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Saturday, 09/29/2012, 11:40 am

Lyoto Machida: Jon Jones no black belt, has big holes in his game | UFC NEWS

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida, took it to Jon Jones in a recent interview with Brazil’s

After seeing the near defeat at the hands of a Vitor Belfort armbar at last weekends UFC 152 event, “The Dragon” is more convinced than ever that the man holding his divisional title has some major holes in his game.

Here is what the Brazilian had to say on the matter:

“Vitor surprised me. He fought well. In the arm-bar, he could have ended the fight right there. Jon Jones has big holes in his game, he is not this guy that everyone looks and feels unbeatable. He is aloof, seeks to evolve his weaknesses, but leaves gaps in the ground, he’s no black belt. He’s a dangerous guy, and you have to stay alert.”


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  1. DMAC says:

    With all due respect who gives a shit about black belt or not? He basically killed Machida and Rampage, fought off a arm bar by a “black belt” and finished him at his own game plan. Machida had a chance to prove Bones has big holes but was too busy in the jungle. I guess it’s just talk to keep him pumped about the opportunity, understandable. But I can assure you Machida isn’t kicking and screaming for a rematch.

  2. Jim says:

    He shoulda taken the fight!

  3. yeahrightman says:

    That’s rich. Saying someone who choked you out isn’t a black belt.

    • Nick says:

      +1 my thoughts exactly. Hey bro, I know you choked me unconscious.. but you really should work on your submissions.

      • Not You says:

        He was talking about his defense. Do you have a hard time reading?

        • Synthfiend says:

          Vitor has been a gracie jiu-jitsu black belt for 16 years. How many people can actually defend against him? For someone on Vitor’s level of jiu-jitsu mastery if someone like Jon Jones who has no belt at all, not only defends against him but submits him then the holes in his game are not as big as Lyoto wants everyone to believe.

        • Not You says:

          Leaving his arm in to get caught in an arm bar is very evident of the major HOLE in his game.

        • dave bitch says:


  4. 123 says:

    vitor belfort had a broken hand & still nearly submitted him, jon jones is not as good as he thinks he is… id love to see him go to heavyweight & fight sum1 like… stefan struve, frank mir, big nog, cain velasquez, junior dos santos, fabricio werdum or allistair overeem…

    • Nando says:

      How do you know he had a broken hand? Have you seen the X-rays, or just taking his excuse for losing?

    • Kaice says:

      Broken hand? Don’t think that was on the medical suspensions list.

      I say Jones beats Struve, Big Nog and Mir it’s a push, Velasquez will take Jones down and punch a hole in his face, JDS will punch a hole in his face, Werdum will win (knees in the clinch or a sub), and Reem will drop Jones in the first round.

    • KimuraKing says:

      Dude!!! Shut up…..oh, he should fight outta his weight class cause he smashed everyone in his…..who has’nt he fought? Rampage, Evans, Machida, Shogun, Vitor all have been fighting longer than him all have black belts in something and have all gotten smashed by Jones!!! Vitor has been a black belt since ’96!!! He should’ve finished the fight. No excuses!!!! In ’96 Bones was in diapers…..Jones is legit!!!! Fuckin’ haters. You step in the cage…..

  5. Nando says:

    Why’s he talking shit when that “no black belt” choked his ass unconscious? Makes him look worse.

  6. Bjj says:

    Werdum or Frank Mir should kill jones

  7. BigBossMalaka says:

    You people really criticizing Machida need to shut your mouths , When he was choked unconscious he suffered mild brain damage due to a lack of oxygen and has been making silly statements such as this ever since .

  8. Rob says:

    Don’t like JJ, but he’s legit. Everybody’s seen the glaring hole in Anderson’s game… but he’s still unbeaten in the UFC. That said, Vitor could have had the belt. Frank Mir wouldn’t have loosened the arm bar after feeling a pop, he would have taken it home with him or JJ would have tapped or fought the remainder of the fight with a useless limb. Jones is not unbeatable, and after watching the Vera fight and seeing him post his arm to throw elbows, I always wondered how nobody had ever attacked his arm from the bottom. He’s corrected it, though, holds the back of the head with the other arm, so I’m sure Jackson noticed too.

  9. 123 says:

    i heard he had a broken hand,

  10. grandpoobah says:

    Pretty big of lyoto to say this, especially considering that jones put him to sleep. He must want to go to sleep again.

