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Thursday, 10/18/2012, 09:36 am

Lyoto Machida not happy with Jones vs Sonnen booking: “What Has Chael Done At LHW?” | UFC News

The backlash from the Chael Sonnen vs Jon Jones booking continued today, as former light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida, took to twitter to voice his displeasure.


Lyoto Machida was thought to have earned a rematch with Jon Jones after knocking out Ryan Bader at UFC on Fox 4. However, that fight did not come to fruition and now “The Dragon” is expected to face off against Dan Henderson sometime in early 2013.

UFC officials have stated that the winner of the Henderson vs Machida bout will be proclaimed the number 1 contender to the light heavyweight strap. That said, I wouldn’t imagine that either Dan or Lyoto will be holding their breath.




42 Responses to “Lyoto Machida not happy with Jones vs Sonnen booking: “What Has Chael Done At LHW?” | UFC News”

  1. K2 says:

    I agree. This is bullshit. Now we have to wait for another stupid season of TUF before the LHW chumpion fights again? And he fighting Sonnen??? WTF JONES??? Why didn’t you take the fight at 151?? Cause you’re all about the $$$$ And that’s what will cause you to loose…. eventually… Cause I don’t think Sonnen can do it. Although, at a heavier weight class, Sonnen can stay bulked up on TRT/steriods and not have to worry about the weight cut.

  2. Mike b says:

    Machida is right.its not fair to the top contenders at light heavy.politics and bullshit that’s all I gotta say……..the UFC is gonna do whatever it takes to bring the tuf ratings up and keep people interested.even though it isn’t right,I’m not gonna lie…..I’m looking foward to see the next tuf season.

  3. Shatta says:

    Thats what u called Dana Gay White being Gay … he rides sonnen’s and edagr’s dick! … edgar loses 2 champion ship fights he throws him against aldo for another title fight… sonnen lost to the spider ..he pushes him up for the title at jones but yet he can revoke machida’s #1 contender spot cuz he didnt fight jones … fuck u dana !!!

  4. Joe says:

    Bull. Machida had a chance. I say give the fights to the ones willing to step up and take it. Im a fight fan and seeing fighters turn dwn fights because of whatever reason sucks. Heres a guy who literally stepped up and said yeah im a fighter ill do it. Machida cant complain. He couldve fought at 151. Reasons and excuses for such a primal combative sport seem so out of place.

    • Bryan Fury85 says:

      Agree 100%. He needs to shut the fuck up, because when he had his chance, he turned it down. Don’t try to act jump on the bandwagon of this issue like you really care.

  5. Joe says:

    I say good for Sonnen. Why not reward an employee willing to take a shift when every one else ‘already has plans’.?

  6. Rdogg says:

    He has no bitch. He had a chance to fight Jones again but didn’t have a big enough tampon. Hendo has a bitch because he actually wanted to fight Jones. Go have a Piss Spritzer and STFU.

  7. Zach says:

    so easy for people to talk when they only know the fan perspective.

  8. Dick Diaz says:

    Chael did not turn down a title shot.

  9. B-rad says:

    If he wouldnt have turned down the 152 fight he wouldnt have anything to fuss about. Gotta strike while the iron’s hot

  10. Not You says:

    He wanted more time to train. He also was unreachable when Dana called to offer the fight.

    • realist says:

      Here is the difference he turned down the fight because it was on short notice, and he is relevant in the 205 lb division if he loses to jones again when will he ever get a shot again, so he wanted time to properly train, so instead you get 2 guys sonnen and belfort who aren’t even in the division, who say what the heck I have nothing to lose Ill fight him.

      And that is where we are at today. Dana is just trying to prove a point and be a hard ass, he gonna tell Machida you had your chance, it would be suicide for his career to not train properly and if he lost he’s out of picture but if he trains he can perhaps beat Jones he has done pretty well first time. END Of Story !!!

