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Monday, 09/10/2012, 11:50 am

Liddell Admits He Would Have Taken Sonnen Fight If In Jones' Shoes | UFC NEWS

“I would have taken the fight. But I don’t make his decisions or run his career for him.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Chuck Liddell took to a recent fan chat on the YahooSports Network and talked about the UFC 151 fallout.

“The Iceman” was at one time the most dominant champ in the sports landscape, with a highlight reel of vicious knockouts to rival any man currently in the sport today, it should come as no surprise that Liddell would have taken the Sonnen fight on 8-days notice.


41 Responses to “Liddell Admits He Would Have Taken Sonnen Fight If In Jones' Shoes | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Chuck, we all know you would have fought El Diablo if you had too.
    we dont need too know how much of a Champion you really are… we all already know you as the most Legendary Light Heavy weight Champion the UFC has ever had.

  2. punchkick says:

    liddell will fight anybody.

  3. Gefco says:

    Yea cause he’s danas and lorenzos boy

  4. Sugar Ponybear says:

    Liddell was a true champion. As Champ, it’s Jones obligation to fight who is put in front of him. Whether it makes sense or not. If I were in his shoes would I of wanted to take the fight, fuck no. Would I of, in a heart beat. Did Sonnen deserve a shot after losing to another champ? No. A lot of fighters get undesreving shots though, like Sonnens first. The show must go on, Jones obviously didn’t get the memo.

    • Guss says:

      Let’s not forget how Jones ‘earned’ his title shot as well. Was he deserving? A couple more wins in high profile fights he definitely would have been. But not when he got it. He just got lucky because Rashad got injured. Guess he forgot all about that, with all the ego, fame and money getting to his head. Chuck is part of the old school fighters, with old school mentality towards fighting. And thats to fight whenever and whoever, and many fought with injuries. No one ever bitched out.

  5. DMAC says:

    Fair statement by Chuck, at least he isn’t trying to disrespect like everyone is… Once he decapitates Vitor everyone will change their tone.

  6. Adonis says:

    Chuck, who cares what you say nowadays? If no one noticed, he was a one trick pony. He is one of those fighters from a different generation who couldn’t adapt. He would start losing, so he retired. Back in ’02, he beat Vitor, but who would see that happening now? He started losing, new fighters were coming and and old ones improved. He was scared and got HoF status, so he quit. He may have taken it early on, but not towards the end when he was losing. Especially against Sonnen, who would tear him up.

    • calvin says:

      Idk if you’re trolling or just retarded because chuck was forced to retire

    • Gouldx87 says:

      Actually Chuck wasn’t a 1 trick pony. He had awesome knock out power(which your refering to as his 1 trick) but so did huston alexander who went no where…. you forget that chuck also had great counter wrestling he was hard as hell to take down and a nightmare to keep there. he also had excellent take downs though he rarely chose to use them His skills never failed him but at the age of 40 his body did, he couldnt fight anymore with the amount of punishment he had taken early on in his career. But further to the point Chuck was a Champ your just a Chump…show some respect

      • Secludedly says:

        That’s correct. Chuck Liddell was on his back in his entire UFC career for a total of 16 seconds.

        Although, in PRIDE when Dana used to have him represent UFC and fight their guys, he was on his back against someone(I forgot who) for nearly ten minutes.

        • Majestyk says:

          In Chuck’s final fight he actually looked great. He was in amazing shape, and was moving differently than he usually did. So he WAS in the process of adapting and improving his game. Unfortunately, his chin was never the same after the Rampage fight. That’s what led to his FORCED retirement.

        • Mike b says:

          I actually think rashad did tremendous damage to chucks chin.but u do have a point after the page fight it seemed he wasn’t able to take a punch anymore.nobody is ever going to really know anyway.and chuck did look great against rich,he was mixing up his strikes took him down he looked good.i hate watching that fight tho.Lol…chuck is the man.

    • TheWholeTruth says:

      Adonis…..I agree. As I posted below. Jones is smarter than chuck. If you give chuck a 6 pack of coors lights, he will fight anyone. This is a new age.

