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Wednesday, 02/19/2014, 04:45 pm

Lyoto Machida on TRT: “I would do.”

File this one under surprising.

Apparently UFC middleweight Lyoto Machida has no qualms about testosterone replacement therapy and its use in his sport.

Machida has been all over the media after his unanimous decision win over Gregard Mousasi at UFC Fight Night 36. He spoke to Brazilian website Lance!Net about his thoughts on the upcoming middleweight title fight between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belort.

The most surprising exchange came when ‘The Dragon’ was asked about his thoughts on Belfort’s TRT use:

“I think it is fair if it is according with the rules. Anyone has his reasons, such as physical, technical or personal. If he (Belfort) really has this condition, there is no problem. I would do. If I was in the rules and to match with everybody else’s condition, there wouldn’t be a problem. People talk a lot of things but he is doing everything straight.”

And as far as Belfort’s chances against Wediman?:

“I think this is a tough matchup for both. Anyone can win. I think that in the beginning of the fight Belfort has more chances but Weidman compensates with endurance. He is a young guy with a lot of consciousness.”


9 Responses to “Lyoto Machida on TRT: “I would do.””

  1. LASERJESUS says:

    I would do.

  2. NAGA Champ Jones says:

    Anyone who says people shouldnt use trt just dont understand. If weidman has a testosterone level of 100 for example, and Belfort has a level of 40 it is only fair that Belfort should be able to match the level through treatment. Weidman’s testosterone level is going to be signifigantly higher than Belfort on fight night anyway. Weidman can have levels higher than allowed by the NVAC just due to his age, but wont get busted because his body is naturally producing it. Get educated before hating on trt. Or learn how to fight and get in the cage with someone.

    • KrayzeeOne says:

      That’s the moronic views.

      If your body can’t produce testosterone naturally, and had to take TRT to bang with the top ranked fighters then you don’t belong in MMA. Time to look for a new occupation. You must be a TRT user who can’t win a fight without it.

      • TILLIS BJJ says:

        Dude who are u to say for them to look for something else? That’s their passion and what they bring food on the table with. If ur body can’t produce testosterone that really isn’t ur option. U either lose just cuz u don’t want people to not like u.. Or u do it to make it EQUAL to your competitors and win. At the end of the day this is one man sport. All matters about ur own performance so why is it wrong to be at the same level but with the doctors help? Plus again TRT doesn’t make u a knock out machine or it makes u win no matter what. It just makes things fair for people who are older or doesn’t produce testosterone

        • JJErler says:

          The problem is TRT leaves a system too open to cheating and pumping up your testosterone levels during camp and then letting them level off pre-fight to normal levels. This is what a lot of people suspect Vitor of doing. The only way to know for sure it’s not is extensive pre-fight and in camp testing which is not being done currently. I’m fine with TRT if the fighter is being tested every week of camp leading up to the fight. Otherwise it’s just too much potential to cheat.

          It also leaves a system where people who don’t want to do TRT get pressured to do so. So in the example Weidman has 100 T level and Belfort 40. If the normal maximum level is 120 for that age, Belfort ups his T from 40 to 120. Now Weidman is at the disadvantage. Now Weidman has to think ‘well this guy is doing TRT maybe I need to get a little extra bump to make sure I’m at the maximum allowed level’… the exact same way other people start to wonder if they should do straight up roids because they know their opponents are (see: GSP). Roids are bad for the sport — period. IT sucks that players get old and have to quit. Too bad that’s life.

    • JJErler says:

      It’s one thing if you were born like Bigfoot and your body does not naturally produce the correct level of testosterone. It’s another thing when your body only produces a level of 40 because you crippled it’s ability to do so taking steroids. It’s also another thing when you’re a cheater and you’re just using TRT to cover up your desire to maximize your testosterone levels as much as you can like Vitor.

  3. squatty says:

    head injuries can cause low testosterone, btw.

  4. But yet their are athletes out there in high school, college and professional sports with serious handicaps who still compete against everyone else.

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