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Thursday, 08/30/2012, 07:28 pm

Leites: Silva didn't not finish me on purpose

By Evan Stoumbelis

Former UFC Middleweight Thales Leites responded to Anderson Silva‘s comments today that the Middleweight Champ took it easy on Leites in their title fight because of their friendship.

“First, I want to say that Anderson never attended the New Union, never seen him there, we were never friends or acquaintances besides our profession. No doubt he is a great fighter. If he says he feels he went easy on me because he is my ‘friend’, I disagree. I was heavily criticized after the fight with Anderson, I really should have tried to fight more and take more chances, but the other opponents who came after me did not do much better. Those who tried to standup exposed themselves, eventually they got knocked out.

I find it funny that a champion in his interviews who always preaches respect for others and the martial arts would give such a statement. I am a fighter always, I know what a fighter does and has to do to get up there. We all have good and bad times in our careers, after all, life is a true giant wheel, being on top, middle or bottom should always keep us humble and keep us quiet. There is no super man, we are all human beings.”

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21 Responses to “Leites: Silva didn't not finish me on purpose”

  1. dana black says:

    i review the fight and it looks like anderson would of ko leites but didnt want to.

  2. Johnny says:

    Wait, leites still exists?

  3. fools says:

    Anyone who believes in a fight someone would take it easy on someone else is a complete clownbox. Yea your more of a friend then the 75k ko bonus I threw away taking it easy on you. In fact we are such good friends that you deny being my friend….idiots. silva fans are so lost if she start believing this junk. I took it easy on him…haha classic dumbass statement of the year..

  4. Death to Fitch says:

    Fitch would kick both their asses

  5. Death to Fitch says:

    Fitch is the p4p best out there

    • NoDoubtNOut says:

      Except for when he got his ass whooped by GSP and knocked out by Hendricks. Mhm. But yah, that doesn’t count, he was taking it easy on them right?

  6. The Dude says:

    Listen, I can understand that Thales would say this, obviously it seems as though AS said that, and then Thales would have to come out saying “No that’s not true.” However, Andre Pederneiras came out and backed Thales’ words. Maybe I don’t believe Thales, but Mr. Pederneiras has only given us great champions and interim champions. Nova Uniao fighters bring it (except Thales for some reason). I think Anderson shouldn’t have said that (even if I thought it were true…which I don’t).

  7. Judge_Dreadz says:

    yea he took it easy on Maia and Leities even Stevie Wonder saw that. Imo if they where not Brazilian they wouldve been finished in the 1st

  8. anderson has a right to speak, what he is doing is being superman. no need to kill the heroes, just open yourself up to the contagiousness of their lights and carry the fire. rock on.

  9. Majestyk says:

    The lack of English skills displayed by some of the “writers ” working for BJ is disappointing. “Didn’t not finish me on purpose”….WTF? Avoiding double negatives is something everyone learns in the 6th grade. Looks like Evan Stoumbelis never made it that far.

  10. Carlos says:

    Aldo vs. Edgar UFC 153 Oct. 13!!!!

  11. Dee says:

    when I saw the fight that’s what I thought. Anderson was reluctant to hurt him anymore. Thales was busted up and took a lot of punishment, but Silva held back. It was obvious because he took a lot of steam off his punches and he wouldn’t hit him in the face. After the fight Anderson embraced him as if they were friends. I do think Silva took mercy on him. I have seen fighters do that before. I’ve seen fighters look up at the ref like are you going to make a decision.

  12. Scott says:

    Well they may not have been “Friends” as Thales put but it’s mighty interesting that Thales joined the BlackHouse gym not soon after that fight! So why join somewhere that one of the Top guys in that camp “Held” back from Whooping your Ass? all everyone has to do is look at that fight and tell Anderson did indeed hold back why because Thales and Damien Maia’s fights with Anderson are the ONLY ones that didn’t end with Anderson “KOing” or Submitting them has he’s done to everybody he’s fought in the UFC the other only exception is Patrick Cote who blew out his Knee.

  13. ya herd says:

    75k to anderson silva would be his kids pocket money

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