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Monday, 10/17/2011, 10:28 am

Lindland Thinks Silva will try weasel out of bout with Chael

“Anderson will to find a way to weasel out of that fight. I don’t know what his contractual obligations are as far as who he has to fight as a champion but they’re already laying the ground work… His manager Ed Soares is already making excuses for Anderson to not take that fight so yeah I think they’re going to try to weasel out of it. I don’t know what his obligations are contractually to the UFC but his obligations to the fans are that he needs to take that fight. Everyone of the fans know that Chael’s the number one contender and the guy that has a chance of beating him, can beat him and exposed his weaknesses in that fight. The fans want to see that fight and Anderson owes the fans that fight.”

Coach/Training partner of Chael Sonnen, Matt Lindland in a recent interview with MMAHQ talks about the proposed rematch between Sonnen and Silva.

With Sonnen’s side being somewhat vocal about not wanting to take a second fight with Sonnen, Lindland doesn’t think they are willing to take the fight.

Of course, as both sides weigh in on the issue, UFC president Dana White has said that he would be “dumb” not to book the fight as soon as possible.

Currently, Anderson Silva is still rehabbing a shoulder injury and is expected to be out the remainder of the year. However, there has been no definite timetable for his return.


113 Responses to “Lindland Thinks Silva will try weasel out of bout with Chael”

  1. KP says:

    “With Sonnen’s side being somewhat vocal about not wanting to take a second fight with Sonnen, Lindland doesn’t think they are willing to take the fight.”

    Lol. Nice to see how the guys that write “articles” on this site proof read their work before publishing.

  2. James says:

    lindland is a scrub.

  3. Bigeviljb says:

    Haha well said KP. No offense to the writer, but this entire article is full of typo’s!! The Sonnen camp is trying to hype the fight, before it even gets booked. When your the champ and the fact that Anderson has never backed down from any fight. I hardly think that is the case. He beat Sonnen once and he WILL BEAT HIM AGAIN!!

  4. tim says:

    Mabey anderson doesnt want to fight Criminals who plead guilty to Crimes they committed

    • Aaron says:

      Uhm, are you retarded? Just curious because it was a complication in the fine print of a contract. “Money laundering” was a label they put on the case but it wasn’t so much money laundering as it was confusion between contractee’s…

    • tiny tim.. Oh yeah that’s it! No stupid andersonnen doesn’t want to fight Chael bc andersonnen is a bitchassfucker but smart enuf to know what’s good for him! Andy will be called ANDERSONNEN from now on until he grows some Brazilian nuts to fight the world number 1 fkn CONTENDER! Why ANDERSONNEN bc he’s Chael’s BITCHASSFUCKEE.. Period!

  5. rayed says:

    I was a little confused also but they got their point across. And yes they put it nicely that Silva/Silva’s camp is a scared bitches

    • Jay says:

      scared bitches? lol scared of what exactly? Chael hit him almost 300 times and was never even close to getting a stoppage. So that being said is Anderson afraid of getting knocked out? absolutely not! Anderson is a BJJ black belt so is he worried about getting sub’d? lol NOPE!! So basically the only prayer that Chael has is to lay on him and pillow punch him for 25 mins. Anderson is the best because he is good everywhere, standing, on the ground, a far greater skill set. Chael is notorious for losing with late subs and it will happen again. Also would like to point out that anderson had 2 cracked ribs which not only affected his performance but also his training. Anderson was at his worst, Chael was at his best and still he couldn’t get the win. Anderson is not scared of Sonnen are u fucking kidding me! same result as last time except this time way more dominating!

  6. Bokchoy says:

    Anyone considering the fact that Anderson is INJURED atm?! Chael wants his shot, his fans want him to have a shot, and Silva’s fans want him to get in line.

    Solution would simply be to have him fight another contender, my bet is that Chael wins anyway. But why sideline him also while Andy recovers? Chael vs Miller/Bisping or Belfort. If Chael wins then there is no arguement. He gets his shot. This settles everything while Silva has is injury downtime. Anyone saying this shouldnt be is either scarred of Silva facing sonnen, or scarred of sonnen losing his shot. Be rational people.

