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Thursday, 01/23/2014, 06:30 am

Lesnar’s former BJJ coach could see him return


The Brock Lesnar rumors are continuing to swirl.

First it was UFC president Dana White who said, “it’s definitely a possibility,” that the former UFC heavyweight champion would return to the Octogan.

Now Lesnar’s former jiu-jitsu coach is adding a little fuel to the fire.

Speaking with MMAFighting, Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, who teamed with Lesnar after the big guy’s loss to Frank Mir in 2008, said anything’s possible.

“The possibility exists,” Medeiros said. “If he decides that that’s what he wants to do, he will do it. That’s how it happened when he decided to fight MMA in the first place. He wanted to test himself, he wanted to do it.”

Lesnar quit fighting in 2011 with a 5-3 professional record after battling diverticulitis.

“Comprido” said the fight with Alistair Overeem, which was Lesnar’s last, came too soon and that those close to the situation knew about the disease before the Shane Carwin fight.

“He trained two days, and then couldn’t do anything for a whole day. He trained three days, and then needed two days to recover,” he said. “We were worried about it. One day, I got there to teach him and he said he couldn’t fight, that it doesn’t made sense for him to get here if he wasn’t 100 percent.

“He went to the doctor to find out what he had, and one day he had a crisis, and they found out he had diverticulitis. He didn’t have surgery because it was too complicated, he would need to cut 12 inches of his colon. They tried to avoid it, but had to do it after the Velasquez fight.

“It was phenomenal that he has surgery and fought again. But, in my opinion, he should have waited a little longer before fighting Overeem. He should have been more patient, get mentally and physically stronger. He had a terrible disease.”


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  1. Haydh says:

    Overeem didnt test positive after Lesnar fight, pre fight and post fight his levels were normal he tested positive before his fight with JDS.

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      Actually Overeem was only given a conditional license to fight against Brock where he had to go through several drug tests to get his license. As I recall he actually failed the very first test that he was given. Funny to think the Brock fight was his last win, though I think that has more to do with Brock’s diverticulitis issues than it does any possible juicing on Overeem’s part.

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