  11. Fortyb4five says:

    the guy just turned down a fight with Jones lol. Keep your mouth shut machida.

  12. Kingsforge says:

    Chael wanted it, nobody else stepped up for it, and he took it. It’s a ‘move your feet, lose your seat’ moment.

  13. Dethrone says:

    Reason chael accepted the fight in the 1st place is cause he has nothing to lose on the other hand machida if he lost again he would be in a bad spot. Fck this bullshit. Jones should’ve fought him at 151 cause he has every single advantage in his corner.

    • realist says:

      Your 100% right Belfort and Sonmnen had nothing to lose they are 205 lbers Machida is relevant in division and if he lost he would be called a journey man who would want to see him fight Jones a 3rd time, so he wanted to train because he thinks he has a shot to beat Jones.

  14. 2lowtoe says:

    if sonnen wins we know bones cant win the anderson silva fight

  15. the original steve says:

    since the ufc loves not making sense with there fights now. can we have nick diaz vs anderson silva please?

    • SinCe 2004 says:

      ??? Not only does that fight make sense but it would be the greatest fight ever, think about it…

      • the original steve says:

        it really doesn’t make sense. it would be amazing and honestly idc if any fight doesn’t make sense as long as it’s good. unless you are on the lower tier of undercard guys you are good enough to be in the ufc you are good enough to fight high level guys. styles make fights not records

        • SinCe 2004 says:

          It does make sense and heres why,, Diaz came back to the UFC as a Champ with 6 title defenses, destroyed a top contender, then lost a very controversial decision to the current interim champ,, how does that knock him off the pedestal? People say Weidman deserves a shot at Silva not because of his status, it is because of style, and the ufc are inclined to agree since style has a large part in match making for Joe Silva.. well how do you see the styles AND TALENTS of Diaz and Silva playing out?!? Please Stop with this ‘Diaz doesnt have the ranking status required’ nonsense, If Silva vs Bonnar can happen, if Aldo vs Edgar can happen, Silva vs Diaz NEEDS to happen.

  16. King says:

    He wanted more time to prepare for the title shot. Who wouldn’t want to be prepared for the biggest fight of their lives? Think about it. And Sonnen has nothing to lose, that’s why he stepped up for the title fight against Jones. This is the stupidest Title fight in the history of the UFC.

  17. LOL! says:

    Got to love the Dana White/Sonnen fans. Totaly blinded by their bullshit. Keep watching the mainstream news dirtbags.

    “Sonnen steped up” Trollololololololololol.

  18. Allen P says:


    • Thom says:

      He asked what he has done in the actual cage. Hate to break it to you but talking trash and calling out champions is a lot easier than actually winning fights, not to mention the LHW belt like Machida did.

      • Allen P says:

        Point is, he was WILLING to step in and fight the champ on 8 days notice. While Machida sat back and bitched about the time, if you want a fight, TAKE IT

        • Thom says:

          Machida didn’t say he wanted the titleshot instead of Chael in this tweet, did he? He just said that Chael doesn’t deserve it and he’s 100% right. The UFC 151 thing made sense because it wouldve saved the card but this doesn’t make sense. Jones is injured, so let Hendo v Machida determine the #1 contender. THAT makes sense.

  19. Artex says:

    well Sonnen doesnt´have anything to loose against Jones, instead Machida that needed more time to prepare that fight, cause obviusly he cares more about it!

  20. m says:

    DW said it best.

    He offered the fight to Lyoto. He made the fight with Hendo.
    Both backed out.

    Chael stepped up + Jones Backed out.

    Much like Bonnar v. Silva. Bonnar may not have deserved a fight against Silva but for the sake of entertainment it was a great matchup.

    Jones v. Chael is going to revitalize the TUF show which has been pretty shitty this year.