  7. Sneaky slippery weasel = Anderson silva..period! He Chael will kick his asss! Dana WILL make it happen..

  8. Jmad says:

    lindlan looks like frankenstein

  9. drew says:

    silva and sonnen 2…coin toss overall…say same situation…i hope chael would lay and pray for 1:13 and he wins…sonnen can take down anderson isprobably what most people think…but anderson had a cracked rib…the man fought with a cracked rib with his title on the line…some people call out of a job that requires them to sit in a cubicle with a cracked rib….nobody is giving anderson credit and its quite insulting to the sport, the champion, and the work ethic/legacy he has layed down to far…a dude with a cracked rib submitted a tired word horse…so i mean…silva and sonnen 2…sorry sonnen i really started liking you but i dont think youll be able to catch the spider this time

    • steve says:

      you’re retarded for so many reasons. 1 sonnen doesnt lay and pray he peppers his opponents with shots constantly when he gets them down. sonnen can take down anyone in the middleweight division hes an Olympic wrestler. everyone is giving anderson credit the fact that he got beat up for 4 and a half rounds with a cracked rib then pulls off a submission win he gets a shit ton of credit.

  10. drew says:

    oh ya lindland, lets roast some nug sometime…rather not go to oregon with your 13 pot plants…just come here to philly walk around with 27g and ur coollll

  11. LionHeart says:

    Anderson Silva fan here! Agreed, they should fight again once Silva has recovered from injury. Enough with Chael and his WWE rant! I rather watch Undertaker roll his eyes back and Paul Bearer holding a urn. Come on we all know Dana White is salivating on the revenue off of this fight its going to happen no matter what each camp thinks. If Chael continues with his rants someone needs to slap him with an old fashion Rick Flair slap to his face…WOOOOO

  12. Pete says:

    C’mon, even with performance enhancers he didn’t pull it off in the end so why is he at the head of the line? Only because of DW and the potential loot. At least do Belfort first. The Miller/Bisping winner shouldn’t be in any hunt period. Who has Silva ducked? No one. They’ll fight when both are ready and it’ll be great.

    • Mike says:

      You’d rather give the shot to a guy who didn’t even land one clean shot before he got knocked out than the guy who dominated the p4p best fighter in the world for 4 and a half rounds before getting submitted by a hail mary triangle?

      Yeah, that makes sense.

      • raul says:

        Yea he really. Dominated. Anderson. 2 broken ribs cheap on steroids and face all battered up wen he dominated? And u get tapped out by a Guy with broken ribs when ur on steroids and u lose. This fool dnt deserve a rematch those that think he does r Anderson Silva haters

        • Mike says:

          No, anyone who isn’t hanging on Silva’s nuts, has common sense, and has the ability to spell and use correct grammar knows that the only person who deserves a match with Anderson is the guy who almost beat him. Hell, any Anderson fan who thinks Anderson is better than Chael wants this fight so Anderson can prove the first fight was a fluke.

          I’m not a Silva hater. I’m just a guy who doesn’t have my ass too far up my(or anyone else’s) ass to see what’s happening.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i’m surprised you had enough time to type that short statement now go back into the ass you came from.

        • SaberTooth says:

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        • mmaislandjunkie says:

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        • SaberTooth says:

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        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          lol snaggletooth hanging on by the skin of his single tooth. sorry buddy by the chain of our replies it is clear who is champ and who is stuck sucking cock with one tooth i bid you and ur tooth adieu.

        • SaberTooth says:

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        • SaberTooth says:

          Foreskin, I look like your worst nightmere!!
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        • Fortyb4five says:

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        • SaberTooth says:

          lol huh? So you got that nervous little laugh when you know you are in danger. I can see in your soul man, you an empty vessel.

  13. Nat says:

    I’ve never heard of Anderson SIlva ducking a fight, Dana White even said it in a interview … “Anderson has never turned down any fight the UFC has offered him.”

  14. Sean says:

    I love how these roided up cheat losers keep talking all this shit and calling anderson a weasel..r u kidding me. THese guys are like little 9 year old obnoxious kids that can’t be the best at anything and can’t handle it.

    Lindland and Sonnen, you guys are flat out pathetic.

  15. Jeff says:

    Stfu Lindland! Sonnen has a big enough mouth, I don’t want to hear his teammate’s too. Or move over to the WWE.
    Both camps are right, we want to see Chael get ktfo in a rematch as soon as possible, but silva has had only one fight since then, why the hell should Chael get another shot so close to his last title fight. Get to the back of the line, mow thru 2-3 more guys and get another shot. Quit recycling fights already

  16. Xaninho says:

    lol…take a look at that pic.That guy can’t be taken seriously…He looks like a Meth-head…Oh maybe he’s Sonnen’s dealer!