      • Shadleigh says:

        Adonis and whole truth. Why don’t the two of you STFU! I am so sick of guys talking sh*t on this site when chuck would beat the hell outta both of you at the same time! Are either of you in the UFC? Didn’t think so. So next time before you try to talk shit about any UFC fighter remember that they are all bad asses and that why they are UFC fighters.

  7. bolgna jones says:

    Why am I seeing his email? Someone else posted his email, so no point. BJ, please get rid of your webmaster. This is soooo wrong… What other site does this? Out of millions, this is the first. That means, it’s pretty bad work!

    • Majestyk says:

      I’m sick of reading posts from people complaining about the technical glitches on this site. Sometimes I notice that someone else’s info is on my system. Guess what I do? I change it back to my own info, and write my post. I’m sure that is well aware of the problem, and bitching about it everyday won’t get things fixed any faster.

  8. stonerman says:

    Chuck would have fought sonnen on 8 hours notice. thats a true champion

  9. Secludedly says:

    If you need notice to fight, you’re not a fighter. That just doesn’t make sense to not fight, especially when it’s your job and it gives you loads of money. Jon Jones is not a fighter. Chuck Liddell is. Vitor Belfort is. Chael Sonnen is. Alistair Overeem is. Charlie Brennaman is. Tito Ortiz is. Sakuraba is. Guys like Jones and Lyoto, rather do research and train diligently against what the other person specializes in and uses a methodical approach. That’s not fighting, that’s what people in sports do. Yes, this is a sanctioned sport, but what’s the point of this specific sport? To see who the best FIGHTER is. Not the guy who does their homework best.

    • Philly says:

      @ Secludedly- Part of being the best fighter IS “doing your homework”, dumbass. That’s obviously how people get to be the best in the first place. Dumbest f***ing comment I’ve read all week.

  10. CMUSMC says:

    Chuck was the best ever. Age and chin issues be damned he would still take a fight on 8 days notice. As long as he was fighting Tito.

  11. seariff says:

    Chuck would’ve taken the Sonnen fight because Chuck’s a man, not a fighter. Chuck didn’t try to seal a legacy or a paycheck. Chuck, like BJ, fought like a man because he wasn’t afraid to get knocked down. Jon Jones is great fighter, but won’t be man enough to hold Chuck’s jock until he starts taking fights to enjoy the competition, not the paycheck.

  12. L4LMMA says:

    What I like about sonnen is he said yes right away, deserving or not he is a true fighter how many other fighters turned down the jbj fight

  13. learntoread says:

    Chuck would have fought anyone they put in front of him at 205 back in the day, he was that confident in his abilities and that dedicated to Dana & Zuffa.

    You actually think Jones would (hypothetically) fly to Japan to fight in a Pride Grand Prix tournament against the best LHW’s in the world and potentially fight twice in one night…I seriously doubt it. Chuck had the guts to put his reputation & record on the line.

  14. Chuck would have taken the fight because he’s tougher. John Jones is mentally weak. John Jones with most likely beat chuck now but Don’t mean he’s tougher .John Jones will quit just like Brock Did the minute he takes a beating . Guys like Shannon rich , jens pulver, wanderlei Silva and chuck fucking liddell are tough guys!! Does anybody know of a Jon Jones fan club? ……… lol!!

  15. Roger says:

    Bj would have too!!!!…it’s all about tha ScraP!

  16. stephen riddle says:

    In the future hopefully they invent a time machine and they bring back a prime chuck to fight a prime jones, chuck would fuck him up!

  17. Dick Diaz says:

    chuck liddell was the man!

  18. 123 says:

    why didn’t chuck liddell ever fight dan henderson, that would of been an insane fight.

  19. Mike Cannon Jr. says:

    I miss watching him fight …

  20. MMAGUY says:

    A real fighter, and a true champion speaks the truth! JBJ needs to go with Rampage to another sport and take all the pseudo whining fighters & fans with them. I hear WWE is hiring, just tell them Brock Lesner sent u!

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