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Monday, 02/11/2013, 10:09 am

Liz Carmouche Plans On Proving Rousey Cannot Armbar Her | UFC NEWS

“I honestly don’t think Rousey has what it takes to beat me. The only person that can defeat me is myself. Everybody asks, ‘Yeah, how do you not get arm barred?’ You just don’t get arm barred. You haven’t seen anyone be able to counter is yet so you know if she’s going to put those hands on you you’re flipped over, you’re on your back and that’s the end of it. Practice makes perfect, we’re just not getting arm barred, we’re doing arm-bar defense, attacks, counters. It’s just a matter of having enough practice. I’d definitely prefer to take this to the ground, show her that she can’t armbar me.

I do think that everybody’s afraid of Rousey, that’s definitely one of those things that’s kind of hindered people. I’m not scared. That first round is the most important part of the fight, if I can get through that it will definitely be a defeat in her eyes. This isn’t going to be as easy for her as it was in the past, and that’s probably the biggest hurdle for her…A lot of people say I’m just an easy person to armbar, and I’m OK with that, I’m just looking forward to proving everybody wrong.”


12 Responses to “Liz Carmouche Plans On Proving Rousey Cannot Armbar Her | UFC NEWS”

  1. Not You says:

    “I trained arm bar defense ALL CAMP. She’ll never arm bar me.”


  2. Kingsforge says:

    I predict a first round arm bar…

  3. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    that little monkey girl is going to get her arm broke.

    She looks like Uriah Faber except a few inches taller

  4. brian says:

    at 0:50, is carmouche wearing a white belt? good luck with not getting arm barred!

  5. magoo says:

    Gotta go with the dyke seeing how were not gonna see Cris smash Ronda’s pompous curled up nose. Wouldn’t that be special no more woman fights in the UFC …. Hoorah!

    • ... says:

      Wow. Do you know anything about Ronda Rousey? She’s a pretty humble and down to earth person. Far from pompous. You dick.

      • Artemis Entreri says:

        She’s an arrogant cunt…..humble my ass,DICK

        • Almightysandman says:

          One tv where she cries and people think she’s humble. She’s arrogant and cocky! And wears a belt that she was handed without a fight.

          She’s good…..but women’s mma simply doesn’t have the depth to create much competition.

          It would be hilarious if she lost…but it’s unlikely she will.

        • Artemis Entreri says:

          You are so not me.

  6. jeff says:

    lets just call her Liz Faber from now on…

  7. Artemis Entreri says:

    I also predict a first round armbar but I’m pretty sure Liz would prefer to be triangled by Rousey…

  8. lolwomanmma says:

    Woman suck in the cage id rather ronda get back to making sandwich. liz can go make out with faber

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