  17. chon209 says:

    @xaninho this site is for mma fans not trolls
    matt linland (“That guy”) can have a say because he is a fighter, unlike you trolls and especially ed soares, so if anybody needs to stfu it would be you and ed soares…
    not taking sides because this is all to hype the fight thats going to happen when the spider heals up regardless of you sonnen haters

  18. Jason says:

    Sonnen will not fight silva until he shuts his arrogant ass up

  19. Dangerous says:

    Chael was an Olympic ALTERNATE. He didn’t actually compete in the Olympics. He has great wrestling and “peppers” opponents from the top sure, but he couldn’t finish Silva when he was supposedly giving him the beating of a lifetime and when Silva came into the fight with cracked ribs. Plus Sonnen was caught cheating and still got submitted…..I won’t even touch the fact that he was also being charged for a FEDERAL offence….he should have to beat a true contender to even sniff another shot at The Spider’s title

    • Creature says:

      An Olympic alternate is still considered Olympic level, and you make it sound like his Fed. Offense was such a horrible crime.. He pretty much stole some money, big deal. Not like anyones life was in danger or he did something totally fucked up.. Leben has had multiple DUI’s and no one makes a big deal out of it when he fights, why just Chael? Brian Stann is a true contender, if he had won no one would have been complaining when they gave him the title shot. MW is too thin and Chael is the best choice out of the bunch.

    • Your lack of a brain is the only thing DANGEROUS about u fool!

  20. Jason says:

    Not to mention , chael can’t ever finish fights. He choked out stann and thats about it. He win a fight in almost 2 years. The dude needs to be kicked out. His comment after the win tords anderson should of sealed the deal

    • 3ric says:

      Anderson Silva has more of the chance to be fired. Wait and see.


        wait and see – pffft. There going to fire the best MMA fighter that ever lived?! why, Cuz he won’t lower himself to fight a douche clownass like Chael. If the guy had any class, I believe that Anderson would be taking the fight straight away. Right now he’s making an example out of him.

        • Jason says:

          Silva is a clown with no respect for MMA, the UFC or the fans. The guy acts like a complete tool in every fight by dancing around and mocking his oppenent. Blind Silva worshippers like yourself seem to forget that Dana White was ready to kick him out of the UFC for his actions and lack of respect. Pull up the fight against Demian Maia, Thales Leites or Patrick Cote and tell me you are proud to be a fan of a guy that acts like that in the ring. And since you brought up Sonnens lack of finishing fights, have you seen Silvas record cause it runs about 25% decisions. Seriously if the guy is REALLY as good as you lovers say, then he should have no problem finishing fights. Doesnt happen though

    • sgt thai clone says:

      tell me what fighter even came close to beating Anderson like sonnen did-no one! and boy did Anderson take a beating-a brutal beatdown

  21. Creature says:

    I just hope this fight happens, so that rather the Sonnen fans or the Silva fans will finally get shut up…

    Sonnen loses then just proves Silva really did have a cracked rib and that combined with Sonnen’s slightly higher testosterone was why he dominated most the fight.

    Silva loses then just proves broken rib or not that Chael is better, the testosterone had nothing to do with it, and the triangle was just a case of Chael getting careless. Either way it will be over with

  22. chon209 says:

    exactly, well put, it seems the only ppl that dont want this to happen are the sonnen haters and the spider groupies
    i just want to see who the better fighter is and this fight (without the other facters from both sides) needs to happen to prove it once and for all

  23. Brandon Wheaton says:

    Ahahaha! Why WOULD he need to duck a fight when he gets CAKEWALK opponents like Okami? 185 is the WEAKEST division, why do you think there’s only the same two contenders?

  24. Jc says:

    chael vs vitor. there is no clear number 1# contender. silva shouldnt feel bad for not wanting a rematch with someone who isnt worthy. is he a pussy and ducking a fight if he returns a fight down from mark munoz?? no chael has to beat a top contender b4 he gets a title shot.

  25. SaberTooth says:

    That’s what weasel’s do, they try and weasel out of no win situations like the clown Siva is going to try and do.

