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Tuesday, 05/28/2013, 10:40 am

Luke Rockhold Calls out Michael Bisping Via Twitter


One of the most anticipated entries to the UFC middleweight division, Luke Rockhold (10-2), made his debut on May 18th losing in the first round to Vitor Belfort by what would become the first of two spinning-heel kick knockouts in the past two weeks.

Now, Rockhold seems to look for a quick turnaround as he called out Michael Bisping (24-5) today via his official Twitter account:

Rockhold calls upon claims that Bisping regarded himself as the “Unofficial Strikeforce middleweight champion”, following sparring sessions with Rockhold.

Bisping last faced Alan Belcher at UFC 159 and defeated him via technical decision after Belcher was unfortunately poked in the eye in the third. Bisping, however, dominated the fight up until the poke.

Now we wait to see if this matchup of two top-middleweights will come to fruition.


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9 Responses to “Luke Rockhold Calls out Michael Bisping Via Twitter”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    Make it happen!

  2. Dddddd says:

    It makes a lot of sense. Both losing to the top contender. I think Rockhold has a bit more tenacity than Bisping but I’m done not giving Bisping the credit he deserves. I hope it’s a good one.

  3. ya herd says:

    bisping can compete with anyone on the plante hes been in with names like evans, former champ, hendo, wanderlie, sonnen, belcher, vitor, honestly luke hasnt got much on him if anything i give the advantage to bisping, and if its a 5 round fight bisping would finsish him

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    The Belfort-Rockhold fight showed some significant holes in Rockhold’s game. Bisping has this.

  5. NextDoor says:

    So getting knocked out get you a fight with a contender? Interesting.

  6. 757 says:

    Who cares if the actually fight. I do think it would be good. I think it’s hilarious how that mental midget “ya herd” or turd or whatever mentioned all of these fights Bisping had….Vitor ko loss, Hendo near death experience, Wand loss dam near KO late and choke early, Sonnen loss, Rashad robbery, Belcher he won because Belcher was over rated and out of shape coming off of recent surgery and looked like shit in the fight prior. Then he says Bisping would finish him because it’s 5 rounds…hey ya herd numb nuts he doesn’t finish anyone unless it’s Mayhem or Rivera..ha ha ….wow you really know your stuff.

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