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Tuesday, 03/13/2012, 09:05 am

Lucky Fan Wins Chance to Spar With Jose Aldo And We Have The Video

UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, gave one lucky fan a chance to spar with him.

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12 Responses to “Lucky Fan Wins Chance to Spar With Jose Aldo And We Have The Video”

  1. McCombski says:

    That would be awome haha !!!!! i would have tried to ko him just so i could say i did.. and if i faild which i prob would have i can say i got koed by aldo either way win win for me !!

  2. the original steve says:

    lol jose is throwing punches so slow but it looks like hes trying to kick him real hard. cant tell if he is trying to go easy or not

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Don’t let the sound of the shinguards fool you, he ain’t going hard at all. Just light kicks with a little pop in ’em, that’s about it.

  3. Cofee409 says:

    Hahaha, Jose is giving about 10%

  4. momo says:

    lucky??? that dude will prolly be sleeping on ice lol.

  5. Nick says:

    That looked funny. It would hurt of course, but looks like they’re having fun.

  6. Me says:

    What’s so lucky about getting Hit by Jose Aldo?

  7. Bah says:

    Lucky bastard. If you fight, then this is a ( once in a lifetime opportunity to fight w one’a the best

  8. hanibal says:

    good thing he went easy on him and didnt ko him like cowboy did to that child!

  9. UFC VIDEOS says:

    Haha, yeah good thing he didn’t KO him.

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