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Monday, 12/03/2012, 11:45 am


Luke Rockhold to Bisping: “See you in the UFC” | UFC NEWS

Last week Michael Bisping went on the record and called himself the “unofficial” Strikeforce middleweight champion.

This proclamation came after he reportedly got the better of Rockhold in a training session.

With Luke now forced on the shelf to to a nagging wrist injury the Strikeforce champion took to twitter to respond to Bisping’s claim:


5 Comments to Luke Rockhold to Bisping: “See you in the UFC” | UFC NEWS

  1. Lol@Luke says:

    What, so you can duck that fight too just like the Larkin fight? You’ve beaten Jardine and Souza… I wouldn’t have let you fight Kennedy, dudes a bum who lost to Mayhem Miller…. Sooo… I’d like to see you fight Bisping. Let’s see how you do against real competition lol. There’s only 2 fighters in Strikeforce right now worthy of the UFC.. That’s Melendez and Cormier.

  2. Not bad says:

    ^ summed it up pretty well, but bisping is still a decision fighter

  3. Lol@Luke says:

    His last few fights were decision but all in all, only 8 out of his 32 fights went the distance. I wouldn’t call him a 100% decision fighter. But his last few fights have gone the distance, you’re correct. So I guess that’s what he’s remembered for.

  4. Bramzz says:

    yeh not a decision fighter at all his last 2 were decisions before that he tkod mayhem. stupid statment.

  5. nejcadirlari says:

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