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Monday, 09/19/2011, 07:03 am


Lil Nog looking for stand up battle with Ortiz

“If I can avoid the ground game and try to knock him out, I will try… I’ll go after him and try the knockout, but if the fight goes to the ground I’ll be ready. I think he’ll try to take me down to work on the ground and pound, but I’ll be ready for all this, defending the takedowns or doing a good guard on the ground”

Rogerio ‘Minotouro’ Nogueira tells Brazilian media outlet,, that he is focusing on a stand up strategy for his upcoming bout with Tito Ortiz.

The two are scheduled to face off at UFC 140 this December, and both are in need of a win. For “Lil Nog” his two fight losing streak could mean the end of the road if he is unsuccessful against Ortiz.

Can he do it?


2 Comments to Lil Nog looking for stand up battle with Ortiz

  1. Logan says:

    Lil Nog will KTFO Ortiz

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