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Monday, 08/20/2012, 06:54 pm

Lesnar Announces He is Leaving the WWE? | Video

In a video posted on the Tout social media site Brock Lesnar announced he has quit the WWE. Most likely this is “in character”, but if it isn’t would he return to the UFC? Better yet – would Dana White have him back?


38 Responses to “Lesnar Announces He is Leaving the WWE? | Video”

  1. Bob says:

    wow crazy to be on here and no more trash talking.. lmao.

  2. Some Guy says:

    Who gives a shit about Lesnar anyway?

  3. Milkman says:

    Overrated loud mouth

  4. Rob says:

    SaY wat u want he was a hw champ! And defended it.

    • Zulwali says:

      yea but he lost to REAL hw fighters like Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem….Randy Couture was good but he lacks the size and strenght, Frank mir….stood no chance cause Frank mir is an alright bjj fighter, Shane Carwin…lacks cardio and whoever lost to Lernar on his first debut….i dont even know…just to shows you how much the HW devision has build up properly…If Lesnar fought jds…he’s get be curling again on the floor.

      • Bahamian says:

        Haha alright are you serious go ask big nog and Petey Williams maybe even Tim Sylvia how “alright” he is your a retard

        • Tapitout21 says:

          Brock never fought either one of them you tool. At least know wtf you’re talking about before you try and talk shit

        • Leo says:

          Erm, I believe Bahamian was referring to Frank Mir with his previous comment…

          “Brock never fought either one of them you tool. At least know wtf you’re talking about before you try and talk shit.”

          I felt it was appropriate to re-post your own comment and let it stew for a bit till the penny drops.


      • Mike b says:

        Mir and randy are not real fighters…lol.mir is a alright bjj fighter…Lol.mir is the best jiu-jitsu practitioner in the hw division,what are u talking about????it didn’t matter the size of the guys randy fought before like Pedro rizzo twice Tim Silvia.and mir submitted big nog,Kongo,Silvia,give Brock some credit dude.and u said Mir didn’t stand a chance against Brock but he submitted Brock in their first meeting.

        • Almost says:

          Frank Mir is a good Bjj practitioner but I wouldn’t say best. I’d put him in 3rd behind fabricio Werdum and Roy Nelson, being as fabricio Werdum is WORLD RENOWNED and big country put a whopping on Mir in a Bjj competition, but mir is definitely the better all around fighter. I think mir v Werdum would be a good matchup.

          See guys, that’s what a well thought out, statistically logical statement looks like. And it is free of profanity. I’m sure most of you would’ve started this statement like “you f****n dumb a** you don’t know nothing big country beat frank mir’s” blah blah blah I the vocabulary of a 12 year old. I respect mike B’s opinion but due to facts, I believe his statement is misguided.

      • hendo says:

        yeah dude your spot on with everything you just said. brocks overated and hes only beat a old slow weak randy couture and beat frank mir. and frank mir isnt top 5 anymore

      • lumpy says:

        So the fighters he beat were not real fighters??/ Or are you one of the excuse for every win because he lost to 2 of the top HW in the world?? yeah he was over rated… SMH

      • lumpy says:

        what you say is funny… Those guys are not real fighters? i would address how stupid the excuse fools sound but i really doubt you would understand…

      • mahazestar says:

        Cain was his only legit loss. Reem was juiced and he avenged his earlier loss to Mir. Plus he was plagued with an injury that would retire a fighter. I felt during the injury and all the pressure as the new face of the UFC got to him and he lost the love to fight. If he comes back it will be interesting and maybe we can finally get the JDS vs Lesnar fight going.

  5. M says:

    Be careful what you say about lesnar…he has a pretty solid kimura.

  6. jjjj says:

    na just wwe plan game attection , he will be back like as another wwe . who give a shit about it

  7. at Bob…its kinda nice isn’t it….no wrestling rules or keep Fitch forever or any of the childish ones…maybe ppl can have a sensible conversation. Thanks @bjpenndotcom for making this forum sensible…I actually stopped using it almost completely because I got sooo sick of the racism, racist sexual slurs, and prejudice homophobic bullshit. Some of it literally made me sick it was so ignorant and childish and uncalled for. Thanks again, it is actually readable again now and I can let my 10 year old son use it again….HAPPY. oh and my boy is BJ Penn’s Biggest Fan…lol.

