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Monday, 02/17/2014, 11:45 am

Leben Speaks Out: ‘Wish I Would’ve Drove Truck Last 10yrs… UFC Left Me With Nothing’

Life after the UFC isn’t all that great for many men.

Just take a look at Ken Shamrock these days.

While we are all a victim of our own personal choices, one would expect a 9-year, 22-fight UFC veteran, like Chris Leben to be slightly better off than he would suggest.

To his detriment, the retired UFC middleweight had a drug dependency issue that he admits cost him all his earnings. But now, nearly a few months removed from his final bout inside the cage and ‘The Crippler’ wishes he would have never fought at all.

He took to twitter with the following:

I wish I would’ve drove truck last 10yrs, then at least is have insurance to see a counselor. Ufc left me broken with nithing

— Chris Leben (@cripplerufc) February 16, 2014

The Embattled UFC middleweight left the UFC following a lackluster performance against Uriah Hall at UFC 168. The defeat marked his fourth straight loss and saw the TUF 1 competitor go just 4-7 in his last 11 bouts.

Leben later went on to explain what prompted this sudden outburst and he even thanked the UFC for reaching out to him following the tweet we posted above.

Check it:


21 Responses to “Leben Speaks Out: ‘Wish I Would’ve Drove Truck Last 10yrs… UFC Left Me With Nothing’”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    No your drug addiction left you with nothing.

    • tparker says:

      Drug addiction has nothing to do with retired fighters not having insurance. The loss of his earnings does but that’s not what he’s referring to. It says broken not broke

      • someguy says:

        Are you stupid? of course it does, because if your spending your money on drugs you can’t spend that money on insurance.

        • Michael Johnston says:

          “All his money on drugs”, shut the fuck up you fucking twat. Some people here are huge protruding infected moron twats. Have some respect for a guy that entertained millions of people and left everything in the cage. He had a drug addiction to pain pills. And you faggot touch screen samurai ass is saying he went broke because he was a junkie. Do you have any idea what Chris Leben’s career UFC earnings were? He didn’t make millions, not even a single million after taxes. And that’s over almosr a decade plus.

        • Christian says:

          Do you just string together random words and hope it sounds like an insult?

        • 雑草 says:

          Swollen prismatic potato keychain wool hat fart plug!

        • waferballs says:

          If facts are “random words” to you, then you just admitted to being ignorant.

        • The Guesterizer says:

          Um Michael Johnston………wow where do I begin? I will summarize some problems here for you.

          1. You don’t read. (check link below to correct your 4th sentence)

          2. Your writing makes my brain cells commit seppuku from reading sentences that might’ve come from a 8 year old with tourettes.

          3. Do you have any idea what Chris Lebens career UFC were….?

          4. Not a decade plus…Read the 4th sentence of the article. (refer to #1 on this list.)

          5. Just wow. You are really dumb, don’t know wtf you are talking about, or you must be having a seriously bad off day.

        • someguy says:

          I have no sympathy for abusers, fucken weak for getting addicted, either he was to addicted to lookout for himself financially, or to stupid to see he was ruining himself for shit pay, and could have quit to get a real job. just because your a UFC fighter doesn’t mean that’s your only option, or that your a victim that doesn’t have the capacity to see what your doing is bad for yourself.

          btw nice quote of something that wasn’t even said you fucken retard, you do know what a quote is suppose to be right?

        • The Guesterizer says:

          Man I’m still laughing at how stupid you are and how you got 21 up votes. Lol of the week. But really though #3 is supposed to say “Do you have any idea what Chris Lebens career UFC earnings were?”. Man just lol have a bright day.

  2. team backfist says:

    The UFC needs retirement structure for “career lifers” like Leben.. the guy has fought over 20 times for them. Don’t know what that is, but I’m sure they could at least give him a job like Chuck and Forest. He earned it.

    • Dasfuchs says:

      You got a point, even if he does say drive a truck for the ufc, some kind of stable employment.

      His antics helped make the first TUF a success & he was a notable piece of scenery for more of the ufc then plenty of others.

  3. steveO says:

    so tired of hearing fighters should make more. Who gives a shit. We all got jobs and feel we deserve more. Most major sports over pay for talent anyway. Good for UFC bosses, they built the company, they should make bank.

  4. Jacob says:

    So you’re given hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of dollars and you feel entitled to more? Maybe if you didn’t blow your money and were smart about it and saved your money you wouldn’t be telling your little sob story.

  5. Drewheck says:

    This is why professional athletes need to hire an accountant to manage their money. So they can have a retirement

  6. C@NNeN says:

    Wow some people are just heartless. I hear what the guy is saying. Fighting in the worlds most brutal sport could leave you with some regret. Really, what is the career span of most professional athletes today? I must say I agree that theses fighters do deserve more, only on comparison with other pro sport athletes. Football, baseball and basketball all have giant salary’s…….Why not fighters? Personally I feel they deserve there cut more than anyone.

  7. Mads Andre says:

    He earned WHAT? What have he accomplished as a mma fighter? Very little. It doesnt matter how much you spend time in gym or do this or that. Its how you do it in the cage! What you do in the cage reflects the paycheck you get. You earn it by giving good performances. If you win fights and give good fights. You will get good money..fighters whine cuz they want easy money and do not want to get it the “hard way”.I have all respect for mma fighters..but you gotta earn it! Like everybody else in this world.

  8. csaw73 says:

    I think the frustration of the lack of pay in the UFC stems also from boxing. Boxing, which everyone claims is dying, which i disagree with, manages to pay exponentially more than the UFC. Im not sure on this but I dont think there has ever been a purse for a title fight in the UFC over a million. I think it is more like $400,000. This is absurd. Boxers whosenames youve never even heard of are making that. Household names like Mayweather, Paquio, and Hopkins are raking in millions for one fight. Not to mention theyre getting a cut of the pay per view in addition. For a sport that isnt in your face like the UFC they manage to afford to pay what a fighter (professional athlete) what they should pay. After all without the fighters there is no money or show.

  9. csaw73 says:

    People need to leave Leben alone. This is not about a guy who mishandled his fortune. There was no fortune. The UFC is the equivalent to a sweatshop in my opinion. Now that there are other Promotions for fighters to choose from I think youll see purses increase. This is an opportune time for a promotion such as Bellator to capitalize on the UFC’s greed. Pay more and give these fighters a little more freedom to make decisions for themselves and fighters will get smart and leave the UFC. This is similar to what has happened in boxing which is unfortunate. That is why we have different titles like the IBF, WBC, WBA. the problem is you dont really know who the best fighter is unless they own all three belts. Hence “Undisputed Champion”. This wont happen in MMA because they wont let you fight for another organization. One day this will change.

  10. Vincent G Lum Ko says:

    Except, if he was a truck driver he probably would have died on the job.

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