  21. Inspeckta Deck says:

    Machida turned down a rematch on short notice…imagine if he would of taken it n lost then he would never get another shot…turning down a rematch is totally different then turning down a first shot…the really bad thing about sonnen leap frogging the division is after he undoubtedly loses he’s gonna retire…I desperately wanna c the rest of the lhw division whoop his ass after all the smack talking he’s already said about them…specially the karate kid lol

  22. Zack says:

    This is nothing more than Dana white protecting his stock. Jones is a young guy with a huge ppv draw. There is some serious contenders for jones right now ( machida, hendo, Gustafson, and texiera) this is nothing more than Dana white letting jones get yet another “easy” fight and boosting the ultimate fighter ratings at the same time.

  23. BigBossMalaka says:

    You can’t always have things your way , especially in your last title fight you got put to sleep and turned down a rematch. Dana White is one dude that never lets favors done for him go unrewarded
    But the main and most important reason is because the fans would rather see Sonen fight Jones than Him. And that’s more important than hurt feelings

  24. Chaz says:

    Who else should Jones fight? Lyota had his chance and he’d be a bore. Henderson won’t be healthy in time for an April fight against Jones and Gustafsson has a couple more wins needed before getting in the octagon.

  25. Chaz says:

    Plus, TUF is tanking big-time (but has nothing to do with a Friday night move right Dana?). I think a Hendo v Jones would do equally well for the show, but it’s just not possible for the timeframe given. The show’s lost it’s appeal and hasn’t been entertaining since Henderson v Bisping.

  26. Tyler says:

    Its there own fault chael was the one man enough to take the fight machida had his chance and he said no even the champ wouldn’t fight him
    . It’s his own fault .

  27. Irie Nation says:

    well lyoto…he’s fighting the fight that was offered to you but you bitched out on it…so you have no room to talk or say anything…i would be ok with people that have been waiting for a shot…even though im a fan of hendo, he got hurt so in a way he should lose his spot…kind of like a “well shit happens” kinda thing…but lyoto was granted a shot and he turned it down

    • whatever says:

      Ur not rly smart… Lyoto already deserved the title shot (he literly deserved it, with a full training camp to prepare for one of the best talent the ufc have seen) and he should take a 8 days notice fight? while he worked for a real title shot? trust me NOBODY with a brain would take the fight in his position. Cheal accepted becouse he was granted a shot he got something he didn’t deserve… are people rly so naief ?

  28. jkdboy says:

    Let’s face it, if your a fan you barely know crap…. you look at it as if you were watching the WWE…. if the boss says you win this fight impressively then your next in line after jones ad hendo then “YOUR NEXT IN LINE!!” Chael sonnen is a beast who never stops training regardless, but come on it like dana and kenny said,nchael knew about hendo about to be pulling out way in advance and was getting ready on the DL for his opportunity…. lyoto was all the way in brazil, spent a lot of money to pay for that flight for him and his fam and fresh outta his fight a couple weeks b4 in LA… these guys aren’t animals, they’re athletes!! Dana gets a butt hurt and wants to pull strings… he doesn’t give a crap bout them unless he gets his way… I thinks it messed up to drop lyoto outta title contention jusscuz this could behis last time going for the lightheavy weight belt… this man takes his chances seriously and ufc president expects him to be his puppet…. heck no… cut the bs, boxers get paid to train, and they fight like twice a year at most… yet ufc fighters use more than juss their arms and fist to fightad you expect them to be ready at all times even if it means risking good prep fr a title fight…. wow

  29. U guys r idiots says:

    If machida takes the fight on short notice n loses he could have been cut like in the case of demarques Johnson

  30. whatever says:

    Machida didn’t step up agree… but the fight didn’t happen so what happend there is irrelevant machida wanted a full training camp… and of course cheal accepted the fight! he had nothing to lose he came of a lose in a title fight… machida worked his way up… to waste that on a 8 days notice title fight would be stupid now there is time to do a full training camp they should give it to the #1 contender instead of cheal, UFC is all bout the money tht’s why it isn’t a sport it’s a company runned by bussiness men with one goal: more money

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