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      no win situation he already won in, nice fail there.

      • SaberTooth says:

        Silva got lucky with a bitch triangle move after dumbass Sonnen got mentally weak in the last half of Round 5. Obviously, the superior fighter pounded on that poor excuse for a champion Silva for 4.5 rounds until Sonnen had a moment of mental weakness. Silva just got lucky and HE knows it!!

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          dumbass is correct and no dumbass shall be mw champion while silva is there. luck or not, bitch trianlge or make you my bitchh triangle, bottom line is that chael was and still is the loser silva was and still is the winner. tough cookies, but swallow it.

        • SaberTooth says:

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        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          i guess some icehead devirginized u or maybe i should i say deflowered, i know you like hearing the word flower. sonnens life is full of mental and physical weakness, hence the baby testicles and all the losses from tapping out. at least u know u safe with him since u hoping his baby sack wont split ur behind again.

        • SaberTooth says:

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        • mmaislandjunkie says:

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          a moment of mental weakness…and 4.5 rounds of ROIDS coursing through his veins. He’s a real champ alright.

    • Dheeraj says:

      you mean like how chael used TRTS for that training camp because he was afraid to face a more superior bloodline fighter “Anderson” … we all know chael would be no where without his doctor approved PED TRTS STeroiD Abuse! Chael is a inferior breed in terms of Anderson or any other man not on TRTS! he had small testicles in which he inherited from his grandfathers grandfathers…! you can say that that family tree was shootin blanks!lol
      Can Chael sign an garantee a contract that he will not be on TRTs for his training camp or during A vs C rematch!

      • SaberTooth says:

        Hey Dheer in the Headlights, let me clue you in on a few things ALL of these fighters have used or use steroids. Wise up idiot. Your little bitch hero Silva does too,

      • Andersonnen is an ass clown.. been reading your comments your a fkn MORON! Worshipper of a COWARD..

        • SaberTooth says:

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        • Fortyb4five says:

          haha Chartman don’t even start with this chump

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

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        • SaberTooth says:

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        • Fortyb4five says:

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        • SaberTooth says:

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        • Fortyb4five says:

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        • SaberTooth says:

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  26. sup says:

    i have 0 respect for this washed up bum who KOed him self like a bitch.

  27. Sergio says:

    Brandon Wheaton weakest division?? Anderson beat Forest grifin, Hendo, Nate Maquest, Leben, victor, Rick F., travis Lutter…. what else? who this 7 fighters is weak? common all division have good fighters!

  28. mmaislandjunkie says:

    all these team quest guys are funny when they lose, its like they cant believe they actually suck! hey lindland u ever recover from vitor knocking you the fuckk out?!? lmao, send chael his way and chael can get ktfo too!

  29. Calvin says:

    now that matts done talking about silva what happened with vitor i thought the dude was dead


    Make Chael prove he’s worthy of the champ by taking one or two fights while Anderson heals up. If you look at his record, the dude isn’t anything special. Sure he had a good night against Anderson, but he lost. Then he was proven to be using steroids. wtf?! Let him fight a few more! Vitor maybe. If he’s all he says he is, that shouldn’t be a problem. What does Anderson have to prove? He’s beatin’ everybody. THEN>>if Chael does make it through Vitor (which I highly doubt) a healthy Anderson will just kick the shit out of him anyways. No point getting all red in the face for doucher Chael not getting his hyped-up fight right away. Dude is going to lose either way.

    • Chael is already on top of the food chain and ready to take andersonnen belt..and u already knew that tho didn’t u. Chael already treated Andy like a bitch .. who else is going to stand in his way ..Vitor? I’m a Vitor fan and I don’t wish that on Vitor bc Chael will probably re-injure Vitor’s shoulder. Your namesake is a pusssy and scared to fight the MONSTER! Andersonnen doesn’t have to fight Chael.. just send the belt to TEAM QUEST in west linn, Oregon and Chael will save the ass beating on the next # 1 contender. Andy’s a chicken shit u using some bullshitt name.. U fkn troll, where’s your real name besides “u suck Andy’s dorkdongdick” u faggzz!

      • says:

        Thanx for setting the record straight…………chael is the best at middleweight and “andy” wont get lucky next time………btw……I love calling hi andy!!!!

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