocked out by Shogun in their second fight and then got positionally dominated by Rampage for two rounds. He needs to win a couple more fights in impressive manner before he’s in the hunt IMHO but, the ko over Randy was only his 4th finish in the UFC so maybe a more agressive Machida will equal another title shot. Plus at least we don’t have to see Steven Segal for a while!!!!!!

    • Mike says:

      I’m one of the few who actually agree with the Rampage decision, but to say he dominated any aspect of that fight is ridiculous. The first two rounds were close, but Rampage was able to edge him out. The only thing dominant about that fight was the third round, where Machida whooped Rampage’s ass(Rampage’s words, not mine).

      Also, 3 finishes in his last 4 wins isn’t bad.

      • TRUTH says:

        I said positionally dominate, for two rounds Rampage forced a clinch and pressed Machida against the fence. Not exciting I agree but, hey learn how to pummel and get off the fence. Plus I think his only other finish was Rich Franklin in another company. We’re talking about a dude that fought BJ at heavy weight and went to decision. I mean BJ is a bad ass dude but, he only weighed 190ish and Machida was 220ish. He should have went for the win but, just squeaked out a decision. Like he always does, he doesn’t deserve a title shot.

  11. david t says:

    It wasnt that he just asked for anderson money. He accepted the fight and then told them he wanted more money. So yeah he deserves the punishment. You negotiate money before you agree to anything

  12. Ephram says:

    You guys are saying he has a lot to lose while why fight if you think you can’t win? You want a title shot but don’t wanna take on the number one contender? To be the best you have to fight the best. Lyoto messed up this one and honestly he probably made Dana mad and that’s what you get. Just like on the TUF he wants to see people wanting to fight…I’ve never backed down and never will!…

  13. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    There can be alot of reasons why he hasn’t been assigned a fight yet. But I think timing was one of the major players that messed it up for him. Besides the whole issue with the Rashad fight, that’s entirely between him & the UFC if they can reach an agreement. Yet I think he’s been sideline because he was being set up to fight Phil Davis, but since he’s still injured that plan got put on ice!

  14. fightfan89 says:

    there is plenty of reasons to have this kind of layoff, everyone could be tied up in fights and contracts already, plus lyoto is in no way even close to an anderson silva caliber fighter. everyone knos he shoulda lost the belt the first time he fought shogun. shit bj penn looked ten times better in his first fight with edgar and still lost his title. the only way to move up the ladder in the UFC (even if you are top 5-10) is to fight and beat top guys, tito understood that wen he took the fight even though he got beat up, at least he stepped up

  15. Glynn says:

    Fuck the management. They’re fucking it up for all of us. I want to see Machida fight bad, but his fucking management team got gready and Dana isn’t going to deal with that shit. Fuck ’em!

  16. steven horgan says:

    since jon jones is sidelined given a rest i think now machida and rashad should fight..its the only logical fight, its rashads only loss and he should want to keep active so he can be ready for jon jones,, with machida he would be no.1 contender and machida jones is a fight i would love to see i think machida would beat him in my opinion,, every other top fighter in is already booked ,,its bad business to keep lyoto sidelined, i not his biggest fan but the potential rashad fight and jones is getting me hyped

  17. spiritsplice says:

    Anderson money? As if Silva is payed well considering who he is and what he has done. He gets paid dick and never gets a bonus for winning.

  18. Ninjaman says:

    Machida was basically asked to work over time and when I am asked to work over time I want more money for it. The UFC is cheap and does not want to pay more then they have to because then they would have to do it all the time. Machida is being dealt with by the UFC in a poor way. I just want to see Machida fight at his best so I hope he gets Rampage in Japan or Davis and then Jones. I still live in the Machida era!

  19. condom says:

    shouldnt have been talkin shit machida, askin for all tht money

  20. mmaislandjunkie says:

    machida would still beat rashad and hes still a top 5 fighter in the lhw division. anybody who doesnt think so should revert to machida vs rashad footage to help them remember.

  21. Mike Diaz says:

    He has the tools to dethrone Jones! If the people demand it , politics will overide climbing any ladder (i.e. Kenflo vs Aldo). But since Dana already announced Hendo vs Rua would decide #1 contender, the Dragon is going to scrap atleast one more time before facing Jones. PENN NATION!!!!!!

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