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Tuesday, 11/19/2013, 07:21 am

Lyoto Machida Noncommittal To Fighting Teammate Anderson Silva

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida has put himself in the spotlight and reinvigorated his career after a headkick knockout of his friend and contender Mark “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Munoz, putting himself at the shortlist of possible contenders to the middleweight crown.

Recently, Machida talked to Sherdog about the possibility of having to fight his training partner Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

“I don’t want this fight. We’re close, and we have the same manager. He’s fighting for the belt, and I’m still far from it. It’s hard to talk about it now,” Machida said. “I don’t know if we will cross paths one day. Let’s let things happen and decide what to do. You have to be prepared to face to situation. You have to talk about it.”

Machida also talked about how he feels at 185 pounds, stating “I felt good. I thought it was going to be more difficult.”

He went on and said “I think in the other division the guys were bigger than me physically. At middleweight, I started to find an ideal weight for me,” Machida said. “I face guys my size, my height and with my physique. Another advantage is that I’m not hitting light heavyweights. I’m now beating on middleweights, and I’m guessing a lighter opponent would feel the blows more.”

Unfortunately for Machida, if he continues on the path he is on, and Silva gets his title back from Chris Weidman at UFC 168, it may be sooner rather than later that the possibility of fighting his training partner becomes a reality if he wants to wear gold once more.


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