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Tuesday, 09/04/2012, 03:11 pm

Luke Rockhold vs Lorenz Larkin Slated for Nov 3 | Strikeforce News


Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold has his next challenger scheduled, and it isn’t Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza like most expected.   Rockhold and Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker had publicly discussed the rematch.  Gilberto Faria, Jacare’s manager was unsure why the rematch was ultimately dismissed, informing that “Jacare” was 100% healthy and only needed 8-to-10 weeks for a training camp.

Rockhold will defend his belt opposite Lorenz Larkin on a November 3 Strikeforce card.  Seeming to be a co-main event to a heavyweight battle between Daniel Cormier and Frank Mir.  This fight card is shaping up.

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11 Responses to “Luke Rockhold vs Lorenz Larkin Slated for Nov 3 | Strikeforce News”

  1. Me says:

    Suprised, Very suprised.

  2. DEE says:

    Yeah they don’t want any part of Jacare. Especially after what he did in his last fight. Rockhold is the star right now. He’s the new Jake Shields.

  3. Andersunsaliva says:

    CAN’T WAIT! Sarcasm

  4. EP says:

    Luke Douchehold … more like who gives a fuck…. This dude was a loser to begin with and then when he started running his mouth about Anderson thats when i was just like what a tool bag. Anderson Silva’s name doesnt even deserve to come out of this Cans mouth. Dude is such a chump of a champion.

    • T.R.U. says:

      Took the fucking words outa my mouth this guy is the essence of queef. nobody gives a mad fuck about him but himself its sad as fuck. Someone tell Luke Cockhold to take his bitchass back to the gaybars closet he walked out of with that pussyass schoolboy parted slickback dick in the booty haircut

  5. Mick says:

    Jacare true champ he deserves the rematch

  6. Rob says:

    T.R.U- funniest comment I’ve ever read on this site ! Seriously ! Lmfao !

  7. derp says:

    ill be watching! ok im kidding ill more likely be masturbating or something else more exciting

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