  8. Xaninho says:

    Yeah I’m glad something is done about it. It’s still possible to use someone else’s name though. If wrestlingrules and keep fitch find out how to work around the ip ban, they will be back and post stuff under other peoples names.

  9. Bjj BB says:

    @zulwali, your forgetting mir beat him 1st, and how do u not know heath-the crazy horse? Pride? Anyway your right thow, he lost to the real top hw and did beat the others just cuz of his size.

    • Kingron84 says:

      The point isn’t if he can handle the top opponents now that people know to rush him but it is in fact that Lesnar is by far the biggest PPV draw the UFC has ever had and if it means Dana bringing him back to feed him to Jr for over a million buys he is going to do it.

      Lesnar may suck against skilled fighters but he still is the biggest draw in MMA, and in the end money talks.

  10. Xaninho says:

    I don’t know if Lesnar needs to get back in the cage just to get beaten up. He has enough money, so being the next Bob Sapp would not be in his best interest.

  11. Jimmy joe says:

    He won on size and strength , not really skill. I find it hard to believe looking at him he hasn’t done some performance enhancing drugs in his time. Do you get that big a muscled from protein shakes ?

  12. stoney says:

    i would love to see this guy back, He is still a very big draw and would make a great gate keeper

  13. KIDD433 says:

    Would love to see him come back and fight fat boy nelson

  14. jah fya says: must be payed by wwe to keep publishing this stupid irrelevant news about Brock lesnar. who gives a shit!!!!

  15. 757 says:

    Brock made a ton of money. The HW division got much better even since he first came to it. The dudes fighting there now are for real. Brock is done and should stay done. He will get hurt by the top level guys. JDS, Cain, Reem, will all clean his clock. Even Carwin was pounding his face in and lucky for Brock he gassed. It needs to be over for Brock. He has more time to hunt and fish now.

  16. punchkick says:

    lesnar = big publicity/ticket sales
    big publicity / ticket sales = money
    money = dana white wants
    dana white = ufc
    so dana white would likely hire brock back. maybe as a novelty fighter?

  17. yup yup says:

    you know this guy almost died, came back and fought. probably didnt heal enough . and doubt his training was up to par. should cut him some slack on his performances coming off almost death. most fighters wouldnt have even come back

    • TowerPower says:

      A win is a win. Lesnar came and fought and even one. I am sorry that some of you feel that size is what got him the W. it takes so much work, drive, determination to even get in the octogon and face someone. I would like to see lesnar fight again. Stop with the hate, there are many fighters I dislike but they deserve our respect, We are the fans of UFC so we are fans of the fighters as well.

  18. Bob'O says:

    It Brock comes back, it would good for the UFC for pay per view draw. Some people wanna see the guy compete.

    WrestlingDork should be banned if he has not been already. He is the disgrace of this forum and has no honor. ~Bob’O

  19. Chad says:

    Just Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!

    Lesnar 4 Life.

  20. Paul says:

    This douchebag needs to just go away!!!!!!

  21. Was great move When UFC siGned him he did better than expected and on many mma sites n UFC is one of most successful h wghts ever if he got used t bin hit who knows he could of been one of best ever n a legend but it is wat it is good while he there but b honest if he payin u t spar him would u really wanna hit him hard if at all chances r he took huff n wanna get even n drive in huge takedown n just so u didn’t do again throw down a hammer fist r three

  22. Ray Sanders says:

    Guys,it’s all part of his storyline in the WWE.

  23. He accomplished everything he wanted? He hasn’t done anything he had two matches one of which he lost and a pretty funny match to watch. This dude just seriously need to stop being a money hungry fuck stick with a sport and stick with it and don’t be a throbbing dick all the time.

  24. dana black says:

    people need to understand for themselves that fighting is a serious sport and to all the people talking shit saying pro fighters arent real fighters, i bet you wouldnt even last 10 sec in a fight.

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