  11. lambeezy says:

    its funny jones may have holes in his game… but he makes all his opponents fight to jones’ strengths he imposes his will… no fighter has made jones feel uncomfortable but maybe machida in the first round… I have noticed that jones easily adapts to situations which makes him a lethal guy… why should Jones move up while he is the title holder?! I think once he loses it maybe he should move up to heavyweight and try his metal there… but I dont think it will happen for quite some time.. Jones is legit

  12. DylanDoesntNeedAFancyNickname says:

    coming from a guy who got choked out…..STANDING UP!

  13. J says:

    Honestly, I can’t take his word seriously when it comes to the subject of Jon Jones. The moment he got choked out keeps replaying in my head. As for what he said, it is just the basic approach to how it is in both the UFC, and a street fight. Black Belt or No Black Belt, don’t get caught on your heels; let Belfort and Machida be a testament to that. In my mind, what makes Jon Jones thrive in the UFC is preparation. Think about it, the last minute fight card change for UFC 151 was unexpected for Jones, and he declined because he didn’t study for that test. It’s one thing to read a fighter in the midst of a fight while utilizing the skills already obtained, and it’s another thing to be conditioned and study for what is expected. Jon Jones is not a black belt, we don’t know how he is in a street fight, but what we do know is that he delivers, and is capable of finishing. You don’t need a black belt to earn and keep that championship belt.

    • riDICKulous says:

      if that’s the case i can beat him on the streets anytime.

      warriors are life-long learners. not just learn to fight ONE opponent at a time. dun even dare to call yourself a fighter.

  14. Fred says:

    If he has holes and he beat you what does that say about your game STFU imo……..

  15. makaveli says:

    Lyoto is nuts! He was put to sleep by a non black belt and has the nerve to say that. If jones has holes in his game why didn’t he want 2 fight, when dana gave him the chance. Maybe he didn’t want to get put 2 sleep again! I don’t even like or respect jones but loyoto sounds nuts! And I’m still a jones hater!!!

  16. riDICKulous says:

    unlike GSP who has no problems fighting the same opponent twice, Jones don’t. cause he is scared. simple as that.

  17. 123 says:

    every1 has holes in their game, but jon jones will always have an advantage fighting at light heavyweight… in MY opinion.

  18. ZC says:

    A lot of you guys fail to realize that lyoto got tagged hard before he got choked out. When you’re rocked it’s obviously going to be much harder to defend against a submission. Especially bones who locked in the choke quickly.

    When it comes to a submission game, Jones is good. But he does have holes in his submission defense.

    I also saw someone say the only time jones has ever looked uncomfortable was in the first round with lyoto, but I saw a pretty uncomfortable look on his face when his arm popped from vitors armbar.

  19. Drew says:

    Machidas style is really to beat jones with… Round two bones caught Lyoto coming in from a mile away sorry Lyoto but ur spear like attacks just aren’t fast enough when ur facing a guy who’s wingspan could fly him to the sky, try and submit him but if never seen Lyoto finish somebody off of his back or feel comfortable on the ground

  20. Rob says:

    Jones didn’t defend shit ! Vitor straight up pussed out he should’ve broke that arm and use it to put the belt on ! LOL


    Jones is a Damn fluke.Sure he does good against these small ass 6footers.I wont be impressed until
    he stops being a lil bitch and Fights someone actually close in size at heavyweight,and stops throwing these chicken shit front kicks to the knee.Those are even seen as dirty in a Street fight let alone a marital arts.It doesnt surprize me he wants to fight an undersized and to old Hendo instead of a young in his prime Dos Santos.He wants to continĂșe his easy path against more small ass fighters.Thats right I said EASY PATH,I know hes beat former champs but only because his freak
    reach and size advantage against these much “SMALLER”former champs.Hence easy path.Makes no sense since he walks around weighing more than Dos Santos.

  22. Noah says:

    I am not a fan of JBJ but the dude is a beast when he is completely ready for the opponent. ( He doesn’t take short notice fight). As dragon pointed out, Bones might have holes in his game but he corrects within the rounds and finish the opponents at ease.

  23. 123 says:

    i say jon jones goes to heavyweight & fights stefan struve in his debut.

  24. monsterocity says:

    honestly i think it was just what i call the “mma effect” and everybodies heard this before: “anything can happen at anytime” i’ve seen kickboxers and stand up fighters get knocked out, ive seen ju jitsu blackbelts get submitted. idk how mush ground experience hes had but almost all his championship finishes have been submission so hey vitor is an amazing competitor and i think he could have finished it with the arm bar but he “coulda, shoulda, woulda, but he didnt” and now all jones has to to is train and make sure he watched for those next time.

