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Thursday, 07/18/2013, 01:26 pm

Lesnar’s Eats!! Wracks Up $500 Tab with Tripple Double Chicken Parm & More

It looks like Brock Lesnar’s stomach problems are a thing of the past. is reporting that former UFC Heavyweight champ and WWE champion crushed a massive dinner he shared with his wife. The former UFC heavyweight champion’s MMA career was cut short by his battles with diverticulitis.

Lesnar, who is currently back in the WWE, and his wife were dining at a Montclair, NJ Italian restaurant. Here’s what TMZ reported Lesnar and Mrs. Lesnar ate:

— Ahi tuna with asparagus (shared)
— Margherita pizza (shared)
— Chicken Parm … with TRIPLE-EXTRA chicken
— Full bowl of parpadelle bolognese
… and, to top things off, dude crushed a slice of cheesecake by himself.

We’re told the entire meal cost just north of $500 … PLUS, we’re told the WWE star left a “very generous” tip to everyone who stayed past closing time to take care of him.


0 Responses to “Lesnar’s Eats!! Wracks Up $500 Tab with Tripple Double Chicken Parm & More”

  1. SILVER SPIDER says:

    slow day at huh? Reporting on what a former ufc has been champion was eating one night out.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Too Bad he got ill and can’t fight anymore. He would have been dominating the HW’s in UFC. The Baddest Mon on the Planet.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      HAHAHA that’s some of the funniest sh!t I’ve seen posted on here. He was the HW champ when it was hands down the weakest division in MMA. As soon as he faced a genuine top tier HW he got crushed, the fight against Cain was as embarrassing as anything I’ve ever seen in MMA and he lasted about 2 kicks against REEM. Illness or no illness he belongs in the make believe world of WWE.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        I’m glad you found that humorous, you must be of unusual intelligence for this site. To see humor in the most pure area of fact is a sign of specialness. But yah, he was not himself after the diverticulitis and Cain and Overroids was after that. Do you really believe Overroids has any lefitimacy. BTW: jujitsu suks. Now that was funny!!

  3. The natural says:

    Ur not goin to find those things any were else in the the world better so y not. You can hate all u want but nj chicken parm and margarita pie can’t be beat.

  4. drew says:

    brock is a good dude. i bet he dropped a 1k in total or possibly a 1k tip in general…dude is a beast and if the only people who can beat him are the top 4 hw currently thats not to bad at all

  5. bj is amateur says:

    This has to be the most amateur news site in existence. The writers for this website are absolute jokes. You realize triple is spelled “triple” not “tripple”.


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