  25. Wsheets says:

    Lyoto is an idiot.

  26. Frank Mamea says:

    Coming from the guy who got choked out while standing up. Dude, beat him first then talk…otherwise, SHUT THE F UP!!!

  27. Milkman says:

    Quit bitching about his reach faggots. There is 6 foot 155ers vs 5’6″ opponents. 205 is 205 no matter what the fuck your body shape is. Pretty sure the divisions are set up for weight classes not wingspan. Fucking haters, love or hate gotta give props to bones for latest performance.

  28. Renato says:

    So many that no one can beat him!!!

  29. Clay says:

    Oh that’s cool, now everybody’s big Jon jones fans when a week ago you were talkin shit! That’s weak

  30. KIDD433 says:

    Jones is stil a piece of shit,that doesnt want anything to do w heavyweight.I dont find beating up smaller fighters impressive,or entertaining.

  31. Bjj BB says:

    “He’s no black belt” its funny how you got choked out by sum1 who aint a black belt and he got out of a “black belts” arm bar, i think that may have earned him his black belt if you ask me. so machida! wheres his wholes again?

  32. Bjj BB says:

    Forgot to mention that he ended up tapping out “vitor the black belt” out as well, in order to be a ledgend you must beat one, why not get your black belt by submitting one? lol

  33. jbeamazing says:

    then why turn him down machida u scared

  34. Bob'O says:

    I am gonna laugh my ass off when Machida knocks Bones out next time. That’s what Machida does, he figures people out.

    Bones couldn’t finish Rashad, But Machida put Rashad to sleep in brutal fashion.

    You Bones nut sack bouncers will learn what a true Martial Artist can accomplish when given a 2nd chance. ~Bob’O

  35. Bjj BB says:

    @ Bob’o, your words mean shit when machida got beat the 1st time from shogun, then got knock the f-uck out the 2nd time, so tell me how does machida figure out people again? Seems like jones is doing all the figuring out cause he was catching cracks from machida then he chokes him out, vitor had a nice arm bar on him, then jones taps him out. Machida loses to rampage and jones taps out rampage, so that evans crap you just said dont mean shit, so shut the f-uck up with your petty thoughts!!

  36. Avatar says:

    Jones submission defense is his largest hole in his game. But for anyone looking to exploit that; good luck taking down Jon jones. He controls where the fight takes place, which is his biggest advantage over opponents.

  37. ginger says:

    wow there is tons of fighters in the ufc that can now claim themselves to beblack belts or even k1 champions or elite boxers. thank u BJJ BB for letting everyone know that in order to recieve these things all u have to do is beat someone. im gonna go hang around the gym and wait for a blue belt to gas and challenge him. hell ya blue belt here i come ill be a black belt soon enough. stupd bjj pple doing alll this training when all they have to do is defend against a basic sub or sub someone who is gassed and gives up the sub. any true black belt or even bj penn himself should feel stupid for learning all the techniques when all they had to do is learn the basics. they wasted a lot of time

  38. BB ginger says:

    as u can see i am now BLACK BELT FIREMAN ginger that firefighter didnt even see that sub comiing

  39. muay thai ginger says:

    look who just became a muai thai super master the homeless guy mentioned thai food which i assumed was his fighting technique. this shit is easy

  40. Jujitsu Player says:

    So many holes he choked you unconscious with a standing guillotine, a move most white belts jitz guys could escape from….

  41. Bjj BB says:

    @ ginger, did you not see the “lol” at the end of what i said? Meaning i was joking you dumbass!! Its not my fault you camt tell i was being sarcastic STUPID!! I was saying stupid shit to mock machida for the stupid shit he said! Smdh!!

  42. Xaninho says:

    I understand why Machida declined the fight earlier, but he can’t start talking shit now after that. His next fight is against Hendo, he should focus on that instead of this stuff.

  43. Typical says:

    What Machida’s trying to say is a black belt makes you immune to submissions and mistakes…

    Or something fucking stupid like that.

  44. Rob Ingram says:

    Machida got tired of telling Jones about the holes in his game, so he fell asleep standing up. Jones tried to catch him but he was too heavy.

  45. Mike b says:

    Usually I’m shittin on bones,but machidas a idiot.he choked u the hell out and jut dropped u.he submitted vitor and he is a black belt under Carlson everything ur saying is irrelevant.I guess bones isn’t the only one who just says a bunch of nonsense.

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